Green loans for eligible investments

Sweden is thriving and prosperous, and a growing society demands more housing, schools, and new hospitals, as well as more sustainable energy solutions. It is the Swedish municipalities and county councils that account for a large part of the of the basic infrastructure supporting the country. Follow me and let’s take a look. This project has been funded with the help of us at Kommuninvest. And this one. And even this. But what is Kommuninvest really? Kommuninvest started in the 1980s in Örebro and today covers almost all of Sweden’s municipalities and county councils. We are the largest lender to the municipal sector and an important centre of knowledge regarding municipal funding. We ensure that all municipalities and county councils can borrow at favourable terms, regardless of their size, by working together in a clever way. We gather strength through the approximately 290 municipalities and county councils that own us. Many of the investments we have financed since the beginning have taken the lead in being environmentally sustainable. To further recognise and support the sustainable development of the municipal sector, we have developed Green loans. These are loans earmarked for environmental and climate-related investment projects. Green loans can be granted to many of the projects that the municipal sector gets involved with in order to meet their environmental and climate challenges. Applications are made digitally and the ongoing reporting is easy and smooth. Many investors are looking for environmentally sustainable investments that are in line with the Paris Agreement. We can offer this with our Green bonds. By earmarking loans for green investments, we can together contribute towards a sustainable society. To be granted a Green loan is something to be proud of it’s a quality stamp for the project and shows how far sustainability work has come! Together we can make a difference, both locally and globally.

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