GOOGLE ADS FOR MUSICIANS That Drive Song Downloads By The Bunches! ( Auret Music RESPONSE )

all right what’s up guys welcome to GOOGLE ADS FOR music marketing and promotion video we’re
gonna go over some music marketing strategies so make sure you have a PIN
pad are you recording this screen recording is download this video you’re
gonna have to watch it multiple times trust me you are because I’m gonna give
you more information and actionable strategies and steps that you can use to
promote your music that no one on YouTube is doing without charging
okay after this you will have everything you need to be able to go out there and
sell plenty of Records be able to book any show within your city and have them
calling you to book and get national recognition this will work because the
part plenty of times or and the things that I’m about to show you are unique
meaning I won’t be giving you things that everybody in the world is using so
let’s let’s go over I made a notepad so we’re gonna be going over if and how you
should choose a music marketing agency if you’re gonna do that the best music
marketing strategies which music marketing company is to go through how
to digitally market your music cuz it’s offline and online ways that you guys
might be a curious about so we’re gonna go over it how does the industry market
music you might not need to do what they do they have bigger budgets than you
right how to set up a Facebook ad for musicians because it’s different from
setting up Facebook ads for other different niches obviously you guys know
that so you might go through your newsfeed and you see a few ads from
people trying to sell their beats or something like that but I’m gonna show
you something completely different about how you going to go about you know
positioning yourself with Facebook Ads so a whole different social media
strategy just based for musicians like isn’t growing the social media presence
for musicians is different from anybody else can just go on there and twerk your
head and get a million followers and think they’re gonna want to buy your
album so trust me all of that getting strippers to promote your music putting
your link and your download and they’re on their bio line and Instagram and all
of that stuff if you’re not going to become famous or do anything worth
anything just using those type of influences another wrong way influence
an influence a marketing for musicians but as far as like that way like I know
this that a lot of people think just because they get a lot of views and
traffic that people are going to be downloading their music no they you
come to that post to see those girls do what they do they don’t come there every
now and then you’ll get a couple people that say wow what’s that plan in the
background but other than that you know you’re not gonna get a flood right okay
then we’re gonna go over Google Ads for musicians that’s right you can use
Google Ads I’m not just talking about the YouTube ads that you guys see either
so give me a second we’re gonna go through it make sure you guys stay to
the end that you’re gonna want to know how you can combine all of these steps
and strategies to go ahead and sail industry style numbers without even
being known yet so you’re going this is how uh well this is one of the ways that
a lot of the underground artists are able to put food on their table and you
don’t even know who they are so this this can be used to blow you up are
gonna be just used to get back and I’m gonna show you all right so let’s come
over this is Google all right so the first one was music marketing agencies
right music marketing agencies so you can Google using marketing agency music alright so let’s say you live and we’re
gonna go to a different place let’s say you live in Los Angeles okay so you come
to Google and we’re gonna see are these people qualified to be able to help you
because marketing for a musician isn’t the same way that you market for
everybody else so let’s see if these guys are actually qualified and then I’m
gonna show you guys what the dude make sure you guys stay to the end because
I’m gonna show you how you can actually do these things yourself can’t really
trust other people as much as you can trust yourself hopefully trust yourself
right so saves an in I’m sure yeah you can do this yourself I’m just going to
show you what they’re going to do I don’t know that because I have an agency
okay so let’s see Planetary group I see that credentials
okay the website isn’t bad custom approach for each and every artist you
work with that’s pretty good take a look at the services we provide and let us
help your brand your band reach the next level in your musical career
okay so flag right here radio promo whether you’re an established artist or
just recorded your first song we can help you music get hurt okay so it’s the
New Age man nobody is not dealing with radio right now you can go ahead and do
it just to say you’re on the radio but tell the truth when was nice on your
radio I’d rather ride in silence in the car before I put it on the radio this
new you know the new generation we don’t want commercials we don’t want all that
extra stuff okay now this sounds good online promo
we have you earn real public interest from interviews reviews previews and so
much more okay yeah that can help events festival
promo get your music to the masses we work to give to big events and festivals
that’s this could get you out there consulting our approaches and
cookie-cutter let our team coach you to create an effective publicity campaign
all right let’s see what they got plans let’s check out the clans okay so their
services is radio promotional a publicity desk very vague is not telling
me exactly what your own publicity is international music promotion consulting
tour series there okay let’s see the clients all right so they she gave us a list of
people we have really no way of knowing if these people are their clients in
that are they just listing the crapload of people wow look at this
I just went through a through Z right these are all your clients alright well
we don’t know man what I’m gonna say is on a one to ten scale I give this item alright I give this site about a three
reason being is because it’s a lot of information but is vague information
like it’s really not too much I can gather I have no idea if it’s real fake
or if the clients are for real I was expecting some video testimonials or
something like that how to get gigs how to plan for album of these budgeting
your band record labels how to prepare your demo okay yeah this this would be
alright if we were in the 90s to I was expecting more of a a campaign led by
the internet more you know more social media ready and and all of it you know
it just seemed very basic but we’re gonna come out check the next one we’re
gonna take one more look at this guy don’t even have one they don’t even have
a website so those are red flags right here a lot of these production companies
are not established okay so what I’m trying to do is funnel you guys I’m just
gonna be honest funnel you guys into knowing that you can either do it
yourself or you can get training and teach somebody else on your team that’s
already on your team to do the music marketing for you gone are the days
where you actually need a record label or one of these music marketing agencies
to do the work for you so you look at this and okay so look at his old school
TV is it’s just not it’s just not right let’s so let’s move out alright so do I
think you guys should hire a music marketing agency a publicist or any
other types artim music PR packages and holiday no I
don’t think you should do that alright so let’s let’s go back over
what’s the next list alright so we established we’ll need any music
marketing companies to help alright so what are some music marketing strategies
that are digital alright so we’re gonna go over a few that are digital well as
you know you can promote your music on YouTube that’s a free platform you can
promote your music on Facebook that’s another free platform they have
the option to pay but it’s a free platform Instagram is free snapchat is
free all of these other little webcam thingies blah blah blah they’re all free
they’re all free so the problem is we’re used to the slave trade and what I mean
by that is we’re used to being the talent but not being the business and
there’s new age you’re going to have to be the business as well or at least have
somebody on your team that you can trust that is the business what I mean by that
back in the day you just record your demo you’ll shop it you’ll be on the
corner trying to sell you mixtapes and all of that extra stuff trying to sell
it at the flea market and all of that and and you’ll let some manager or or
somebody that you deal will tell you what to do tell you how you’re gonna get
famous and all of that but nobody cares about your dream as much as you care
about your dream so no no no no no no no that is not what you want to do so what
