Happy Endings – Inside suburban Thai massage parlours

A lot of the massage parlours are small, family-run businesses, they’re basically mum and pop businesses. You can walk away every week as an illegal operator with tens of thousands of dollars that you don’t need to declare. We get reports to us of physical and sexual assaults, sexually transmitted infections. There’s a lot of vulnerable people that work in the massage industry. “Joy” is in her 30s. For the past year, she’s been working in massage parlours offering so-called ‘happy endings’. She’s agreed to talk to us if we hide her identity. Joy came from Thailand on a student visa, with the intention of doing real massage. But some customers wanted more. Joy makes about $1,700 a week, cash. And she’s not operating in some seedy back alley joint. She works in shops that also offer legitimate massage, the kind of place you’d go to if you had a sore neck. In all states, except for South Australia, it’s not illegal to sell sex. But brothels are usually subject to some oversight or regulation. In New South Wales, local councils regulate them under planning laws. In Victoria and elsewhere, there are licensing systems enforced by police. Here’s the first of the dodgy ones. We’ve had problems with this place. The council have issued brothel closure orders on this one. The owner wasn’t happy, and denied there was any sex going on in the place. In 2014, The Feed reported on a group called Brothel Busters. Founder, Chris Seage, was working with local councils and legal brothels in New South Wales. He was, and still is today, calling for stricter controls on sexy massage parlours. The illegal ones are havens for tax and welfare fraudsters peddlers of unsafe sex practices, illegal immigrants and sex slaves. Sex worker advocates say Seage’s claims are grossly inaccurate, and argue against tougher regulation. It’s not the sort of situation that people think where there’s some like manipulative horrible pimp sort of guy at the top running these places. It’s usually a very friendly, family-orientated affair. Family affair or not, it’s a lucrative trade. Massage shop owners need little more than an apartment or shopfront, and a mobile phone number. This place in a Sydney high-rise welcomed 59 customers in an 11 hour shift. That’s tens of thousands of tax-free dollars per week. From a business point of view, it’s easy to see why legal brothel owners are up in arms. It’s a compulsory requirement in every legal Victorian establishment that condoms must be used. Milan Stamenkovic has run this licensed brothel in Melbourne for 21 years. He spends time and money complying with Victoria’s strict prostitution control laws. We have councils inspections for occupational health and safety. We have the health department coming in and making sure that we adhere to the rules. They come in and check the service provider’s health certificates to make sure they’re all up to date, etc. Milan insists he’s not worried about competition. He says massage parlours are offering punters unsafe sex. Clients that come in that have been at illegal establishments will quite often say “But I was able to get this service there, why can’t I get it here?” And it is something that is obviously against the law for us to provide. But it’s also a very serious health issue for the community. A quick scan through online forums where punters review massage parlours suggests that “bareback” or unprotected sex, is being offered. Joy says owners usually side with clients when there’s a problem. And she knows of at least one worker who’s suffered quite serious abuse. In Victoria, the massage parlour industry is thriving, despite police investigations and raids. Prosecuting owners is not easy. It’s quite a pop-up industry in that one place could open up overnight and then shut down a couple of days later and then pop up somewhere else, so that makes it a little more difficult for us to police. Sergeant Richard Farrelly says massage parlour workers can be vulnerable. A lot of them come from South East Asian countries and don’t have the understanding the laws of Australia and they get exploited by some of the owners and managers of the massage shops. We get reports to us of physical and sexual assaults. We also see human trafficking indicators within the massage industry itself. Trying to ensure safety in the massage parlour sex industry is complicated. Joy says the fact that the parlours are providing sex illegally discourages her and others from talking to police. But police say workers have nothing to fear in coming forward to report abuse. We certainly don’t want a person going into a massage shop routinely, assaulting a staff member because the person’s afraid to report it to police. While the massage parlours thrive underground, it’s left to outreach workers to try and assist if problems arise. Maggie Ma is a Chinese-speaking outreach worker with the Sydney Sexual Health Centre. This is where Joy comes for confidential check-ups and advice. Maggie says getting access to workers relies on having a good relationship with the parlour owner… and not asking sensitive questions. Joy plans to keep working until her visa runs out.

