100 comments on “GTA V – Do Helmets protect you?”

  1. Sai Prasad says:

    Helmet. Cannot protect in GTA 5 because I had completed the game

  2. MarioNFS4Ever 1 says:


  3. pablo calatayud says:

    how do you throw the helmet on the floor?

  4. Vasil Dimitrov says:

    En el minuto 2:45 estaba sin casco

  5. slenderknight 619 says:

    Depends which motorcycle You use

  6. lIl xXLOL_OMG_WTFXx lIl says:

    1:56 WTF no why ?

  7. Quick Fire Animations says:

    This make's no sense at all.

    1.If you look at the time of 2:41 you will see that the guy on the left side of the screen don't have helmet.

    2.They say that on GTA Online it make's difference.

    3.If they impact at the same spot and why does the place of the impact changing why dont you put a brick walls and a building.

  8. FoxyFN says:

    Oh,nice test..Now,How much for the slow mo camera?

  9. Андрій Іванов says:

    Vucko100, the helmet saves only the head. Try override the head in helmet & without with the car & u'll see than…

  10. Yaman Tamim says:

    Your english is bad

  11. RealChallengez says:

    Can you explain me how do drink through helmet I don't want them seeing my face

  12. mininggamer9 says:

    On the other 4 Tests They Didnt hit the wall wit there heads or any part of there boddies. but on the first test they did.

  13. Timothy Reyes says:

    You dont need helmet in gta but in real life you need it

  14. Muhammad Reyhan says:

    Test SUV car

  15. Oliver 542 says:

    But mirror helmets have one thing. they make you look cool 😎

  16. An unnamed Pro says:

    Vucko je Srbin

  17. Jonathan Bervanger says:

    Don't use helmets

  18. Dhruv Patel says:

    That have max health

  19. Manali Ingale says:

    Do in real life

  20. Niñoel Castro says:

    Remember kids. Helmets DO helps in real life.

  21. LOGAN KONG says:

    1:29 look at the boy with helmet why he can drink a coffee with a helmet?

  22. SuB zeRO says:

    Plot twist: dont wear helmet in real life drive like a boss and catch some cops in your tails

  23. ByTrax123 YT says:

    2:41 left side on screen, he has no helmet

  24. Aris Leonides Ruiz says:

    Um u forgot the helmet on 2:40

  25. Khid Aqil says:

    1:30 GTA V Logic: HOW IS HE DRINKING WITH HIS HELMET ON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Rockstar Pls make this right…

  26. Beta Get Gud Gaming says:

    Vucko gang!!!

  27. anol fernandez says:

    How can you do mods in GTA 5 online

  28. Jk7u82uu says:

    see mom? this is why i don’t need my helmet

  29. Blitz GameR says:

    Helmet doesn't protect us

  30. Xxx3boodytacion Cute cat says:

    2:38 they are both not wearing

  31. Harsh Ops iOS says:

    2:41 wtf click bait?

  32. xXmlgamingXx says:

    So basically gta teaches you that Henley won’t save your life…

    Nice education 😁

  33. GOD ZILLA says:

    now, try it on real life.

  34. Beastboy Mayur says:

    Try this in real life…😂😂😂

  35. Channel says:

    He protecc.
    He dont attack.
    But most importantly he useless as fack

  36. 4nonymously No 0ne says:

    Yeah to drink your coffe through your helmet

  37. PARNAV ARORA says:

    helmet protect us bro! it really helps!

  38. Braća od potoka Braća od potoka says:

    Do you from Serbia???

  39. Water in da Bucket says:


  40. Namey Mc.Namingson says:

    In conclusion don’t wear your helmet

  41. Kiliano Kulawy says:

    Si te ayuda pelado cabeza de poronga

  42. FerrariAttack SharkDreamer says:

    1:33 how is he drinking when his helmet is on?

  43. HÜSNÜ İKİZ says:

    Tabi bu gta 5 te geçerli demi arkadşlar

  44. Miles Daugherty says:

    3:15 in real life it will

  45. Miles Daugherty says:

    2:44 nether one of them had a helmet

  46. Second Turgineer says:

    Helmet don't protect you

    It hurt you

  47. Zar Doz says:

    Helmet is best while driving motorcycle


    Answer no because the blue bar would fill

  49. DanDan says:

    Rockstar Logic: Your head is stronger than a helmet!

  50. Chuky Jasso says:

    Demasiados, Mods.