I’m saying is if you have a little bit of knowledge about digital marketing for
music then you can handle it okay so the platforms are all free you can literally
go viral and everything they do the cover songs and all of that so those
those are just little tactics you can use we’re gonna go over some
specifically today let me break it down let’s come over and see what is
next okay so I’m show you guys some things that you never seen before
okay so we’re gonna talk about Google Ads for musicians so what are me okay
so here’s all right so let’s say that you are a musician and you make songs
for kids as you can see that is five hundred and fifty thousand searches per
month this case you want to know this is a tool right here you don’t see this on
your Google is right here it’s called keywords everywhere you can download it
for free on google chrome stores is google chrome store you can download it
for free so let’s say let’s get more specific Cora songs for kids pop songs
for kids songs for kids to dance let’s click on them all right all right so I do not see any paid
searches so what do I mean by that is is usually ads is usually is like let me
show you what I mean by st. Louis where with me guys party bus every time I use this down software you
some is acting up alright let’s say we go in there kognito
over the shoulders make sure you guys stay stay diligent and pay attention all right
party bus there we go see see when I’m running this software right here it acts
up okay so party bus rentals these are the
edge right here you see these ads all right it has the green box by it this is
ad right there all right so this is Google ads so I could teach you how to
put these ads up for your music so let’s come back over here where we were sorry
I guess we can stay over here and do the example but I wanted you guys and see
how many searches per month all right so just keep in mind that this is what the
ads look like these are paid ads your instead of you taking forever to show up
right here with your website you can put up an ad and tomorrow you can start
having people go to your website and listen to your music I watch this let’s
come back over here so where were we songs songs or best friends let’s say
you got one about your partner to just you know passed away a guy locked down
well you can’t wait for them you know I’m saying to get home or you can’t give
you a chicken you can’t wait for your due to get home or you ain’t never had a
road dog like oh I am a blah blah blah you guys know what to do right so best
friend zones you can literally categorize the type of song that you
have all right songs for best friends songs for watch this watch this
breakups look at this twenty nine hundred searches per month twenty nine
hundred searches per month and is 0.24 cents twenty four cents and you can show
up at the top of google and it won’t cost it won’t cause crap right it’s like
literally pennies and you be at the top of Google and you can
start getting spins on your song and downloads see a song right now you’ve
got a download page you can just put up an ad this looks similar to this and
it’ll be at the top of Google and you’ll start noticing within the next couple of
days you’ll begin downloads to it downloads downloads downloads so if you
don’t know how to do it make sure you stay to the end I’m going to show you
guys all of this all right matter of fact let me just give you a
little this is where you would go you just go to Google
right here there’s someone right here you have the login with your Gmail of
course and then you’ll you know I’m I guess I can link to a tutorial of how to
set up the ad or something like that I comment if you need me to link to how to
set up an ad but right now I’m just going over the music marketing
strategies and right now we’re talking about Google Ads for musicians so that’s
why I’m just running through this pretty fast so you can even look at it’s good
ways for music videos but anyway yes so that’s a Google ad so now I’m excited
about this part let’s say let’s go to Instagram all right so let’s say you have a music
a music Idol or somebody let’s say you you declare what your style is so
everybody wants to think that unique well this is what you do if you think
you’re unique and there’s nobody to sound like you just think of your
favorite singers or you say or your favorite rapper fine okay because it
whoever becomes your favorite they’re influencing you in some way or another
it doesn’t even have to be your delivery of how you flow or whatever it can just
simply be how you formulate your words are you you know yo your wordplay and
are you just out singing if you’re a singer or whatever blah blah blah you
don’t have the beat that you sound like them but you’re influenced them you’re
influenced by them whether you know it and that so just think of your favorite
think of your favorite person so let’s say you’re a rapper and your favorite
person is Ross alright so what you gonna do is very simple
you want to delete everything on your Instagram unless you already had like
10,000 subscribers in the holiday but if you Instagram is all over by doing dumb
stuff you know I’m saying or are you just posting twerk videos or just a
whole bunch of dumb crap right if that’s you then you want to delete that crap so
what you want to do is you want to follow Rick Ross if your favorite artist
is Rick Ross you want to follow why because chances are what you like about
them other people like about them as well
and since you’re influenced by them that mean the people that follow him would
have no choice but to follow you all right so let’s go click on one of these all right so these people that like this
guarantee like Drake as well so you will follow all of the people that liked and
even better you’re gonna follow the people that commented on this why are
you gonna do this like I said is relation since they liked him if your
music is similar then they’ll like you but make it tailored but make sure you
do this to evergreen person meaning they’re gonna be around for a while
these two dudes have been around for a while chances are they won’t be going
away for the next at least five to ten years at least he won’t you know I’m
saying so what I’m saying is go ahead and follow him and then follow everybody
that likes his stuff make sure they’re diehard fans what I mean by that is
start looking for the same people on separate posts so let’s say you just
posted three things okay and then you went to each video or each post and you
saw a pretty boy one two three on each one that’s the person that you’re gonna
want to follow for sure alright why because they’re diehard Ross fan so what
do I mean by that what you’re gonna do you’re gonna brand yourself but you’re
gonna position yourself what I mean by that is once you start getting a couple
hundred followers matter of fact you go on are you play since it’s gonna be a
new account you’re gonna play at least I say ten
photos of yourself maybe in the studio or something like that but then put
around four or five videos like little clips or your music or whatever alright
so what you want to do is the thumbnail you want to divide it so instead of it
being drinking this picture the other side of you so you’ll be famous by
association so what you can do is literally what that dude did they trick
the world making home people think that Travis Scott was cheating on Kylie
Jenner all he did was he had a lot of followers from them 10 TMZ page all
right and he made a fake photo it actually looked like Travis guy
and then he uh he literally just put the TMZ logo on his page I mean on the photo
and then he shared it out to his histogram and within a couple of hours
it was going on viral and everybody thought it was freaking real and I he
reached to the stars and everybody and now he got like I think a million
something bang-on subscribers on YouTube and Instagram and all of that just off
for that so my point is positioning positioning fame by association
so they’ll wonder why the heck you keep showing up in these pictures with Rick
Ross and I’m not saying fake a picture I’m saying you can divide it you can you
know you don’t have to be in the photo I’m not saying go ahead and delete Drake
and fake yourself that’s not what I’m saying I’m saying like kind of like a
vs. let me give you an example okay Conor McGregor you know how it is when
they divide the picture when you guys are versus I see images there you go
right there versus so have the picture you other
have the other person is a rick ross on this
side and you on this side okay so what I mean by that
okay so since they’re diehard Rick Ross fans you just got to be very strategic
put yourself in there put him in there and when you say something you say this
song right here was inspired by that Ross blah blah blah make sure it’s a
very popular song that everybody can relate to and everything remember don’t
be so fast slow down slow down don’t just post it without no thought or
anything think make sure it’s a one of like go through his post and the one
