Guild Wars 2 Living World Behind the Voice: Sam Riegel

NOTICE This interview was filmed in April 2018. Comments herein do not reflect character development from Season 4, Episode 4, “A Star to Guide Us” DIRECTOR: Here we go. There are sewer grates into the fortress. Maybe we can get through one. (YELLS) I’m Sam Riegel and I’m the voice of Braham and lots of other voices in the game. I like Braham because he likes messing stuff up and breaking things, and he has sort of like a primal rage to him. So, I dig that about him. Just, every once in a while you just want to punch a wall or something. And you know we all feel like that from time to time. Something that I think I know about Braham that nobody else knows? Well he has a third nipple. Um, that’s all I’ll say about that. AS BRAHAM: Oh thank the spirits, they’re just regular dead people. I mean–you know what I mean. (LAUGHTER) DIRECTOR: Keeper B I get very grumpy in the morning. Braham seems to be grumpy all day. So I guess we kind of share some grumpiness together. My advice to Braham would be, lighten up, dude. We’re all in this crazy thing together. So why not just chillax and throw one back, and (LAUGHS) just relax every once in a while. Everything’s not so serious. AS BRAHAM: Wish we could just go ahead and storm the castle. All this waiting is (SIGHS) had on the nerves. I think the most emotional, interesting that stuff we’ve done with him is the stuff we’ve done with his mother, with Eir. That was really challenging too, because it’s not like I’m acting with the person who plays the mom, Eir. And so it’s tough to really envision how that scene is going to play out once it’s all cut together. But you know, we did a lot of takes and I think we got some good stuff out of it. Braham is a memorable, cool character to play because he’s not just one note. He has lots of depth and he can be emotional sometimes, and mean sometimes, and also kind of funny and dumb. You know, he’s a well-rounded character. It’s more fun the play characters that aren’t just one-note characters. So, Braham’s pretty cool. AS BRAHAM: That’s what I thought. Can’t die. Everything can die. Only question is how. With everything that Braham has gone through over the last bit in the game– I don’t know quite how long it plays out in game time– but it’s been interesting to explore different facets of his character, and sorrow and sadness and regret and that kind of stuff. Just as an actor it’s been more of a challenge to find these new parts of him in these kinds of scenes that we just haven’t played with him before. It’s been exciting to see that every time we get a new script and check it out, and like, “ooh this is, this is new and interesting.” AS BRAHAM: I can still hear Joko’s bones crunching, Mmm. (LAUGHTER) DIRECTOR: Nice, great.

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  1. michael gobeil says:

    What?! Emmy award-winning Sam Riegel?!

  2. tharrock337 says:

    God I never noticed sam was brahams voice, the guy is a chameleon.

  3. Entity404 says:

    SAM IS BRAHAM?! Critical role woo!

  4. Evo says:

    E-P-I-D-E-M-I-C. Ka-BRAHAM!

  5. Carvanha says:

    i think i hear his sound in zomorros raid and also triple trouble asuras

  6. TheGamingFedora says:

    Third nipple confirmed. The theorists were right!

  7. Mouzly says:

    I'm waiting to hear Braham say a D & D beyond ad now.. Anytime now Sam.. Anytime..

  8. TheSheep866 says:

    i see Sam Riegel i Like

  9. MrCheshireify says:

    Not to be rude, but will we get a Kate Miller Behind the Voice soon?

  10. omgz0rg says:

    now do a bit for dndbeyond! 😀

  11. Nebbus says:

    Whaaaaat??? I had no idea Braham was Sam wtf!! :O

  12. sidxus says:

    omg i met him and did not know this he could have signed my book!!!!

  13. Ish Alvarez says:

    Sam Riegel thinking: "Wtf am I supposed to say to these nerds"

  14. Singularity Bound says:

    wth would thumb down Sam..

  15. Zurt says:

    now for liam obrien for the criticl role trifecta … unless there are other voices i dont know about….

