Halloween Heist 2017 Explained [Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys, today’s video will be explaining
the 2017 Halloween heist. For 2013 (Safehouse Nightmare) or 2014 (Halloween masks), you can check either my channel or the video
description below once they are ready. 2015 and 2016 content is always available so I won’t be working on them exclusively
during this period. Alright, it’s Halloween again! Or maybe you’re just from the future who missed
the time-limited event. Either way, I want to explain the new content
available for this year (2017) so you’ll know how much, or how little you
can expect. So as per usual, time-skips in the description, gameplay and miscellaneous videos clips at
the end. So for this year, we get a cool new heist called the “Cursed Kill Room”, which is basically a haunted version of the new safehouse’s kill room. It comes with an awesome soundtrack and other Halloween additions like zombie skins. *Ooh look at those eyes* *And that face* And also zombie voices. Ookay, maybe not that one. So other than the heist itself, what non-heist content do we get? For one, there are no new achievements. It might be a bit disappointing for achievement
hunters but I personally think it’s a good thing because it’s a real pain to attempt this in
1 Down, especially within a 2 week, limited time period. So just treat this heist as a for-fun kind
of thing and we’ll enjoy it more. Other than that, we have 7 new masks which corresponds to the
7 deadly sins. Again there’s no difficulty required to getting
these masks so we can farm them on Normal. So basically, there’s no reason to play this heist on the
higher difficulties, other than for fun and for the challenge. Now let’s take a brief look at the masks. Well, what do you guys think about these? My favourite is Greed because well, it looks the least human. I’ll show these clips in full at the end of
the video so we can get a better look. And now, the heist itself. It’s a pretty small heist, modelled after the kill room of the new safehouse. We can actually win this heist by idling until
the timer runs out and then interacting with the big exit button. So now I can brag that I finished it on 1
Down solo! *laughs* Ok but for real, here’s how it should be done. Once we exit the start room, we begin with a 5 minute countdown. Then somewhere on the map we’ll find a safe, exactly like the one in Lab Rats or Santa’s
Workshop. While guarding the safe, the countdown stops so all we have to do is to stay alive until
it unlocks. Sounds like a piece of cake right? So once the safe unlocks, it will spit out 4 bags that we have to secure
in a vent. Then we run a fixed path around the map back
to the start room (which forms 1 loop) and repeat these loops until we run out of
time. So what happens, if we step out of the circle? Well no big deal, we’ll lose 20 seconds off
our timer and have to loop back and begin from the start
room. And apart from stepping out, we can also lose or gain time through the
following actions. Shooting the cardboard cut outs; Cop cut outs gives us plus 5 seconds and civilian cut outs minuses 20 seconds. And these cut outs refresh for every loop. We can also gain 5 seconds from reaching a
certain kill count, though I’ve not looked into that deeply and it doesn’t happen often enough to be significant. So basically, repeat the loops until we run
out of time and escape using the big red button. “Oh what about the masks?” you say. When we make a loop, we’ll reach a corridor
where enemies can’t enter and there will be a kind of scoreboard keeping
track of our progress. With every safe we unlock, the count on the
board will drop and when it reaches zero, we can unlock 1 of the 7 masks. So when it’s time to pick the reward, we can choose a mask by interacting and then it will appear. Ok VERY IMPORTANT! The mask doesn’t simply unlock, we have to pick it up after choosing and a message will then show up to confirm
it. The mask will also appear on the bust as a
second confirmation. At this point we don’t have to complete the
heist, we can safely quit or restart to get the other
masks. But of course, since we’re already this far
we may as well finish it. This action however, gives only 1 mask. So for those of you who like customizing multiple
masks with various patterns and colours, you might want to farm for more than 1 of
each mask. Ooh yes. My favourite section of the video. Ok so we’ve already talked about this earlier, cardboard cut outs gives or subtracts time. But be aware, grenades and explosives can wreck those cut
outs but eh, 20 seconds shouldn’t mean much. Regardless of difficulty, 4 bags will always spawn from a safe. So it’s probably better to have bots carry
them rather than carry them all solo. This tip is a less known one. There is a small little pumpkin on the ledge that acts like a super bomb from those top-down 2D bullet-hell shooting
games. We can shoot the pumpkin to make every enemy
disappear, pretty useful when we have like 2 or 3 players
downed or when we get swamped. But this pumpkin can only be used once per
heist, so use it wisely. Last tip for the video. Unlocking the masks only requires safes to
be unlocked, not securing of the bags. So if we are running out of time for the last
safe, we can just ignore the bags and wait near the exit door for the timer
to run out, instead of taking the risk to secure the last
bags. Alright, hope you guys enjoyed that. If you have missed this event, at least you know what to expect when it’s
available again. Stay tuned for clips of the masks and a gameplay
clip. I’ll see you guys in my next video. Unknown Knight here, signing off.

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