Google Girls Claim Loans #11

Oh what’s really going on guys a shower this morning trimmed up beard a bit get rid of the sides regulars and clean at the mustache one thing that’s predict is if your vapor you have a mustache every time you exhale the water vapor will get lodged in your mustache and then you’ll sit there doing these and that’s all your case is whatever juice your vaping on sometimes a good thing sometimes not going to grab a copy because i need that I need a copy that really but i like it also last week this time press the right button to show you something i’m using my smaller cup and you got to use the center button if he is the button on the side she bring loads it hasn’t pills are ready to the brim and then you can even add sugar milk or anything to it but last week a co-worker contact with the radio station basically did this thing for every Wednesday where business will get catered lunch and you contact the radio station and you explain to them why you think your company deserves lunch so co worker called in and said because we’re getting sold the bell so I think everybody deserves you know one last bang before we go on me I streak you know us and and radio station just laugh and decided to cater us lunch today you’re wondering what I’m doing is going up the the pets water dish because gets campers that thirsty last night after i filled it and drink it all or oreo decided to load up to who knows but they left their water do something water so they can enjoy that but so you told me they got their lunch today free i was offered the winning and have lunch too if I wanted to but i decided not to and honestly it’s a good thing I did because apparently all they brought over was like six sandwiches and I don’t mean like Subway sandwiches I mean like bread and there’s barely enough to feed six people that’s what i was called and apparently some people from the night staff and the guy who called it chases day off he actually went in for it and apparently when you went in he said it wasn’t even worth it because he had to a bitch but he walks from this end of town to work every day and that’s kind of insane walk because like if it takes you 10 minutes to drive that would take your butter an hour to walk there and back so quickly long-haul definitely to walk something I wouldn’t be caught done doing regardless because this I had to you know I wouldn’t do it but yeah like you walked all the way to work but just to find out that the the ones that gave us was next to fig all that kind of blows but so when she goes let’s chat with a buddy on Facebook my buddy Gord then he sends me this link about google adsense and there’s a former google employee who basically came forward and talks about okay remember how click bombing was a big thing back in 2010 2012 you’re on adsense people going to show your ads and then get you banned and stuff well that’s the longer thing because they changed the way adsense works however back in the day if you didn’t like a certain publisher you and your buddies can go on there and click the shit out of their ads and totally killer account so they can make money on youtube anymore click bombing was a big big things but youtube went and change that now adsense for YouTube is no longer controlled by adsense so if you log into your adsense account you’ll notice that the money is not going up when you log into your google account and you check out your the daily earnings and you see the money’s going there because YouTube is managing all your your content and it’s no longer based on clicks it’s based on impressions and duration watched which is cool that helps a lot of people out people who make long videos that can actually keep people watching the whole video rather than making a long video that’s boring a spot like you know nine hours some guy watching TV who the hell’s gonna sit there for nine hours and watch some guy watch TV much just go downstairs turn on your TV and watch it you know i’m saying but you know people who can make a quality video that has content decent content all the way through this party only through that gets the audience retention is going to get paid out a lot more then so on so forth and that’s what they changed the back in 2009 the 2012 this article it’s actually pretty long basically explains everything that happened and it’s leaked out but he doesn’t give up his name obviously because he wasn’t supposed to late week this I apparently signed a bunch of NDA’s and all that shit that Google’s little crooked shit back in the day where the moment account would get near payout IE hundred dollar threshold youtube would release or you get a email i always called them the Dear John letters of thanks for you know your you to borrow your adsense account has been disabled due to invalid account activity and they wouldn’t specify what the activity was that all of us right away with click bombing we got click bomb and they shut us down for fox6 you know but that wasn’t exactly what was happening what was really going on was YouTube didn’t want to pay little people like us like almost little youtubers any money they just wanted to shut us down take the hundred dollars that we earned and put it back into google because they said they’d pay back the advertiser like when your account is silly pack the advertiser theoretically they didn’t have to pay back the advertiser so didn’t because the advertisers ads still got playtime still went on the internet and still got clicks to still got all that shit however i’ll call back sorry about that i got a call but anyway uh I camera was talking about back in but they were shutting down accounts like crazy for google I was a victim with the skaven this gave an account mind you I wasn’t a youtube partner was pretty dick back then what they did was if you had videos that were constantly getting views that we’re doing over a thousand views a month and they allow you to monetize just that one video and I had a kind of out of us came an account at about 450 videos and i had about a hundred videos that were generating a thousand days a month so those videos got authorized for Adsense and the rest of them are just empty and then as it went on and on and on they kept allowing for more videos get adsense and then I hit the hundred dollar threshold but I was going to get paid out and then I got notified the dear john letter and the same thing happened the to Daddy tech he was great at threshold just beat the threshold is like you know ready to get his check and he got the dear john letter and then you know a couple other people my friends