Green Bridge + Caution Wet Floors, Stealth [Payday 2]

“Really Unknown Knight? Green Bridge Stealth? You must be kidding!” That was my initial reaction as well when a viewer suggested to do Caution Wet
Floors in stealth. What I first thought was a witty or troll
comment, turned out to be unbelievably true when I
tested it out. So credits to you Junhui! Without you, this video would not have been
possible. And now, without further ado… So how this is possible, in my opinion, is due to an oversight when porting the classic
map from the first game, since the concept of stealth didn’t quite
exist back then. At the current state, for the map to go loud,
phone calls will have to be made. And almost everyone can make phone calls. Civilians, policemen, helicopter SWATs, Cloakers, Bulldozers and even that one special sniper that spawns
on the crane. The only exception here are the helicopter
snipers. So to keep things hush-hush, we will take
these people out. If we can take them out immediately that will
be great, otherwise we delay them with ECMs, or engage
them in combat so that they’ll be too busy shooting to call. And that’s the general idea. Let’s move on to the setup. The key component here will be ECMs. Strictly speaking, one basic ECM is the bare
minimum to keep things stealthy ’til the escape, but with plenty of skill points to go around
I’d recommend maxing them out. Even better if we have 2 to 3 players. Note that the game will exist in a not-loud-but-not-stealth
state, so Hacker’s pocket ECMs will only activate
Feedback and AI bots will be masked up, but carrying
secondary weapons instead. And if going for Caution Wet Floors, I strongly encourage long range weapons and
sentries but we’ll see why later. In terms of opposition to note, it will be
Bulldozers and the attack helicopter. For that I personally like to bring the KSP
58 LMG, High Value Target and Unseen Strike. Explosives may be needed which again, will
be explained later. Now moving on to the strategy. Despite my attempts to simplify as much as
possible, some parts remain complicated, so try your best to keep up. So right at the start, we have to drop an
ECM to block calls. The panicking civilians headed in our direction
are running to despawn and can be left alone. Do however watch out for any civilians the
AI bots might shout down, especially the brown coated civilian directly
behind us. Our true targets in this phase (cops and civilians
around the buses), are to be taken out while the ECM is running. Drop a second one if more time is needed. Some civilians may even run down the stairs
on either side, become unreachable and continue to make calls. This is where explosives become handy. Fire them down the hole! For a solo player like me, I would restart
until I get the low low chance (25% I think), to not have the extra civilians at the bus
area. This saves me one ECM and I don’t have to
bring explosives. And while we’re sawing open the prison buses, be sure to watch out for and take out the
helicopter SWATs, which continuously respawns approximately
every one and a half minutes. The helicopter snipers themselves pose a risk
to our health, but will do nothing to raise the alarm. So do what we will with them. When we open the prison buses, be sure to dispose of anyone that isn’t Kazuo. And with Kazuo out in the open, it’s time
for the next phase. The helicopter SWATs will continue to respawn
for a bit and be a problem. We can either have one player in the area
to handle them or use our long range weapons. A solo player doing Caution Wet Floors on
Overkill difficulty can leave sentries behind. They will be more than enough. Once Kazuo and all players reaches the toilet
line, a despawn area will be activated to make enemies
at the prison bus area disappear. So from there we can ignore the helicopters
flying in. All except one, which I like to call “The
One”, as it stops just outside of the despawn area, next to the white truck with the word “Indigo”, and will continue to drop SWATs, so do watch
out for it. Then once Kazuo passes this scaffold here, the prison bus helicopters will stop respawning and the tower ones will start. If the tower helicopters arrive early, head up to intercept them first before coming
back down for Kazuo. Again, watch out for “The One”, in case it has already spawned. Upon entering the tower, 4 civilians will
spawn. Take them out as soon as possible. Then just like the prison bus area, helicopters will periodically drop off reinforcements
at the tower, either SWATs or Bulldozers. Kill them fast and if not, keep them busy. Aside from those, here are some things to
note. First is that on occasion, instead of arriving
in a helicopter, the sniper can spawn on the crane. He may try to raise the alarm so get his attention and take him out. Next, 30 to 40 seconds upon Kazuo getting
into his seat a cloaker will spawn in the opposite tower. I recommend taking him out first before activating
the balloon. Last is the interrupter. If left alone after his balloon lowering animation, he will also make a phone call. Exterminate. The assault helicopter that arrives after
deploying the balloon, can either be destroyed or left alive so that it will assist us during the escape,
using ECMs. If we’re still in stealth when Kazuo is caught
by the plane, congratulations, the hard part is over. Despite the assault banner showing up, we’re still in that not-stealth-not-loud state,
so don’t panic. To make things simple, from this point just chain ECMs and make our
way to the escape. This is why I recommended at least 2 to 3
players. As mentioned earlier, if the attack helicopter is still around then, it will assist us when under the influence
of ECMs. But if you’re going to stealth it all solo
like me, a lot of practice, a little bit of min-maxing and luck is required. I don’t recommend it at all but in case you want to know how I do it,
here it is. I’ll leave sentries at the tower top to handle
the interrupter and helicopter SWATs, so that I can immediately drill the SWAT van
the moment Kazuo is airlifted, with drill-time reduction skills of course. And remember that last ECM I was saving? It’s meant to be used for the Bulldozers and
SWATs that arrive in the escape zone. And that’s mostly it. One fun thing to do here, which I did in my
solo gameplay, is to try to kill everything: the last spawns on the tower and the enemies
in the escape area. The helicopter SWATs at the end will still
respawn every now and then but if it’s full map domination you’re looking
for, this is it. And this guys, is Green Bridge stealth. For Caution Wet Floors, I’m not going repeat
how it works since this video is long enough. Check out my first “Caution Wet Floors” video
for the requirements, and my “How Escorts Work” video to better handle Kazuo. Phew! This is a pretty complicated video to research
and do but I’m sure it’s worth your attention. The usual gameplay clips are coming right
up. Stay tuned, learn it and have fun getting your Death Sentence One
Down, or Caution Wet Floors achievement. This is Unknown Knight here, signing off.