that got the most likes and shares on it or whatever make sure you say that in
Dec in your comment hey that Ross song blah blah blah inspire me to make this
one tell me which I think and and they’re gonna like listen to it and
they’re gonna be trying to pick up on the points where you say it and inspired
you from him even if you’re not trying to sound like him that’s gonna keep them
engaged it’s just psychology trust me okay so
that’s a very good strategy that you can use for social media and you can do the
same thing on Facebook and this is completely free to do this within a
month until you’ll have at least ten battles and a plus subscribers or
whatever and these will be diehard of not subscribers if you do this on
YouTube yeah but followers or whatever this these will be diehard people that
will buy your music because they like him as long as you attached yourself to
him yeah I don’t want to call you a leech or anything but it’s just Fame by
association it’s the same reason don’t think of it as a bad thing
it’s the same reason why people collaborate the same reason why he’ll
feature with him why because he wants to connect with his fans and he wants to
connect with his fans some of his fans I don’t know how might not have never
heard of him and some of his fans might not have never heard of him so that’s
why they do feature this is why they collaborate they build forces and empire
together right so you can literally do that without even knowing these guys so
you can build a separate page and you can think to yourself okay what’s
owns do I have that Drake friends were pretty much Drake fans were pretty much
like don’t even look at it like um oh were these my friends and I’m not trying
to sound like it doesn’t matter he has different topics okay what if you have a
topic you can have your own rap style or whatever or sing a style or whatever but
what if he has a topic that you have a similar song gone and if you don’t just
think of some of his biggest songs and make it you’re an artist be creative
think of some of his songs that are real big and then make a song similar to it
is going to fit is gonna fit what I’m telling you to do okay so you literally
just follow the his biggest posts and like the people there’s on those post
and make sure you like the ones that comment alright and then you make them
make a list of the ones that you see on multiple posts now this might gets
hideous you can hire somebody to do this like a virtual assistant or something
but the ones that did those extra comments on multiple posts and stuff you
want to tag them in when you do your upload to the similar post of yours
they’re similar to his you understand what I’m saying so it’s gonna tag them
in and they’re gonna see it and it’s gonna be similar to the post that they
were just all on all damn day commenting and everything so this is just a super
awesome super viral super easy and super super free strategy that you can use
scuse me all righty all right so this works
that’s a social media strategy that you can use if you’re a musician right okay
so and necking that works for anybody let’s
say you like Lil Wayne you like meat meals but Chris Brown any of them it
works for musicians if you watching this if you a rock star it will work for you
it does not matter is Fame by association you start seeing it’s just
like a girl like if she see you with somebody like she probably saw that girl
a million times but then they remember but when she saw saw that girl walking
with her man all of a sudden she’s gonna recognize that girl everywhere at the
grocery store a laundromat blah blah blah because she saw that girl with
somebody she heard about so it’s Fame by association so she just immediately like
well who is this chick right here who is this
well she’s so good to be hanging out with blah blah blah so that’s the same
thing that these followers are gonna be thinking they’re like okay so the one
half of the picture is divided by somebody I don’t know but they’re in the
picture with Rick Ross what connection or relation do they have all right and
they’re gonna listen to the music to see if you’re going to name-drop Rick Ross’s
name you don’t have to do that but they’re gonna listen to it anyway and
that from that point is up to your skills now if you’re wack then I can’t
help you or whatever it gets you some views on there but I
don’t know if they’re gonna I want to stick around but if you’re not whack if
you got some kind of skill then they’re gonna stick around alright it’s just
like everybody building these counts right you see how these wack rappers
getting real big and everything because they’re they’re being pushed out by
these other bigger artists and stuff like that okay so you can do that same
thing for yourself you can emulate what they do in the music industry and do it
better way cheaper and everything like that okay you can stick around way
longer you dictate it alright so what is next
so i’ma show you some very cool stuff guys all right so let’s come back over
it’s a Google so we talked about our social media all right let’s just go
ahead and do the Facebook ad before we ride out people we write out
energetic I’ll show you Facebook ads for musicians
you all righty open it up this is a business
manager for clients and stuff like that so I know it might look a little
different from what you guys are used to so let’s just pretend they were creating
a brand new head up all right start over and what I like to do is I like to do
lead generation all right because I like to talk to people but if you don’t have
anybody they too can have matter of fact you could just hire somebody let’s come
over here I’ll show you right here watch this five attending home bucks look at this
oh I will phone sales I will build business leaders I will help you close
premium inbound sales over the phone five bucks boom so you literally just
give him or her whatever whoever this is a list of people all right let’s see
and I’ll do it in one day they got hours of experience so what do
I mean by that check this out all right let’s get out of here
all right so this is expensive this is expensive this and this just gives a
boss this just gives comments and likes on the Facebook and clothes and this one
just gives views okay so what do you wanna do you want do you want to get
people to say you liked it and comment or do you want to get actually actual
downloads from people do you want to get actual people to follow you and actually
become a fan alright so what I like to do is I like to have it create a real
personal effect to to what I’m doing okay so let’s say you selling your album
for 10 bucks or a or even 20 bucks okay with these the cost per click is gonna
be high you might even get five to ten bucks per lead going to the website and
that still doesn’t mean nobody’s gonna buy but if you used this option right
here which many people don’t use for music this is what we use for like local
marketing and everything but if you switch it up and use this one and don’t
send them to the site like instead instead of sending them to the site they
can stay on Facebook alright they never leave okay so what you do you will just
say music lead in this all right so what’s gonna happen is this gonna come
out with a it’s gonna come out with a list of leads when those leaves come in
through here is gonna be formatted in a name email phone number okay and the
time that they became a lead what a lead is as a person they opted in and there’s
interested in what you have for sale and in this case you have to sell your music
or your music merch and all of those type of things like that alright so what
you want to have you want to make sure you have a resistible offer okay
alright so what you do you come in here you can do a by city or you can do it by
nation I recognized trying to blow up in your own City first so we’re using the
example it’s always switching out the way
something looks everyone who live in this location you want die hard all
right exile United States let’s do st. Louis
project at a bigger city but they’re left with us with a million people we
don’t really have to target downward and what I mean by that is we don’t really
have to like get all deep into the interest if we don’t want to it depends
if you’re a woman and you’re targeting other women or if you’re a woman and
you’re talking to dues only then you can edit this and choose a gender if you’re
a dude and you got more hood using it you but women like good music too so I
would just leave that as both genders but it’s just the pants like if you got
music merch or something menu you selling some tees and a men’s style or
something like that it just depend on what you’re selling right alright so you
know open this up if you want to you don’t really have to give too specific alright so that left you with 24,000
people so you’re using the same thinking remember be attacking this with
psychology sales is nothing but psychology understanding why people buy
what makes them tick remember that okay all right so we got 24,000 people in st.
