Gorilla Movie Emotional Scene | Madhankumar demands waiver of farmer loans | Jiiva | Sathish

Sir, the situation is getting worse here All the four robbers have
strapped a bomb to their bodies Before anything bad happens… we must meet their demands! Please discuss with the higher authorities
and come to an amicable conclusion I think it would be better if we consult
the Chief Minister before moving further Yes, sir Sir, they are demanding
a ransom of 200 million There are suicide bombers
inside who threaten to blow up The special task force would
be very helpful right now What’s the hurry?
Don’t wield that weapon now It’ll be the government
and not you in danger Let’s settle the ransom for now Later, we can finish them off Yes, sir Will do that, sir Dude, when will the money come? Good, Only now are you involved in the job I was wondering if we could
order dinner, if it gets late – Food is all he thinks about. Glutton!
– I’m hungry! Hello! – Yes sir?
– Thalappakatti Biriyani hotel? – Yes sir
– Is the biriyani fresh and hot? Pack hot lunch for 30 people Add some appetizers and desserts too Delivery address? This place is the talk of
the town at current hour! Hindustan bank is the place to deliver.
Pack for 30 people and come soon May I know who is speaking? Whose name shall I use? Police – Quick tell me?
– Use Assistant Commissioner’s name I’m the AC, Shanmugam.
Come soon. – Ask for extra Curd Onion?
– Curd Onion is it? He has disconnected the call There is no shame when
somebody is paying the bill Food is on the way dude! – Hey wait!
– What now? The count is only 20 here Why did you order for 30 people Sorry, but extra 10 is for me That doesn’t seem fair Three for me and seven for you No way. Three for you
and seven for me That’s what I said I am the one who ordered, I
should be the one who orders Forget that. Do you want
‘Beeda’ for dessert? I know a guy from Thiruvanmiyur
who makes excellent Beedas It’s so tasty that you’ll
spit it back on his face – Hey!
– What? – We are not here for a feast
– Then? Go and grab the lunch first Sir… Show this He was working in an I.T company Later, he was fired He is a fraud doctor.
His name is Jiiva Sir, he is Venkat His dream is to become a movie star But for now he is jobless We haven’t found much
details about him yet – Find if there is any link between them
– Ok sir – Make way please! Make way!
– Hey who is that? – Hey, where are you going?
– Hey! Hey! – Sir, I got to deliver the Biriyani
– No way It was Assistant Commissioner
who ordered these! Sir! Biriyanis for you Who ordered? I was told that you are
the one who called Stop kidding and get away – Get lost idiot!
– Sorry sir! Get lost man! – Hello!
– Hello sir! – Have you reached the place?
– I am near the barricade sir The deliver guy has come. Go and fetch
the lunch from him A dude with bomb attached to his chest
will come. Hand over the lunch to him – Go outside and fetch the lunch.
– Hey! – I said, go!
– Listen to me Test the lunch for poison
before giving it to us I will be dead if its poisoned – I don’t think poison can kill you
– Says a poisonous fellow – What is the thermocol for?
– To save myself from the bullets. Looks like he is from Sellur At least I stopped with
a demonstration, you named the person, you
are a dead meat now Thermocol again? AC sir, I’m about to reveal myself Biriyani is for us. Send it in Come here Myself? Look, how arrogant he is – Come here
– Wait, sir He look strange.
Resembles gorilla a lot A thermocol is enough to scare you guys.
Which is why they are having fun inside Hello, sir It was just a thermocol Give it to me – Did you pack the appetizers?
– Sir, the bill – Sir will pay along with the tax
– Who? Me? – Hey!
– Sorry sir You have been standing
here since morning Here, you both share this Sit by the jeep and eat – You!
– What is it? I can only spare one. There
are many people inside Catch him Uh-oh! There are 30 of them here already – Sir…
– Look… All other robbers have
removed their monkey masks! Why haven’t you removed it yet? Mask? Sir, this is not a mask – This is my original face!
– Remove your mask! I swear! This is my face – I said, remove it
– Sir, please listen to me – I said, remove it
– Cut your nails, sir! He just poked my eyes! Sir! I spared a biriyani for you and is
this how you thank me in return? You better get retired Sir, he just asked you to get retired! Are you on their side or mine? A police fires gun but this guy
seems to like ripping faces Alas, he has come! – What took you so long?
– Gone! Gone? Who? You? Then how
come you are alive? I meant a pack of biriyani is gone.
They flicked it How bad of them! – Six for you and three for me!
– Ok Ten farmers suicide on the same day Tragedy at Thiruvalluvar Including Murugan, a total of ten farmers
from Thiruvalluvar committed suicide today The whole state is saddened by this Mu..Muruga! Murugadas! Hey! You! What do you think you’re doing? Stop this foolishness Everything’s falling in place You retard! My friend is the
reason I’m alive today He pacified me and sent me to
Chennai to look out for loan But today, he committed
suicide due to loan shark! – I don’t deserve to live!