17 comments on “Green Bridge + Caution Wet Floors, Stealth [Payday 2]”

  1. Unknown Knight says:

    It's 3AM! Gotta sleep! I'll check out your comments tomorrow!

  2. Neko Dominus says:

    Incredible, great work!

  3. flashfiredog says:

    thanks, i've been trying to help my friends with this after you helped me lol.

  4. Josh Davies says:

    Really Unknown Knight? Green Bridge stealth? You must be kidding!

  5. Faraz Rajput says:

    Thanks for this, i essentially asked for this a few weeks ago in the older video, will try soon and let you know.

  6. FazHound says:

    It's weird how Green Bridge still requires NPCs to make a call for the loud state to begin but other heists like Heat Street (Which came out about a week before Green Bridge) are loud from the get-go. Granted, some of these heists like Rats day 3 have cops making "preplanning calls" which can be noticed when the heist music starts playing over the preplan music but some others never have this happen.

  7. Andrew harwood says:

    Very good. I wonder how many other hiests can be done in stealth like this.

  8. Virtual says:

    17:20 I didn't know that bulldozer could crounch under ECM…
    Really nice video!

  9. Javgarag says:

    o god

    Now i can finally play green bridge the quiet way

  10. Pirill Poveniy says:

    Amazing video, very fine work on it. This will come in helpful for finishing DSOD and it looks like a fun challenge to try even outside of it! Love seeing quirks like these with maps that can be played around with for a new approach!

  11. Javgarag says:

    Hey unknown, if green bridge is possible in stealth, is heat street?

  12. Aaron Cutter says:

    This achievment is really a pain! I finally made it, thank you!

  13. Mónaco says:

    Walt what? How i didnt see this before

  14. Renato says:

    Does it still work?

  15. handsome young man says:

    Holy shit finally after like 3 hrs of trying solo, I saw this tutorial and did it 4th try after that. Thanks Unknown Knight!

  16. Devi 123 says:

    This is very similar to ur drama thing to not let any cops spawn when your armor breaks.

  17. Mr Skittles says:

    Actually useful, got Caution Wet Floors with it. 😀 quite annoyed as I spent almost a month attempting it over time then got it first try using this guide.

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