Louis if I take away st. Louis it’ll be a few million more right but 24 in st.
Louis okay 24,000 the same goes a reason why I targeted local is because you want
to blow up locally first all right because it’s easier to become the man in
your town all right and then build off of that or the woman in your town okay
all right so now we targeted Rick Ross I don’t know why I’m using Rick Ross from
dualism but we targeted Rick Ross they left us over 24,000 people all right so
in this case of music usually what I do is I delete everything
except for the newsfeed on Facebook but with this this is different music is
pretty big on social media on Instagram I let’s get out of this take article log
I don’t want any of that instrument crap okay so we got that off let’s see we can
do Instagram whereas the Instagram okay there we go
take the mark plays off so we just got Instagram news feed and Facebook
newsfeed that’s all you need none of the rest of that crap okay then that’s when
it gets expensive and weird okay so you start off with five dollars a day and
you want to what I usually like to do is I’ll boost it and do 20 a day and then
I’ll lower it when I start getting some leads coming in and stuff like that
after Facebook know that I’m about business okay so that’s what you want to
do all right so hey I hope you guys would stand
watching this paying attention and taking notes because this will change
everything for you it will trust okay all right so now you know what you want
to do you know what your target is not rocket science all right so keep in mind
what you have all right you targeted Rick Ross you
watcher your creative to correlate with what you’re targeting that’s going to
give you higher conversions what do I mean by that
okay well if you’re targeting Rick Ross you can’t have an image or song talking
about Drake or somebody like that okay you need to correlate everything has to
be straight line alright so yeah then you want to name this alright so your
page is already chosen you strolled now so this is where you decide what you
want to do a car sale is when you have multiple images or videos that you want
be able to see I’m pretty sure you saw one of those ads before your newsfeed
all right a single image you can just upload one video or one image if you
want to all right all right so hey do me a favor if I am actually giving you guys
great information and is useful and them you believe I’m not holding anything
back from you guys do me a favor and like this share this with any musician
that’s trying to blow up blow up locally and nationally because now you don’t
need anybody you don’t need any like you’ll need a freaking agency for real
if you know how to do this yourself you don’t need anybody I’ll go more in depth
in my school but I’m pretty much showing you guys right now okay all right so
let’s see you can do this yourself all right so remember you want to text you
on everything to correlate with what you targeted so you’re in st. Louis and
you’re targeting people that are interested in Rick Ross think about that
for a second remember you’re not saying that you’re Rick Ross you’re not saying
that you sound like Rick Ross think about it psychologically though okay
all right so what would you say first of all you’re gonna upload your your what I
would do is I would do that same image their image from Instagram it will have
half of the picture Rick Ross and the other half you and then I will put a V s
in the middle of it versus people love competitions it’s people love it it gets
it’s gonna get engagement it’s gonna get people to like both or or say who they
like all right so we’re gonna say attention my st. Louis vote you’re gonna
pretty much call them out and if you can get an emoji of an art that’ll help and
then make the posts stand out amore all right attention my st. Louis vote our
family have you heard Rick Ross song well it inspired me to
make this response right here tell me which one you guys think is better
it’s just friendly competition nothing we’re not beefing anything says I want
to know you guys feedback before I release this to the public
your thoughts matter and if you are interested then I will extend an offer
for you to get it exclusively before everybody else so you literally just put
that in here and when they click on it when they click on it it’s gonna capture
their email this is the fun thing about the Facebook lead generation a it
captures their name email and phone number automatically they don’t have to
go to your website in order to come become a lead okay so what what Facebook
is gonna do is they’re gonna collect all the people who they click on their ad
and there you’re gonna have a number you’re gonna have a name you’re gonna
have an email address so what are you gonna do with that alright you’re gonna
come over here and you’re gonna give this person a script along with those
leads alright so you’re gonna have them call them hey you opted into the ad
about that Rick Ross versus whatever the name of that artist is you know we want
to know what made you interested enough to clicking on add why do you like Rick
Ross oh well these are some good things that’s on this guy’s album blah blah
blah well right now we have a special anybody that clicked on that ad they are
getting the exclusive version with the bonus songs on it or whatever and is
usually going to be sold for 20 bucks but we got it for 5 to 10 right now if
you download right now alright ill-omen boom they send them to the site they go
ahead and download it boom you got a sale right there alright so you can
literally do that and you just run it at all day on autopilot and just get sales
to your album sales to your merch alright so that’s a Facebook ad right
there gave it to you I hope you guys writing that down okay gave that to you
alright so go back to Google now let me show you how to become famous
in your own town okay so this is gonna work if you make
beats this is gonna work if you sing this is gonna work
if you rap okay so pay attention you want to write these words down and
everything all right so let’s say you’re a producer all right and we’re gonna
touch all of the all of the all of you guys all right if you’re a rapper of
your singer all of those just stay tuned make sure you spend all right um so
let’s start and we’ll just say all right music producers Los Angeles
alright so remember this is a tool called keywords everywhere
here’s the icon for it it is completely free why is it useful because you wanna
know what you need to get eyeballs for all right what I mean you see your
site’s downloads and holiday if you show up on Google just like you Google
everything else if you don’t know the number to the piece of man and you
trying to order a piece of right now you’re gonna google it if you trying to
set up a dentist appointment you’re gonna google it all right so when people
want to know the local talent in Los Angeles they google it as well are they
going on YouTube as well all right so let’s check this out all right so music
producers in Los Angeles it is not hard to show up at the top alright is not a
lot of artists using this method ranking using SEO ranking to the top of Google
let’s say the first Rizzo all right so this is literally just a
listing page you can look you can rank over this okay let’s see producers of nothing but listing pages up work
thumbtack these ain’t even look at yellow pages these aren’t even real
artist pages so you guys show up but that that’s 160 searches per month okay
all right so let’s see another one that you can follow up on all right famous
music producers in Los Angeles party searches per month hip-hop producers
20 searches per month best music producers in LA ten top music producers
okay so what can you do with this some of you might be like okay okay so we
show up at the top what happens what happens when you see somebody at the top
you call them right whoever’s at the top of Google gets the phone calls and if
you get the phone calls you get the sales right so you’re trying to produce
some music for some people they’re going to call you when they google it let’s
say that I’m Gucci man I’m not but let’s say I’m Gucci man I’m not from LA all
right so let’s see like it’s not like I’m going to be walking around LA right
so I need to see who I can get up with so I can call through my connects but I
can also google all right who’s the famous producers in Los Angeles before I
get out there and then I’m a call so what I’m trying to tell you guys is once
you’re at the top of Google for these types of things you never freaking know
who you’re gonna get a phone call from my wife she has a dance studio in st.