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  1. Saint says:

    Like is short , enjoy life while you can ^^

  2. Tracey Ames says:

    To pay my way through university in Melbourne in the early 70's, a fellow boarder who worked in the sex industry asked if I was interested in earning good money at night. I was no virgin and I needed the money, so I got jobs ate Caesar's Retreat and The Gentle Touch in Melbourne. Whatever the guys wanted, they got, at a price of course. I was soon able to afford to buy my first car. After graduating from university as a journalist, I got a job in the ADF hoping to cover news from overseas when Australian soldiers were involved. I was soon swept off my feet by a young handsome Captain and married two years later. I say that if a woman is comfortable in receiving money for sex, then she should do it. It is entirely up to the individual. Some women can, whilst most women cannot. Thirty years later, I am still very happily marries with children and grandchildren.

  3. Yazaell iServe says:


  4. ___La_Venganza___ says:

    Human trafficking? Lol! These so called Authorities know nothing. Many of the ladies do this for the money and do it because they WANT or NEED to, not because they’re forced. Yes, indeed, many have student visas and are from other countries and most can not speak English too well…but they’re in it for themselves.

  5. Steve Stell says:


  6. Lex5576 says:

    You know it's a fucked up world when a woman has to sell herself just to get by…..or to take care of her poor parents.  I think all prostitution should be illegal, as it invites disease and mistreatment of women.  A man that would take advantage of a woman who feels trapped into this trade should have the ever living shit beat out of him with a rusty piece of chain.  People take advantage of these women because they know they're desperate to get out of poverty.

  7. apburner1 says:

    If the government gets a cut it's all good.
    If the government doesn't get a cut…

  8. raksh9 says:

    Just wondering where these massage parlours are. To be able to avoid them, of course.

  9. markhahnsmum says:

    The fear they have is that the Thai massages offer happy ending in "the Shadows", so what do you reckon is happening in South Australia where the whole concept is illegal?

  10. Wayne Rowles says:

    Brother Busters seriously.. How about Fun Police.. Anything that gives you pleasure is squashed here in Australia..The guy needs a good banging..

  11. Vito Corleone says:

    Dude what's the problem. Let em be

  12. Groova Nxt2U says:

    Joy the 'massage therapist' hahaha the irony

  13. haha haha says:

    This is bad for Australian economy. No offense but most of the time Asians are behind this mafia businesses. I heard of a Indian woman who got 5 of them in Melbourne. They are involved in money laundry and tax evasion, they trick young students from poor background into prostitution and don't provide health checks or any support to the girls. Greedy criminals only think about money and don't give a s…about public heath or welfare of their workers and all the cash ends up in overseas, Government should close them all and retrieve all the illegal money that this people have made so far, and deport them to their own country where they probably would shoot them for such crimes.

  14. lost& found says:

    heres a thought you pay these girls once each time you get sex and you pay your wife every week and still dont get sex ???lol

  15. John Kennedy says:

    most legal brothals break the rules to.

  16. corndog1868 says:

    Search here for (Sucker For a Pretty Face) by Rockcandy. Enjoy!!!!!

  17. waxhead63 says:

    At the end of the day the government are only interested in getting tax … basically they turn a blind eye because a large amount of the money must be going back into the community … same deal with dope … as soon as they set up the system to tax it it will become " legal " … anyway what is wrong with some one paying someone else for a handy or more .. cheaper and more regular than being married

  18. Gilbert Mendez says:

    I have continuous stiffamortis penis syndrome. I can live with it if I can get home care nurse.

  19. Gilbert Mendez says:

    Mwhite- Horrible? You show me a person that's getting some knob knots rubbed out and is having a horrible time and I'll show you a liar who doesn't have the ball's to admit that he wants it too and is merely trying to get an address.

  20. วิภารัตน์ พุทธาภิวันท์ says:

    I work at massage shop but we different i don't like why everyone looking all girls thai people bad 😔 now i'm open massage shop for help people i want change mind all people we are different

  21. Richard l says:

    She sound like 50 not 30's

  22. Senad Music says:

    Brothels should be illegal everywhere they are poison and sickness in the society

  23. Also Ran says:

    Life is extremely temporary so don't sweat it you will be dead before you know it.

