GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with Bikers DLC

Hello and welcome to a new episode of GTA Series Videos Tips & Tricks. I am Gtamen and I’ll be your host for this series. Today we’ll be focusing on the businesses that were included in the Bikers DLC. In this video we’ll go through all the businesses, which one is the most profitable and how you can become the next Ricardo Diaz. What kind of incompetent fool are you?! Fool! Fool! Fool… fool!! Before everything by the way we want to send a big thank you to Gypsy, GoldenBizkit, iTheftAuto, PrE233, TheGTAGodfather and Carlosconde for helping to record and crack the math behind this video. Before we start, we want to point out that the businesses follow the same path as the CEO missions, you will only be able to play these in public sessions, but differently from CEO, the biker business doesn’t require a constant presence of the player to make money. With the crates, you had to buy the goods, recover and take them to your warehouse and once you brought enough, start the selling mission. The business in the Biker DLC instead works on their own while the player is free to do other things like playing heists, freemode, time trials, premium races, deathmatches etc. Businesses only require a resupply mission from time to time and when you’re ready, the selling mission, making this DLC good for those who still play the game every day. But let’s go back a little. In order to start a business you will need a clubhouse – which one you choose is up to you, it won’t make a difference. Once you have acquired your not-so-shiny new apartment”slash”garage, you will need to purchase a business. These businesses range from $650,000 to $1,852,500, the cost is only related to the location and does not affect the production rate, the difficulty of the resupply or selling missions, etc. Once you’ve bought your new meth, coke, weed, counterfeit documents or cash business, you need to reach the building, get inside and start the “setup mission”. This is simply a mission where you get all the supplies to get your operation up and running. After you’ve done that you will have the option to choose what upgrades you want to apply to your business. The equipment upgrade will speed up the production rate, use less supplies to create product and improve the value of the product itself, that means more money gained while selling, for the same amount of product. This upgrade will also changes the look of the interior. Like the equipment, the staff upgrade will improve the overall value of your product and speed up the production rate by placing more people inside the interior – once bought, the new staff members will take around 10 minutes to arrive. Finally yet importantly, the security upgrade will lower down the likelihood of being raided by cops or enemies, lower down, not removed, you can still be raided and it happened to us while testing everything. Without the security upgrade the risk to be raided is definitely high, it even happen to us that we had to defend our business three times in a row. With the upgrade installed instead, the event became very rare. Another way to avoid being raided is to always disband your MC and activate it only when you’re inside your clubhouse or any factory. There are numerous missions that can be activated as a business defense: A rival gang can attack your factory and in this case you have to survive three waves of enemies. Another mission instead is similar to the CEO one, but with the possibility to recover the stolen goods and take them back to the factory. Gangs are not the only enemies that you’ll have to face, police will raid your businesses too. The cops can be found near your business and if that happens, you’ll need to take down all of them, even including a helicopter. After that you need to stop a Police Transporter with workers inside from your attacked factory and take them back. Another defend mission instead involves a snitch and a testimony. What you have to do in this mission is reach the motel where the snitch is talking with the police, kill both the snitch and the cops nearby, recover the testimony and bring it back to your business. The main difference between being attacked by a rival gang or by the police is, in case you fail, that in the first scenario, you will only lose product. In the second scenario instead you will be arrested, the Factory will be shut down and all Product and Supplies will be seized. That means that you will have to start from the setup mission. And don’t worry you won’t lose any upgrades. So, you now have your clubhouse, your factory and your business up and running. You don’t need to wait to fill up your factory, you can sell your product as soon as you have some or when your supplies have dried out. The game also gives you the possibility to make an easy sell or take a risk for more money. When you chose to sell the goods, you have two options: Sell the merchandise in your county or outside your county. The difference between selling near or far is willing to take the risk to fail. Also if you are alone and don’t have any friends the best option is to sell your product as soon as one or two blocks of product are ready. By doing this you will be almost sure to have one single vehicle to manage. That’s because the more product you sell, the more vehicles will be involved in the mission. According on the upgrades bought and the type of business chosen, you will find yourself with a factory full of product to sell after 3 to more than 10 hours – and we are talking about REAL HOURS, not in-game ones. The document forgery business is the fastest factory to produce the product also the cheapest to buy and less demanding supplies speaking. With the equipment and staff upgrades, in 3 hours you’ll find yourself with the factory full of goods to sale. Without any upgrades instead it will take exactly 5 hours. This is just an example, but the table you can see on your screen gives you exactly the time necessary to fill up each and every factory with no upgrades, with only the equipment upgrade or both equipment and staff upgrades. As you can see, the slowest factory is the one that produces methamphetamine and without any upgrades, this factory and the