Louis and she got called by the globe trotters the Harlem Globetrotters if you
guys know who that is some of y’all young you know I have a
cooking class business and everything but we got called by the army and all
different types of stuff so when you’re at the top of Google isn’t that just
regular local people that’s gonna be calling you it’s gonna be some of these
people are gonna be celebrities they’re people there’s representing celebrities
big paychecks is what I’m trying to take never has it been so easy to gain fame
and notoriety and money then now now that you have Google is no reason for
you guys to be struggling or starving artists just being real so if you rank
at the top of Google for all of these right here the phone is gonna be ringing
off the hook and isn’t that nobody can do about it let’s say you have your own
studio seem so a lot of you guys are just just winging it you know still on
the street handing out stuff and in flyers or artists on your Facebook Olsen
in groups and telling people you just drop a little single and all of that
look posting in groups ain’t gonna get you nowhere I’m just being real with you
it can get you a little bit of exposure and and and praise
other artists but posting their groups angle gets you no sales so if you’re
just trying to get high balls then cool but I thought you guys wanted to sell
some albums that’s why you’re looking the music marketing right alright so
recording studios check this out there’s seven hundred and twenty
searches per month from people looking for a recording studio in Los Angeles so
what it what I mean by this okay so you’re a music producer and
remember rappers and saying is we’re gonna go through you guys – all right
we’re gonna go with you guys alright so make sure you do pay attention and stay
to the end I so if you’ve got a recording studio your music producer
right that’s fine you’re trying to sell your beats and all of that but when a
person comes to record at your studio majority of time they don’t even have
good instrumentals so that’s just an extra income stream for you for you to
be able to be like look you’re already at the studio I got these beads
available right here 200 300 500 drop it drop it
okay so let’s recap you want to show up at the top of Google for music producers
top music producers male or female from music producers family music producers
hip hop music producers in LA alright and now you want to show up at
the top for recording studios recording Stewie see what I’m sad
see what I’m saying this way the sales come to you the music the people
interested in the music comes to you you can make a crapload of money is called
positioning so it’s three steps to becoming wealthy positioning leveraging
and profiting that’s it that’s all so right now this is the phase where you’re
positioning yourself at the top of Google and you’re leveraging the traffic
that comes from Google’s on autopilot to do the third step which was profiting
very easy very easy guys so no you don’t need a music marketing
agency you can do this your damn self you can do this within a month and be
getting booked for all different types of stuff all right if you’re ranking at
the top right here in in and um in Los Angeles from a recording studio guess
who has to come to your recording studio if you have a decent setup you might
want to invest in that if you don’t but I’m not saying you have to do this this
is just an option like I said you’ll be able to sell more music sell more beats
and the holiday type of stuff but you’ll also have a double income stream one
that you didn’t have before if you’re making beats and start paying you and
you and you call yourself a music producer you should definitely have your
own studio I don’t care what it looks like you should have one though right
okay so you get to the top right here that means those artists the celebrity
start coming to your studio they’re gonna Google trust me
buy sometimes they go to word of mouth but a lot of the times they don’t they
just Google the top recording studio in the city if they bodyguard and they ride
through so if you’re the top recording studio in the city you don’t even have
to look like it just be here position yourself right here you’ll get the money
later and you’ll build out the studio name all
right so this is how if you’re a music producer and you’re watching this and
you’re trying to market your beats and all of that and stop you trying to sell
more instrumentals and all of that then this is what I’m telling you to do this
is what you need to do if you guys need help with this the help is in the
description of the video but continue when you’re done we’re done you can just
click it with the right-click open it up in a new browser cuz I hope hope that
you guys don’t just go to the next suggested a related video and just keep
binge watching YouTube videos like it’s Netflix and never reach your dreams I
don’t want you guys to do that alright make sure you guys are watching this
okay and taking notes and then you get off and do it just watchin ain’t gonna
do nothing we gotta stop being a zombie okay you gotta watch learn and execute
literally that’s how it happens all right so now so we went over social
media strategy we did that on Instagram we went over the Facebook Ads okay we
can do beyond that all down babe like it’s things you could do in the groups
little tricks and stuff you can do in the groups like challenges and all of
that but you guys know a lot of it right like let’s say you’re a music producer
we’re still talking about the music producers and you make beats okay um you
can make a beat it only have to be complex but people love
challenges they don’t like being undermined it they love a chance to
prove themselves so even if you know that the beat you made is very simple
you can literally just post a little sample of the beat on in the Facebook
groups let’s say you just joined about 10 rap groups or not not rat moves like
music producer groups and stuff like that and you can say the next person I
mean not the next person the hundredth person are not the hundred person wing
I’ll use them we don’t say the person that can reverse engineer this beat this
is a challenge the person that can reverse engineer this beat closely or
exact will get a hundred bucks if you can come out a hundred bucks
you suck first of all but secondly he’ll just mess with job alright but that will
get you hella engagement and what does that do that positions you as an
authority now you got a whole crapload of other music producers trying to
reverse engineer your beat this gives you fame this gives you Fame and what do
you get to do you get to leverage their networks alright
these are people that want to pay attention to you otherwise and that’s
there’s a little free method right there just do those challenges once a week if
you can reverse engineer this beat or tell me what instruments I use you get
out of bucks first person if you don’t got expendable money you
know money you can just throw out like that but chances are like if you make a
real good beat they shouldn’t be able to easily just reverse engineer is gonna be
the best and that’s good that’s called networking if the best one
guesses is you you might want to link up with that person because they’re pretty
good all right network networking right and you can sell a lot of beats that way
you can sell your beat making courses what I strongly suggest is that you’d be
trying to say of courses as well so what do I mean by that here’s another income
stream music production course hey go look it’s in the book all right
look it’s five thousand four hundred searches for this that’s a lot that’s a
lot all right you see all these ads right here like I said you can put ads
up there music production courses right here you can see this man do you see
this type of one yo type of one if what I’m giving you guys a super valuable man
just just help me out just let me know I want you guys to share this as well cuz
I told you to watch it again because I’m speaking real fast and you might miss a
few things so share this to your your Facebook page or your email or something
right now before you go to the next video because I don’t want this to get
lost and stuff you you might even bookmark it but it can still get lost so
just share it so you can watch it again make sure you take down the notes and
you go and execute it because remember we were talking about those Google ads
earlier this is how you jump ahead of the race ultimately this is where you
want to be ranking you want to be ranking at the top of Google right you
want to be ranking at the top of Google but but but but but but if it takes you
a while to rank or you can’t figure out SEO and all of this stuff like that SEO
search engine optimization is the art of ranking web properties at the top of
search engines okay so now that you guys know that if that takes a while but
sometimes it takes a while you can create your little course and look 8 to
15 video short course showing people how to make
it’s packaged it to 300 a thousand bucks whatever you wanna do and you put up an