  24. Merry Richard says:

    any one who looking for the body to body massage and happy endings done by african good looking girls text mr john on WhatsApp number 8008240063 only in Hyderabad

  25. diggler2002 says:

    The government is having problems enforcing because the massage parlour rents a place, it closes down and they rent another. This could be fixed by confiscations law. The threat of taking away the property gives an incentive to the landlord not to rent to an illegal brothel.

  26. asking Americans says:

    the gov.. only want their cut of the profit ,,all the rest is bull shit

  27. Tony Ishmeal says:

    We have these in the states in every city ive ever been to and god bless there service

  28. Sherry Vonsenden says:

    As a massage therapist the most frequent question would be “do you do a prostrate massage. -I have cancer and the doctor told me it would help” LMFAO Prostrate massage is not taught in legit schools!!

  29. Rob Bob says:

    God bless you 'Joy' wherever you are!

  30. aj withnoname says:

    There is nothing wrong with this shit!…people, man!

  31. Marcus Thomas says:

    Brothel Buster's? How about doing something about drug dealers and corrupt officials?

  32. Philips Lobs says:

    ☝️Joy speaking in Thai, Maggi speaking in Chinese..
    Now I am Confuse 😴😴😴🤔

  33. Timmy Thistle says:

    Iv'e been to so many massage parlors with happy endings. I got myself checked out and I was all clean with no stds. It's not a big deal to get a happy ending every now and then. People try to scare you off about std but it's extremely rare to get one. Anyway go at your own risk even though it's not really a risk at all.

  34. Joe The Simple says:

    We need some love massage. Ugh!…

  35. قناة الياسمين والروعة says:


  36. Ron T. says:

    Damn I always go for the Happy Ending,how could you not….

  37. Barnes Barnesy says:

    Has SA stopped it by making it illegal?

  38. Mondo Duke says:

    I like my movies like I enjoy my massages—–with a happy ending!

  39. rugby says:

    As long as it's two grown-ups making a deal it shouldn't be anybody else's business

  40. roguemale TheOne&Only says:

    With the exception of the full service-those prices are compatible with Pattaya.
    Although, watch for thai devotees arguing otherwise.I guess the environment is all important to them.

  41. Adam says:

    So men should rape? Like everyone gets happy in the end

  42. Martin Goodef' says:

    It’s all legal as long as you pay tax, so it’s all about money WTF

  43. Hans Frederik says:

    Out the country,,,,!!

  44. Carl Parish says:

    Very dangerous without condoms.

  45. Robert Hein says:


  46. No name says:

    Leave them alone it’s called public service … u Australian always wana hop like a kangaroo 🦘 into others business.,,,

  47. Patt 2018 says:

    Police need to deal with hardened criminals, terrorists and people who harm society. Not two consenting adults who do their business.

  48. carpenter1274 says:

    Anyone who would just abuse a women for a thrill , just needs. Well the nice way to say it is. Justice.

  49. Justbrowsing4lunch says:

    R we sure she is a she? Sounds like a lady boy.

  50. MEN IN BLACKGOO Blackgoo says:

    Nothing wrong with a happy ending
    ( It’s not sex )
    it’s just A happy ending
    The world needs a happy ending
    To quiet things down a bit 👍

  51. Arijit Paul says:

    Sex everywhere

  52. Michael Kealoha says:

    If you horny go even the mayor go get his ohthing sucks than pu in si

  53. Elvis Presley says:

    God i love asian women!

  54. Raul Ruiz says:

    How dare they operate out of our brother regulations? Hahhahhahaha. If sell sex is legal then just let them do it.

  55. Brian cz says:

    I like how the government immediately goes to all the money that isn't being taxed. Lol

  56. Lydirius says:

    Fucky sucky….50 Dolla!

  57. mo bignutz says:

    Luv you long time best part is the happy ending

  58. rubiks15 says:

    The Government doesn't give a DAMN about the "vulnerable workers" in that industry. They'll only think about taxation. Taxing money that has already been taxed over and over again.