who have the same thing happen to them and we always play football but that was the case that was google being cheap bastards and shut us down so go sing before I got the phone call what would happen is like we were partners we didn’t have the banner option or anything like that and forgot where I was going to go with this but yet because google already played the ads they already let you play the ads that put them on the videos they fulfilled their contract with the advertiser whether it be for the bank dating site whatever it is they fulfilled their end of the deal they let those ads role they went out there blood was a big bang so Google theoretically earn the money but they didn’t want to pay us the publishers the people who actually put time and effort into making these videos put them on YouTube and to generate that those couple pet easy generate that money so because of that how they kept the money and they were telling employees like this is the way it is even though like in this letter a lot of the employees didn’t really like but what was going on that felt it was really really bad and it was really dishonest and all that but being told by google into this your job because we can’t afford to pay you yeah google can’t afford to pay them friggin google you know a company that’s worth billions can’t afford to pay somebody a measly whatever an hour because the hundred-dollar adsense checks were breaking the fucking Bank like are you serious that was back in the day when adsense redsplit was 68 publisher 32 dad to google now it’s 55 45-55 publisher 45 google and they want to make another change 45 publisher 55 to google google it’s a bigger chunk that’s what they want to do but right now 5545 past the Adsense redsplit and they basically want to this isn’t want to pass up so ban the account they keep the money they put into their account you know hundred bucks to the billions they already had it’s like what it’s like putting a scratch on on the fucking statue of liberty you know it’s inside of the big deal because it’s like such a large enterprise and a little chip off it is you mean he noticed but they did it enough times to the point where the chip was really noticeable so because I know Millie like you go in the Adsense forms back of the day and you go into the troubleshooting adsense area and all that was was I need my ass is back my asus with disabled 90 Matt’s back why was it was click bombing I was cooked bomb oh my god what do I do and that’s it was not stop all that nonsense and I was or shit like some people made it through the cracks made it through recommended through book made it through davidsfarm old channel made it through bug made it through you know some people were lucky and didn’t get annihilated by the Adsense attacks but other people like me daddy tech and a few others i can’t remember names now but they didn’t make it through and they got shut down so fast which sucked like it was like a real big kick in the ass like even though why personally I don’t do this for the money I just do it because it’s fun the money is just a bonus you know it’s like all cool i made a hundred bucks this month yeah you put it away save up to buy something I need like you know your bushings for the car going to go two blokes ok we’re going to use this month’s ad says check the bike and gas to go down you know whatever maybe but it’s pretty crazy that they’re doing that and hear that hears us this friggin post great throwing me this post the clearly states that Google was being a bunch of criminals then hopefully I remember to put the link to this in the description hopefully it’s here when I when I put the link in it doesn’t get knocked out I might make a backup of this website and start somewhere else because this is fucking insane this is something people need to know because this is I don’t know if this is criminal or not it’s definitely a form of fraud if you think about it because they were shutting down accounts Kodiak bigger dick that’s better they’re shutting down account so that God’s accounts for wrong reasoning they didn’t have the authority to but they do because their google but they did because they’re getting their shut people down just so they can keep the money themselves so it’s like it’s going to work putting in two weeks of work expecting a payday and on that to weekend they fire you and you don’t get a check you already gave him two weeks of your life working for this company and make sure you down and say yeah we didn’t really need you so we’re not going to pay you to hit the fucking Road goof because you don’t belong you know and it’s pretty pretty brutal like you listen to this guy talked and talked about his employees like his fellow co-workers and nobody really wanted to do this but they had to her was their job you know and that’s the thing like when you gotta put bread on the table if your family you need to do with your employer says whether it’s right or wrong and that’s where morals going to play like you can say well fuck that i might leave and then trying to find another job or you know you could suck it up and do what they tell you to do and the feel guilty for however long you feel guilty for like it’s it’s pretty brutal gonna throw this link in the description hopefully it’s still there i’m going to try to copy the page as well and just copy the text beauty plan what I might do is throw this here up on something else have a feeling once google gets wind of this we’re gonna kill it like like it’s pretty brutal so yeah they’re a copy the all the texts but this is something that if you want to have a good read about this if you are a victim of the foot bombing you might want to read up on this and see what the frig was really going on because i don’t know like I’m actually thinking about taking this like this was posted on April 2924 this was posted a day ago and it’s still there so Google hasn’t founding it but i gotta copy it onto a notepad to just generic text and I’m probably gonna put it up somewhere else maybe if this goes missing but i gotta bookmark i’m going to post it on the comments if you want to give her a read it’s pretty fucking crazy and kind of shitty but anyway people i’m going to call it quits for now for the blog and I didn’t really do much today just talked about a bunch of shit but so is she goes hopefully enjoyed today’s video if you did you know that like button is give it a click and clack any questions comments concerns down below that go until their staff people keep on blogging [Applause]

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