  16. Gena Razie says:

    Our angsty norn boy

  17. SmeenSKC says:

    Sam is my hero, super happy to see him on this channel!

  18. baylego says:

    Third nipple?
    Humm, what's this feeling of déjà vu?

  19. schimi says:

    0:44 the way he look kinda reminds me of stuart from the big bang theory

  20. Sam Fuller says:

    I've been playing GW2 all this time and I had no idea the guy from Critical Role was Braham!

  21. adriskillphotos says:

    I jumped out of my seat when I saw this! Sam = Braham!!!

  22. STAG162 says:

    yeah braham… lighten up dude.. chillax.. throw one back.. rub one out, while you're at it..

  23. Parker Smith says:

    Sam in gw2!?

  24. Parker Smith says:

    Ok going back to gw2 now lolol

  25. Fernando Dias says:

    Wow! After all this time following him and Critical Role, I never noticed he is Braham… Shame on me. Maybe he can play Braham in Critical Role some day xD

  26. Lanna Zing says:

    Male sylvary when?

  27. BlueHoodieGamer132 says:


  28. Tiedare Torie says:

    Male sylvari, please

  29. Tindra says:

    My head is flipping a bit seeing Sam and hearing Braham. Like SPIT HIM OUT!!!

  30. Evietta says:

    Now all we need is for Anet to allow Sam to voice an lil asura female thief or perhaps bring a little bardic song into brahams life 🤔

  31. Jojo Bean says:

    Sam is amazing!!! Always happy to hear him in anything!

    I can kinda tell that the actors record lines without each other, sometimes they are individually great but together it doesn't fit well.

  32. Adam Thomson says:

    Sam Riegel. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

  33. Paweł Duży says:

    The Grumpy Guardian!

  34. Seraphir says:

    I gotta point out that the fact that most characters have an american accent is really… immersion breaking…

  35. Queen Sheepaleepz says:

    I love these videos so much!

    I'd honestly be super pumped if you guys did the female charr voice or the female Asura since those are the two characters that I main haha.

  36. HellieTheBabe says:

    Go back to being Alphinaud ;-;

  37. Portiepoo says:

    MY BOY

  38. Nic Lastname says:

    When the voice actor is WAYYYY more likeable than the character they play.

  39. Rurik Waldläufer says:

    Wait what? Sam Riegel is Braham? O.O

    Now I'll see Jude Mathis and Flynn Scifo right before my eye everytime Braham will talk :'D

  40. dunewizard says:


    I have found at least 3 NPCs voiced by Sam in Lions Arch alone, my favorite is the bard that argues with his robot companion. He does seem to be nearly everywhere, and every time I catch one of his characters, I have to stop and listen, just because Sam is just so amazing.

  41. 86Corvus says:

    the voice is good, the character itself is very ignorable.

  42. bacon cupcaxe says:

    shout out to my fellow critters and GW2 players, "Fluffernutter!!!!

  43. JPrivacy says:

    Phoenix Wright is Braham. Alright, then o.o

  44. ChaoticCreations says:

    I had no idea Sam voiced Braham

  45. Kamote Q says:

    broham seems nice irl

  46. Larrie says:

    When sylvari male character?

  47. Hana Blackwood says:

    third nipple – critical role reference??? O_O

  48. Tambaloneus Derpaloneus says:

    I love these please do lots more!!

  49. Steven Partridge says:

    Sam is in GW2? This makes me love the game even more!!!

  50. Mauricio Rodriguez says:

    Would love to play gw2 with sam <3

  51. Kristopher Remingtom says:

    wow didnt know sam did guild wars 2

  52. Coffee That says:

    TV's Sam Riegel

  53. Donovan Landolt says:

    If only Braham could meet Nott and Scanlan

  54. TragisterFlav says:

    hope they'll drop one for john dimaggio soon!!!

  55. WrittenInShadow says:

    Sam likes Braham because he reminds him of his Grog.

  56. Christoffer says:

    Ladies and gentlemen!

  57. squattingheads says:

    Pick Up!!!!

