Halloween 2014 Achievements Explained [Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys! Today is going to be a quick video explaining
the achievements for Halloween 2014. For this video I’ll be explaining only on
the Halloween masks and not the Safehouse Nightmare ones, so check out the 2013 Halloween video on my
channel or from the video description when available. Same goes for 2017’s Halloween. So for 2014, the requirements are pretty clear; wear a specific mask and do a specific action. What is not clear is that: 1) These masks are dropped from the Payday
loot or Payday rewards either at the end of a successful heist or
offshore casino. Once Halloween is over, the devs will release an update that removes
these masks from the rewards pool. This is time-limited. 2) Doing the achievements is not time-limited. Well what does that mean? It simply means, during the time-limited event, all we need is to get these masks. Alright? Let me repeat that. All we need is to ensure that we have these
masks in our inventory and then we can take our own sweet time doing
the achievements for the rest of the year so don’t worry about rushing to get tazed
25 times or whatnot. So if you do not have these masks yet and don’t want to miss out on the achievements, you know what to do. Otherwise, if you’re a time traveller, don’t forget to get them the next time Halloween
drops. Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video.

2 comments on “Halloween 2014 Achievements Explained [Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. Skedder says:

    Explained very well! The video is clear as water, but it does drag on. The explaining and showing clips is a bit slow.
    But good nonetheless!

  2. 嚴信虹 says:

    You can increase the drop rate of the Halloween masks by disabling DLC you owned.

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