ad right here and if you charge enough then that ad then that your first sell
is gonna pay for the ads and you can use Google AdWords coupons you can Google
AdWords coupons and it gives you a three hundred dollar coupon you use s so you
don’t even ever spend no money and you can get some customers and doing it like
that okay so hey I just dropped some bounds on you man if your music producer
you said it for life he said for life okay all righty you can make a
full-blown record label too if you do some stuff like this look on this
develop meant Los Angeles boom ours did alright so if you show up at the top
right here for artist development company that mean artist is going to be
coming to you as well to help them so why is that look at recording artist
management right here there you go so why is why is that important now you can
start your own record label now you get artists just coming off the streets you
control the music production the recording studio all of that it’s just a
freaking money machine right there you guys understand it I hope you guys
understand I’m trying to drop bombs right here alright so let’s get to the
rapper’s man let’s get to the rapper’s let’s say rappers from Los Angeles boom
see very simple so let’s say you’re trying to give more trying to get more shows booked than
everything like that well right now they don’t know you they don’t know who you
are a lot of you isn’t you know how many rappers it is from LA or whatever you
from okay so you gotta let people know you you gotta be visible
okay you gotta be visible this has 1300 searches per month 1300 circle per month
it is people searching rappers from Los Angeles all right so instead of it just
showing them you can you can rank over the Rinker okay all right so you climb
up here using SEO and you rank over the rancor that’s a hundred that’s 1300
searches per month think you’ll get more bookings then all of a sudden is it’s
about positioning perception me is everything all right perception means
everything if you name yourself best rappers from Los Angeles you just
positioned as the rapper in Los Angeles so if anybody
asked who you are whatever you could say Google best rappers in Los Angeles
alright look at Los Angeles underground rappers
this gives 50 searches per mo don’t understand this do ya understand
so the goal is to show up right here look at his discover hip-hop la ku all sounds let’s see if we can get more
look it is female rabbits
alright ladies so if you are a female and this is what you guys want to show
up for your mailing and you’ll do it the other way right okay so the this is
literally how you can become locally famous get more shows get more record
sales so when people start seeing you everywhere is freaking over man is over
so i’ma show you have one more one more thing one more thing and it’s gonna be
on you too but let me tell you out of all of the things I showed you so far
this is the most powerful positioning and they’re leveraging and then
profiting trust me you guys can make a freaking killing you can blow up you can
get that fame that you want to get yo we do we do millions of dollars in revenue
for local marketing businesses and everything like that use what we do for
these local businesses use that for your music
all right use that for your music you can be a millionaire without even
signing a record label do that’s the own have to be a slave use this internet
that you guys love so much you become a millionaire now I’m gonna have to know
your damn name you ain’t gotta go on tour if you don’t want to but if you do
then cool alright then look at this music tours in Los Angeles so you got
people searching for music tours and let’s see concerts in Los Angeles so
what can you do with that alright so you can just block all of these guys out
ranked over them it’s 18,000 searches per month so you think you got a truck
got trouble getting booked there do you think you have trouble getting booked
now so as people searching for concerts to go to 18,000 per month
okay so what can you do you like David okay I’ll show up at the top what does
that mean alright well what you can do is you can
start a list an email list and a mobile phone list when they go to you when you
rank at the top and they go to your website you’re gonna say we have concert
dates to display shortly into your email to be the first one to get the update so
you’re gonna get like thousands of people entering their email to receive
updates and when you’re gonna do a show so whenever you want to do a show now
you got a list of targeted people that want to go to a damn concert because
they searched it alright so whenever you send out an email blast or uh SMS as
cell phone um text message blast to all of those people saying yo I’m doing a
show at blah blah blah who’s coming tickets are only a hundred bucks a pop
blah blah blah if you get in early you gonna get a flood of people
that’s gonna respond and say hell yeah I want to come and they can order straight
from the site get their tickets in advance so they don’t have to get them
at the door that’s one thing people do as far as spending money in advance
without even having anything they look they get their tickets in advance cause
it sucks get your tickets at the door right so you can literally create your
own tours your own tours do you guys understand what I’m saying yo share that
share that Martin Lawrence voice share that give me a like comment man if this
is awesome just comment please let me know on a one
to ten scale how valuable this is on a one to ten scale how helpful forget all
that value talk how helpful is this video right here like this would be the
like cut avenges off and all of that you should watch this on on replay just on
Luke Luke this month because if you do what I’m teaching you in here then
you’re going to be super successful in your music career yeah around I know if
you do what I’m teaching you in here then you’re gonna be super successful in
your music career yeah I know okay so we’re gonna recap but you can you can be
like the top freaking you know I’m saying music producer in LA or would
this work for all your cities alright you send whatever top singer top rapper
top all of those okay and then you can go after artist development you can go
have the record labels different keywords like that position yourself at
the top you literally created your own celebrity aura people are wondering how
the hell you slip I don’t I know this this woman are this man but when you
google them like it’s like they’ve been around forever they’re at the top for
everything this is what you want to do in your local market you want to be
everywhere and what I talked to you today 8:00 rewind this watch it again
and do it do it I don’t care what you have to do what money you gotta come out
of it doesn’t matter if you care about your dream
hey go cheap on everything if you gotta go deep on own shoes go cheap on there
you gotta go she’ll go cheap on backpacks go cheap on that you shouldn’t
have them anyway if you gotta go cheap on food go cheap
on that but don’t go cheap on your dream do whatever you gotta do payday loans
freakin pawnshops I don’t care whatever you gotta do is save up your text do
what I’m teaching you in here and you never have to sell a big stick you never
have to sell it up a trunk you never have to post it into groups or any of
that you got this right here is going to have people flooding into you that’s
just some realness right there alright so concerts
you can literally book your own tours no middleman no sharing the money
none of that and since these people are gonna be booking in advance that gives
you money up front to rent out the venue own nothing out of pocket boom alright
so hey if you think this is helpful imagine what I got in a vault you guys
alright so I promised that we’re gonna do for the singers could be 2 theta for
the rapper’s look singers from Los Angeles you get 170 searches
per month you can do that same thing all right you can do the same thing we just
talked about all right so singers from Los Angeles so we can just see let’s see
if we get LA you
and I tell them there’s nothing all right all right so we guys Sanger’s single barn singers for hire Los Angeles
singers needed Los Angeles famous singers from Los Angeles though if you
rank for these things right here I’ll give you a female a male and you’re a
singer if you rank for these things it’s over your career is there you’re gonna
be lined up with the rest of these people because who can deny you google
is the biggest website known to man so if you’re ranking at the top that’s
their position in the leveraging I was talking about you’re going to profit I
would literally take all of these I will rank I will create website pages for all
of these keyword times right here born in Los Angeles and Los Angeles
performing in Los Angeles all right famous singers from Los
Angeles then you come over here famous singers from California you see what I’m
saying faint female singers in fact California