  58. squattingheads says:

    "The Fell Guard had their chance…"

  59. squattingheads says:

    critical role destroyed most games voice acting for me. cant unhear the guys

  60. Lukos0036 says:

    Now to work Scanlan into the game as an Asura mesmer…

  61. Mae W says:

    now all we need is him to start voicing some female asura thief and we're good…

  62. Strix182 says:

    Whoa, this is disarming. Very different from the dulcet tones of Nott the Brave.

  63. Toffeehammer says:

    I remember finding out Sam was Braham somewhere in season 3. Mind blown.

    Looking forward to seeing Sumalee's video.

  64. Eternal Cyclone says:

    I just started the critical role campaign and I laughed so hard when I heard the "thrid nipple" thing XD that excuse Scanlan used on Lady Kima.

  65. LeoPelozo says:

    Nott <3

  66. TheDallasfan315 says:

    Wooot!!!! Scanlan show your cube!!!!

  67. sleepinxonxbed says:

    Oh my god Sam can do deep voices LOL

  68. ameteuraspirant says:

    wish I could've played living world 1 and actually gotten to see brahm's introduction and what happened to 99% of the old cast I was just with rather than being plopped into heart of thorns just like "YEP this is your party now they're totally developed characters but you don't get to see any of that lul"

  69. wickedpissa25 says:

    Sam Riegel is a comic genius!

  70. Valwryn00 says:

    I wonder if this is the session that gave Sam the shredded voice for Liam's one shot?

  71. Puppet Master says:

    oh hey that's the one critical role d00d

  72. Asa Yagami says:

    spice? anyone? spice? do you spice?

  73. Steven Bonnell says:

    the le critical role sam riegel army has arrived

  74. Illurian says:

    Time to hop back on GW2.

  75. Sebastian Brantton says:

    I love that as I am watching Sam saying Braham's lines my mind thinks that Sam is lipsyncing to Braham's voice, like they're two different people

  76. Uldarico Morales says:

    Yeah Braham. Listen to Scanlan. Chillax dude.

  77. Lucas Valadares says:

    What?! Is this Sam voices? lol

  78. Modern Minds says:


  79. Catsrawesome says:

    Oh no… I don't think i can hate Braham anymore… Not now that I know who voices him…

  80. Mamamew TheRani says:

    I Need More

  81. S A says:

    Sam is a riot

  82. Semper Ludens says:

    What?! Emmy award-winning and legendary voice actor Burt Reynolds Esquire?!

  83. Charmy, The Cola Queen says:

    Braham is my spirit animal

    get it

    Do you guys take suggestions for behind the voice?

  84. Aden Tate says:

    He plays Spider-Man in TASM series

  85. Eva van der Loos says:

    So I've been playing GW2 since release. Started watching Critical Role (S1 Vox Machina) since a few weeks. I figured I knew "Scanlan"s voice from somewhere. Until I was in GW's Lions Arch and interacted with Marcello DiGiacomo and then it hit me. So I went looking Sam up. I had never in a million dreams figured out on my own that both Marcello and Braham were voiced by the same person.

    A man of many talents. #Lessthanthree

  86. Michael Segal says:

    fun fact he was the voice of Donatello in the 2003 TMNT series

  87. EVA_Unit_4A says:

    Please interview Claudia Christian-! I've been hearing her voice on my [main] norn Ranger since my first day in 2015, and I really enjoy her dialogue delivery in Story Mode.

  88. Lea Zoeph says:

    It kind of blows my mind that Braham is played by the same guy who would scry with poo and leave dumps all over the place in Critical Role. I would never have known if I didn't look it up. Sam's an amazing actor!

  89. Lea Zoeph says:

    I would love to see a Behind the Voice for Troy Baker. It'd be interesting to hear his insight into Logan's character

  90. Ragnell Thani says:

    God dammit I was so done with Brahm, and ITS SAM?! Well. This only strengthens Liams vice-like grip on the presidency <3

  91. SaltyBanana says:

    i just hear Josh from obscure

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