Google DeepMind: Ground-breaking AlphaGo masters the game of Go

games are kind of microcosm of the outside world that’s why games were invented that’s why humans find it fun to play there’s a rich history of computer tackling board games it started with games like backgammon drafts and then finally there was deep blue in 97 that’d be Kasparov at chess which was obviously a huge watershed moment for game AI since then the really big remaining sort of Holy Grail if you like has been go in chess a number of possible moves about 20 for the average position and go it’s about 200 another way of viewing the complexity of go is that the number of possible configurations of the board is more than the number of atoms in the universe if you ask a great go player why they play the particular move sometimes they’ll just tell you it felt right so you can the one way you can think of it is that go is a much more intuitive game whereas chess is a much more logic based game the alphago is our program to actually try and crack go we played the European champion Fenway and a five-game match we have an estimate how strong a program is but of course you never know when you play a human player they do all sorts of very interesting creative things that your programs not necessarily do so there’s always an unknown when we play the further game I lose I think he was a bit stunned off to the first game and I think he was unsure as to whether he hadn’t prepared enough or whether the program was really strong well I think after first again maybe he don’t like fight in like play slowly so it’s why we begin the second game I fight I see are maybe I’m right it’s why for another game I fight all the time no it’s a completely but I lose all my game alphago won five nil which is the first time ever a program has been a professional player the way I see where we are now is that we’ve beaten the European champion now and the next step for us is to try and challenge the legendary play at least at all you can think of as the Roger Federer of go we always used to talk about what if we could eventually crack go and have a program that could be the world champion then we must have invented some generic general-purpose algorithm so maybe we’re on the cusp of all of them and we’re very excited about it but it is just one a rung on the ladder towards solving artificial intelligence

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