if that’s you or whatever RB pop whatever type of singer you are that’s
what you’re doing then if you want a new income stream you do exactly what I just
showed the music producers create a course and look at their singing lessons
in Los Angeles now you got a new income stream plus anybody that is getting
lessons from you will buy your freaking album their parents will buy your album
to see if you can practice what you freaking preach so that’s just another
income stream double for you you already know hopefully you guys are getting
value out of this because a nobody else is gonna teach you this stuff I’ve been
watching the videos on her and I’m like yo there’s a lot of BS you know I’m
saying a lot of BS that they teaching these people and you’ll never be nothing
you’ll never make it alright celebrity Isis celebrity singers
musician all right we’ll just say celebrity like it is celeb
I got three right there celebrities that live in Los Angeles celebrities in Los
Angeles right now celebrities in Los Angeles
all right celebrities in Los Angeles today celebrity well you don’t want that
one when you’re trying to deal with being
buried right okay so you guys understand right if you rank
for these things what does that make you comment comment if you get it we trying
to see we put two and two together use a little bit of common sense there’s
a lot of people seem to not be able to do that one well what does that mean if
you rank for celebrities that live in Los Angeles rank mean you rank at the
top of Google ranking at the top of the search engines when people search for
this that makes you an celebrity I can make
you a celebrity overnight that’s what that does it makes you a celebrity
literally people are gonna if they see you at the top right here on google for
celebrities that live in Los Angeles what are they gonna do this is just
gonna lead us into the next thing they’re gonna search you everywhere else
that’s what I’m trying to tell you they’re gonna search you on Instagram
now you’re gonna get a flood of new Instagram followers why cuz Google is
the biggest so if you’re at the top of Google then they’re gonna like you who
is it happy not know about this person they don’t want to know everything about
you because people love to be trained on trends they love to be like at the on
the latest thing or whatever like that so they come be like damn I’m behind all
right so they’re gonna be like celebrities they live in st. Louis
you’re at the top today all right so they’re gonna come over to YouTube now
celebrities they live in LA all right so now good old YouTube ghetto you too so
what’s one of the things you can do to grow on YouTube so you want to be very
very very strategic okay so if you’re a male singer or a rapper or something
like that then did you guys know that you can show your music video or play
your song at the beginning of another music video that’s the same thing that
those ads they play on your video before you watch a video they’re annoying right
but that’s how you can be discovered so let’s say you like this video right here
or you have a song dissimilar to this video you can create an ad inviting
people to your channel to subscribe and listen to your music and you can plate
it instead of just planet and all over YouTube spending a lot of money you can
just play that ad on top of this video all right well there’s not the type of
head I was expecting usually it would have been ad similar to it all right so
we’re gonna edit it anyway that’s the dang old video and trying to play the
video I was trying to show you guys ahead but anyway you guys know what I’m
talking about right hey give me some nailed copyright strike all right so all
right so you can play that ad or whatever like it’s the same thing right
here like if you have a song that some was a big shine did you think that his
followers were like or whatever you will literally play that on top be very
strategic you know I’m saying you can even name it even if the song ain’t name
that you can name the ad big shine style a big shine type style song or something
like that it’ll catch their attention they won’t skip the end like they would
have before all right you guys understand that all right so it’s very
simple and then another thing you could do like I said this is a surgeon’s and
owned by Google as well so you can use it as a search engine make a list of
keywords if you have find your favorite artists we were talking about rick ross
right and they got new songs is coming out and
you know people search them by song so let me give you an example I will start
with AIDS and I would just make a mixtape don’t don’t do this with your
album because you want to happen to be completely unique and original to you
and not identified with nobody else not even related to nobody else but if
you’re doing a mixtape and you’re just trying to get known pay attention do
this do this instead of just start a music channel and just putting your
original work on there and not give me any eyeballs on it go after where people
are actually searching keyword search searching alright look at it people are
searching Aston Martin music 5400 searches so you might not have his exact
rap style but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a laid-back type song like
that using your style still but a similar
type beat or groove or girl to sound similar alright and then you use that
and you rank for this okay you can create a video and you can name it rick
ross as the more music verses your name style you know or your response you can
say your response your name when i say yours
you put your name blanks response to rick ross aston martin music literally
and if you can catch trans meaning like if you drop a new song tomorrow and you
do it immediately then you can if you can catch that trend you can get the
ranking before all the rest of these fools alright just me a real all right
so look rick ross apple of my eye okay so this one may be a little I don’t know
I don’t know when it came out I ain’t really been paid attention man forever
alright so I’m just giving you guys examples and you can literally do this
for all of his songs pay attention yo this is gold y’all y’all better start
doing it don’t be stubborn with me I make more so you can make your songs on
your album when people know who the heck you are what’s the point of making the
album if ain’t nobody gonna hurt alright so you want to build up a following
first build up people that are loyal to you and love what you do and then you
want to release music alright trust me I made
take back in the day I a believer I act the fool all of the money in the world I
would listen to these songs and then I wouldn’t make a song that’s exactly like
it you don’t still be you all right and then you will create something similar
to it but put your own twist the beat should be similar to but still put your
own twist don’t do it exactly cuz you’re gonna get copyright strikes on your
YouTube channel but do it similar but change the melody up a little bit
alright if you make it similar people see the problem is people don’t really
like to learn or we don’t like anything new so if you can make it similar to the
song that they already like like it comes on similar and everything then
they will skip your head if you use it as a and they will cut it off if they
see it in their newsfeed as well alright so all the money in the world
ashes to ashes it’s very simple make these as your freakin templates okay how
I says then you go through the B’s oh look Rick Ross big-time Rick Ross boss
Rick Ross Bach Chevy BML big Meech bag of money
black dollar Berman discs these are all things that people are searching by name
why they say certain we gotta use our common sense they’re searching them by
name because they’re their favorite songs very common sense favorite song is
their favorite songs that’s what I search them by names what does that do
is shit click in your head wow that means I could rank at the top for their
favorite songs and in turn Fame by association that means I become their
favorite tool why I see teaching you a little bit of French I think that’s
right right right let’s do you go to the C’s complex cross that line color of
money Carl city clean no cigar music she’ll be
riding high crocodile pipeliner tears of joy
alright then you just go through the DS diced pineapples devil is a lie
deepening rap drug dealers dream drink champagne mess with that devil in the
dress you go through ease everyday I’m hustling
Elvis Presley Boulevard even deeper still break my heart some shit like that
alright so you guys understand what I’m saying so with YouTube you can use it to
where you’re ranking and remember all I would do is I would say response my
response to Rick Ross Elvis Presley Boulevard that’s what I would name it my
response to Rick Ross even deeper my response to everyday I’m hustling my
response to every to Rick Ross everyday I mean but break my heart my response to
Rick Ross elevator why I keep saying Rick Ross in there because this is the
keyword that people are typing in so you show up for this you’re gonna get the