– Hey! Stop! Suicide, that is all you know! You think your death
will change everything Just like this, when
I was working… A farmer died and quit that profession Do farmer’s think committing
suicide is a fashion statement? My dad died because of debts Which is why I became
a fraud like this Die and your children
will turn into frauds Can’t you take up any other
profession if not agriculture? We have many profession to take up What about your food? Farmers are the only generous
people in this world! But we aren’t allowed to fix a price
on the products that we give away You guys think that farmers are protesting
and fighting for their own rights But they are fighting for you
and everyone in this world Why don’t you guys
understand this fact? No honest farmer will be
as selfish as any of you We fight till our last breath… We are sacrificing our
lives to save agriculture! But we unable to do it But… I stepped apart and became selfish And here I’m with you
guys, robbing a bank! I am ashamed of myself! Fine. Forget it What is that you want? Can I make a demand? That’s it? Just come out and
demand whatever you want Instead stop crying like a kid Come on The government will
accept all our demands Just demand what you want – Jiiva, listen to me
– Jhansi! You don’t need this You’re committing a blunder Please, you don’t need this! I’ll knock you down dead! Get lost! How dare you abuse
Jhansi in front of me? Do you have any idea who I am? Are you actor Sarath Babu’s son? You’ll tremble in fear if
you find out who my dad is I have been meaning
to ask from long back Tell me, who is your father? He is our company MD’s son We were here regarding signing up a loan Not just that His father is central minister Ramaiah – So, you have two fathers?
– Can’t you understand Tamil? – Greetings sir
– Minister’s son? Now watch how you
demand will be met! Darling, come here Sir, please go Jiiva, what are you gonna do? Jhansi, I’ll take care Why didn’t you mention
it before, dear? Like you guys let me speak! Every time I spoke you guys
hit me right on my face! Fine, I’m leaving.
Come on, Jhansi Where are you off to? You
part is yet to begin Give me the bomb jacket I won’t give mine.
Use yours Jiiva, what are you gonna do? Jiiva, please no! – What’s your plan?
– Take her away – Listen, you go sit there
– Jiiva, please listen to me Why are you removing your shirt? – Jhansi, go sit there. Go!
– Jiiva! Jiiva, please don’t do this! Jiiva! – Can’t you hear me?
– Jiiva! Remember darling, the
remote is in my pocket Act smart, I’ll press it
and it will be game over! Sir! Greetings! What’s up, sir? Look! That’s our son! Aiy-aiyo! Please do something!
I am really worried Just go to your room! Go! Mic! I need a mic – Come, let’s go with our mics
– Stop! Step back! Bring that one Mr. Farmer, make sure you
demand a huge ransom Just place your mics and come back. Go! Ok sir – Sir, please state all details
– Please state all your demands Sir, the guy in the middle
looks quite familiar I have seen him frequently around You guys set police on us even after
there are 18 hostages’ lives in danger You’re delaying to pay us up All because none of those
lives matter to you That’s the respect you
have for ordinary people’s life You won’t question the mystery behind the
hundreds of fishermen die in Rameshwaram But two people die inside the Taj
hotel and you make it a global headlines Because causalities aren’t
a big deal to you… the real deal is who
are the causalities! So, now we have a hostage whose
life will matter to you! Darling, step forward He is… central minister, Ramaiah’s son There’s the twist in the plot! – Your dad must be watching this
– Ok, I’ll speak Say ‘Hi’ to him Dad, they bashed me up inside Didn’t you bash me? Sir, he is my colleague.
Looks like he has a demand Come on Why is he acting strange? I didn’t get a chance to speak Please forgive us all. There is no other
option for us other than committing suicide Aiy-aiyo! He has turned on the bomb man – What are you doing?
– Getting ready to die! What is your problem?
Just say it! Sir We don’t need the 200 million
that we demanded earlier Move aside Hey Mr. Farmer, what happened? Instead of that, please waive off
all the farmers’ loan in the state Let the farmers live If you let the farmers die, the very
backbone of the country will be shaken I plead you! If you do that, we will
surrender ourselves Waive off the farmers’ loan Is it possible for the
government to do that? It doesn’t matter how, but
please waive off the loans Do you think it is possible
for our government to do that? Please hear me out! Let me speak! Hey! Don’t shout! – Sir, shall I take leave!
– Save the farmers – Hey, come inside
– Please let me go – Hey!
– Give me a minute, sir! – List your demands first
– Why the soft corner towards farmers? Sir, you better demand some
money, this seems unrealistic Cut it out! What is the police doing? A bank is being robbed and my
son is held as a hostage too Make sure that he doesn’t get hurt Okay, sir Get in! What did I ask you to do
and what have you done? I saw it coming! I told you, don’t trust this guy.
You shouldn’t have taken him along – Please forgive me
– He is a rebel I thought you would ask for more
ransom but you screwed up everything I’m sure we can save all the
farmers if you cooperate with me I will meet them again and
clarify that money is our demand – Sir, please don’t do that
– Hey, leave him – Please save the farmers, sir
– Hey, take him away from me Please don’t give us up. Please
save the farmers from dying Please! I am begging you! Save the farmers!

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