Cocaine one, will require a full Supplies bar to just create one single bar of product. But time will also be affected by other aspects: the most important is obviously the Supplies. If you decide to buy the supplies, instead of stealing them, your factory will receive and start working with them in 10 minutes. The problem with buying the supplies is that one single bar will cost you $15,000. Stealing the supplies instead is free, require a 5 to 10 minutes mission, and normally the more friends you have in your MC, the more supplies you’ll get from a single mission. Until now we just talked a lot about time and barely talked about money, so let’s get balls-deep into this argument. The cheapest investment possible in this DLC is buying the Document forgery factory located in Grapeseed for $650,000. Without any upgrades and by stealing the supplies, you’ll receive a full profit of $60,000 or $90,000, depending where you want to sell every time you sell a full factory of product. Assuming that every sell mission will be successful and you won’t lose any vehicles or product, you’ll need to sell 11 full factories of product, to obtain just a $10K profit after breakeven. And we are not considering the money taken from your account every 48 minutes to pay the wages and bills of your factory. Let’s assume for a moment that you had a lot of money on your hands and without thinking about it, you not only bought the five most expensive factories, but also upgraded all of them to the max. How much time do you need to repay your investment considering that the most money you can earn in six hours is a little more than $1.5M? And also that you have to pay $30,000 every 48 minutes in wages and bills? Well, you’ll need 72 hours just to break-even. Is this a lot of time? Surely it is, we’re talking about a full three days of immersion inside the game repeating constant resupply and selling missions, but once you breakeven, this is surely a good way to make money. Considering the fact, as we explained at the beginning of this video, that you’re still playing the game on a daily basis. But what is the best way to make money through this DLC? Let’s assume that you haven’t bought anything at the moment, not even the clubhouse because you waited for this video to show up in your subbox in order to do the smartest investment possible. Let’s start saying that buying the cheapest factories and the clubhouse in the Sandy Shore/Alamo Sea/Grapeseed area is the best starting point possible for a lot of reasons. First thing first: money. ♫ Money, money, money … money! ♫ By buying the cheapest factories, you’ll save more than $3.5M having the same exact interiors and money making possibility of someone who instead bought factories in Paleto or Los Santos. The second good reason in having everything in this area is that every business is reachable in less than one minute from the clubhouses and thanks to the fact that you are in the middle of the state, the resupply missions takes less time to be completed. Last, but not least, good reason in having all in this area are the Sandy Shore and Grapeseed Airfields. In both airstrips normally two, to even four helicopters spawn, most of times even armed Buzzards that can be stolen to shorten up the time needed to reach a resupply object, ease up the defend missions and allow friends and comrades to help you. Now that you found the area, let’s talk about the factories. How many factories you need to buy is up to you, all depends on how much time you’re still playing GTA Online. Until now we’ve talked about full factories, but as we told before, you don’t need to wait until that the factory is full to sell the product and we don’t even advise to do so if you’re alone because sometimes you won’t have enough time to complete the mission. But after how many hours you can do your first sell? Well, you don’t even need hours, technically after three minutes you can already sell a single box of forged documents for $1,400. It’s not convenient at all, but it’s possible. As you can see in the table shown right now, every factory has a maximum number of space available to store boxes of product and a specific time necessary to create one single box of product. Technically, if you upgrade all your businesses, you can earn around 150K per hour – something that we do not recommend to do because it will be exhausting, but it’s something that is possible to do. The first box of product created has the exact same value as the last box of product created, so money wise, selling 10 boxes of cocaine in a single mission pays the same as selling 10 boxes of cocaine in five missions. But how much is a full factory worth? Well, we gave you the numbers before so do the math… or check this table over here. As you can see, the cheaper the investment, the lower your return. The Cocaine factory for example, without any upgrades, will pay a maximum of 300K, but it requires almost 9 hours and five complete supply bars to create a single of the five blocks of product. After doing the upgrades instead, you’ll be able to sell a full factory after exactly 5 hours using a little less than three supply bars. Surely you’ll need more time to reach the profit, but in the long term, you’ll make more money in less time. So, in short, in order to get an actual profit, you’ll have to stay for dozens of hours in-game doing your things while the factory create the product you need. The best way to maximize your income is by buying the cheapest factories, install every upgrades possible and keep the game running in background with your character inside an interior. In six real hours, assuming every sell goes good, you’ll find $1.3M in your pocket. This update is really for those who still play the game often. If you manage to get past the break-even point the amount of money you’ll be able to make will be pretty insane. Imagine doing a few Pacific Standard heists while you’re waiting for your factories to fill up. Exactly. You’ll be laughing to the bank. And that was it for this Tips and Tricks episode. I hope you found this useful, thank you very much for watching from me, Gtamen, and the GTA Series Videos crew and we hope to see you next time.

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