clicks you’re gonna get the views you’re gonna get the sales okay
be strategic use your mind slow down be psychological be strategic man like you
are on a black alright and it works the same way for women alright let’s do a
let’s get I don’t know they’ll be out there saying right now I’ve changed mm DD last night okay you
just go through aids then you go through beads they give you the titles that all
these people are searching for all right these are things that people are
searching for enough of no love gotta get my heart back I should’ve cheated I remember all of
those so if you’re a woman and she’s a favorite you just pick your favorite
artist and you just template them not stealing their style but stealing their
fans remember that don’t steal their style steal their fans so do find out
what their fans like about them and do something similar but don’t lose
yourself in the process you don’t want to just be another clone right okay all
right so let’s go over what we talked about today and then I want you guys to
let me know if I earn your likes and subscribes because I want to earn it I’m
not gonna be one of the people who’d like a subscribe y’all subscribe now
subscribe alright so today we discuss music marketing agency did I give you I
on my blueprint and my input on that yes I did marketing promotion we went
through digital marketing strategies what they do in the industry we even
went through a whole Facebook ad for musicians we went over social media
marketing strategy for musicians with the Instagram and Facebook and then we
just did that with YouTube as well then we discussed Google Ads which was these
things over hold on let me close this out yeah well
it should be this is a head right here okay so we discussed our ledee alright
so we discussed literally everything that we said we were gonna talk about we
said we’re gonna talk about music marking agency music marking a promotion
using marketing strategies social media for musicians and Google Ads alright so
do me a favor go ahead and shit it Martin luhan’s voice are like and
comment you know just get this out there because there’s a lot of musicians and
if he’s really sad to me I’ll be super sad when I’ll be seeing posting a music
on Instagram and Facebook and I get like to user or to like so somebody say just
keep all ghor bruh keep it up keep it up and giving them encouragement it’s like
saying especially when you click on it and the music actually sounds good
because nowadays them the wack music is on top and you got the good artists that
they can’t get no views or can’t get nobody looking at them so this is my way
of helping out alright so I want you guys are also know that I do teach this
we teach music productions at the empezar trade school we can come over
here to the school all right this is the first-ever entrepreneur
trade school this is for entrepreneurs only is not no math and science and all
of that stuff that you had in high school you come here you learn a skill
that pays the bills and then you go out in the world to deal do you feel all
righty then here’s a music production section right
here we got other stuff like culinary arts personal training real estate
market and blah blah blah but inside the music production we teach you the same
stuff that we teach in marketing but we also teach you how to make your beats
how to record and and get your stuff out there exposure and blah blah blah build
a business around your music so instead of you just making music and they’re
sitting on your hard drive or anything this goes with your producer rapper or
singer instead of that you’re gonna know how to get shows you’re gonna know how
to build that fame if you want to become famous but you don’t have to become
famous in order to become rich trust alright but if you want that will show
you how to get that so I’ve shown you a little taste of the things that we do
this was literally a little Cinnabon taste of the things that we do on the
inside of this fool and if that trap gyms today then you should already know
that I broke the bank on inside that Haiti man I saw what I want you guys to
know is also when you enroll in the school
for the music production section we also have classes all right so is mainly
online based yes you can do this from wherever you’re at but we also have
Monday through Friday classes of one hour this is one hour in a 6 p.m.
Central sometimes we make an exception that you
guys are at work and reschedule it for a better time or whatever but it’s 6 p.m.
Central for our we go over everything that you guys need to know to become
successful you can ask any questions get help with everything a lot of our blog
and then the best part about it is you can get financed to go to this school
where you don’t even have to pay out of pocket
you got decent credit or you can get a cosigner or whatever boom there you go
you can learn how to market your music the right way you can get infused to
your videos bigger than freaking REO Grande and and Britney Spears and all
these fools out of here they don’t have no damn talent to me bigger than big
shine I like Big Shot though all of these guys are getting millions of views
they’re getting it because they’re signed to a record label and they’re
going on TV and stuff but how much of a bragging right would it be for you a
person as local haven’t really been anywhere I haven’t been on TV yet ain’t
known yet to actually get the same amount of views or better to actually be
able to get the same amount of sales what if you can get the record sales
without actually having to become the slave for the record label put on
dresses don’t do tours in places you don’t want to go do towards get defamed
on television do stupid reality shows just for a just a couple of dollars cuz
you ain’t making them from your album sales what if you can employ all of that
so that’s what we’re gonna teach you in her be how to become the best musician
you can possibly be but also build around it and this is the first ever
school that offers you to make money while you earn so this is not a graduate
and then going to your career thing you’re actually going to be making money
while you’re in the school and it’s a school but isn’t that long it’s not like
some years or anything like that you can complete it in months time and
everything and be already in career making money but your music
producer that mean you’ll be profitable if you’re a singer that mean you will be
profitable selling records and doing singing lessons coming out with your own
course and if you think is is um not a good idea
watch this tell me why this person is doing why is this huh like it is you’re
seeing Aguilera of course she’s on a master class I got it for my daughter my
daughter seems she has a course so this isn’t just some internet marketing thing
why is this usher he has a master class all right who else Oh
Timberland I know you guys pretty much have seen the Timberland danghang master
class beat-making quartz all right guys do you do you get what I’m saying the
people that embrace the internet fully not just posting in some groups or some
crap like that if you embrace internet fully you’re ahead of the times this is
frickin 2013 all over again with like Instagram or something if you can like
get ahead of the wave embrace the internet and use it to his full
potential then you can make more money than these guys I know internet
marketers that are making more money than frickin Class A celebrities all
right like movie actors and stuff like that aren’t making as much as the
youtubers like PewDiePie and all of these other guys all right so what I’m
trying to say is you can you have the chance to do music the way you want to
do your music instead of having some record label control you alright you get
to make the type of music you want you don’t have to bend to the will of
anybody alright and you don’t have to worry about flopping you have surefire
ways of positioning yourself to whenever you release a single album our gold tour
or I try to plan a tour you’re gonna get eyeballs is there disloyal there’s
dedicated every single time so you can check the link in the description come
here click on this option right here we’ll see if we can get you financed so
you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket alright we can get you financed
and we can’t then get a cosigner man you got people that with good credit in your
channel alright so you get in there you’re gonna know exactly how to make
your music the way that it will get picked up so everything is very
strategic with us so you’re gonna teach you how to make your music the best way
possible there’s capable out of you and so a way that the world will like it and
love it share it buy it holiday you can create your own fan base okay so thank
you guys for watching this music marketing and promotion video share that
Martin Lawrence voice like comments subscribe make sure you come back if I
earn the subscription give it to me man give it to me see you guys next time

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