  51. Eric Hasselmann says:

    MORAL DO VIDEO: nao use capacetes

  52. Álvaro Rocumback says:

    In GTA IV the helmets protect

  53. Arthur Staufackar says:

    My life was a lie.

  54. Efe kadir Kazık says:

    Bull shet

  55. Devyn Miller says:

    Nope this test is in inaccurate do to how gtaV ragdoll works because if a bit of the ragdoll is greasing against something it can do massive amounts of damage and no one can recreate an exact ragdoll :example is the second run for the non helmet wearer because he never goes close to this health later it honestly is random with the damage

  56. Uai '-' says:

    Conclusão: Não use capacete 👌

  57. Yu Lan says:

    the helmet is really helpfull. you got wrong test. do it with max speed and you will see the real result

  58. NP_GamerPro YT says:


  59. Fedelocoloco1 says:

    It depends on how u land and we're u hit, but in gta 4 this comparison it's more noticeable in comparison

  60. muhammad david says:

    Do you have ps5

  61. _ UwU _ says:

    It doesn't

  62. nahuel410 says:

    What a bullshit test is really obviusly the helmet protect the head so the only way it helps is when you get damage there, in the second time the guy without helmet hit his head 2 times that is the cause he got more damage

  63. TacPrepSurvival 41 says:

    It do

  64. Maximum Show says:

    Thanks to translate

  65. 786 111 says:

    1:33 drinking coffee without removing helmet

  66. al3arab YT says:

    Top intro😍😍😘😘

  67. ANI ME says:

    Real life?

  68. ydiduevenreadthis evenwhenmyprofilepictolduso says:

    Maybe the helmets are made in China

  69. Tinoy Delarosa says:


  70. Bhremada says:

    So helmet is just a cosmetics???

  71. Nut Screw Gamer says:

    0:40 wait… No end???

  72. MiC 93 says:

    2:44 l3ft s1d3 0n th3 scr33n, h3 h4s n0 h3lm :v

  73. FriedP says:


  74. Jagalloway says:


  75. GAME OVER says:

    ادعمونا ولو بلايك واحد واشتراك واحد من فضلكم

  76. Avikant Negi says:

    Why dont you Use a barricade only in height of their head then smash them,with helmet and without helmet

  77. ellis14209 says:

    The helmet does help, it depends where it hits too, u should’ve done some more different tests like landing on your head on the floor

  78. -_S4NT1_- V: says:

    video de mierdaaaaaa hijos de puta es una mierda sus videos les voy a meter una denuncia

  79. Patrick Daniel Herpuji wungkana says:

    "Helmet doesn't help you" well if you go straight into a wall at 120mph only God can help you.

  80. Ryanjr And Kaiden Gaming says:

    Try getting shot in the head

  81. Henrique Stojan says:

    The results are random,just like real life

  82. Nsnsn bjshjdj says:

    lol it would be funny if this was real life

  83. Jorge Cabrera says:

    Hey some dude plagiarized your video go report it

  84. Virtual Tech says:

    How can i do this is Gta 5 please help

  85. K Mahadevan says:

    the nose is drinking the coffee


  86. Sine Mora Ex90 says:

    in gta 4 helmet real protect …in gta 5 result aleatory….sucks…

  87. unknown user says:

    Now y3s I flew if bridge super fast I was barely hurt

  88. Vicky Manhas Vicky Manhas says:

    Test it by shooting

  89. subscribe aku balik says:

    "Helmet doesnt help you"but it make the game realistic

  90. Amit Gamer says:

    Always use helmets. Because it protects your head. Head is most important part of our body. So plz always wear helmets will driving motorbikes.

  91. TENZSPEED says:

    It's helped a lot of time

  92. TENZSPEED says:

    No helmet helps a lot

  93. Rishi Shukla says:

    This stunt is performed by nubs , Do try this in your home be a professional

  94. Saroj raikwar says:

    But both have no helmet

  95. Darian Tovar says:

    Good because I don’t use a helmet now let me try in real life

  96. Kastu says:

    This didint work irl…

  97. wwe wwe says:

    you don't know English but you are famous thumbnail do helmet protect you wrong. does helmet protect you

  98. Yougot Ligmabtw says:

    I love Fucko
    (Edit) phucko
    (Edit)i give up

  99. Skull Gaming says:

    Which trainer you. Use

  100. Mimimimi Mi says:

    Conclusion: helmets in gta are from China AKA useless

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