  59. Universal Tips NAS says:

    Just f…. taxing over and over and over and over , we all slave sheeps

  60. Ray Sr says:

    This is why cash transactions need to be banned.. there is no accountability unsafe for everyone involved in this industry

  61. eric mepho says:

    Like this is a big problem in Australia to solve.
    what a joke lol 😂

  62. Patrick Wolf says:

    They should keep massage parlor as is they make money to survive

  63. Paul Grimm says:

    I’d love to find one in Texas

  64. Yap Gim Kwee says:

    not just in Australia, Singapore, malaysia, hk, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, USA.

  65. Tristan Riach says:

    3:11 Tell me this manz not scrolling pornhub..

  66. Vincent Wright says:

    15 minutes . I need 45 minutes baby

  67. Omair Khan says:

    I like to have sex without condoms! More fun that way!!!!

  68. David Hodges says:

    Whats the point of a relaxing massage without a happy ending

  69. Paul Grimm says:

    Wish these were legal .

  70. JaXX says:

    Prostitution, one of the oldest industries on the planet. I don't see a problem with it, it should be more open, so it doesn't have to be done in secrets, this will offer more protection to the workers. At the end of the day, you are offering a service and you are getting paid for it.


    A HAND JOB Actually is in the MASSAGE FAMILY, also a FOOT JOB! The PENIS is being massaged! Oral sex is orally massaging & vaginal SEX is vaginally massaging a man's PENIS!! Anal also applies!


    Year's AGO Male doctors would massage a woman's CLITORIS & GENITALS Who had Sexual agresion, ETC until she had a ORGASM!! This was a medical treatment!!

  73. A Brame says:

    ON A STUDENT VISA MAXIMUM OF 20HOURS Employment is allowed. With the weekly education fee plus accommodation and living expenses. No part time position in Australia would provide sufficient INCOME. Except prostitution. EASY TO SEE. RIGHT??

  74. A-Train Travels says:


  75. meonhius says:

    In fact, happy ending in a massage is absolutely safe !!! It doesn’t hurt anyone, and it makes both happy ofcourse !!!

  76. Chona Anttonen says:

    I like to give happy endings

  77. squeaker squeakerson says:

    Always wondered can you have 2 ladies for this

  78. tjc862_1 says:

    Disgusting I am not massaging anybody’s wrinkled balls


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  80. neha karkar says:

    u want Massa cl me 9959907482

  81. olivionb says:

    The government needs to mind their own damn business.😎

  82. Corous says:

    How awesome is it, that this guy's name is cox😂

  83. Oregon's Lonewolf says:

    Not human trafficing. If you knew about Thai culture, you would know it's all about money and taking care of the parents. They go voluntarily. I go to Thailand every year for a month. They go there knowing what they will be doing and many like it…….it's all about money in Thailand. Many Thai are educationally challenged and it's the oldest child's duty to take care of the parents………..what they are doing is actually admirable in Thailand. Again, it's all about money.

  84. Cripen Nelson says:

    This dude want to break marriages, married man need these brothels to be happy 😂

  85. Praveen Sriram says:

    I really need to check this out! Wow 😲

  86. andy n says:

    Didn't I see Robert Kraft run out on video

  87. no label says:

    local councils are an illegal third tier govern-ment

    the police are corporate enforcers working for the corporations

    neither are for the people!

  88. Sathu very nice place goa Sathusa says:


  89. Lori Higgins says:

    Is there any in clarksburg or Morgantown, wv

  90. W C says:

    Hillary Clinton frequented this type of place

  91. Jim Kallas says:

    Condoms? Celebrities, rock stars, and sports athletes don't use condoms. White men, Black men, and Latin men hate condoms. It's usually Asian men who wear condoms, as they tend to be paranoid.

  92. Camtia Serien says:

    Omg..so good 😍🔥 any guy that can do this ?

  93. The drummerboy 121 says:

    Australia has a reputation for banning everything these days.Nanny state.

  94. Nicholas Fanzo says:

    So why isn't this legal exactly?

  95. Joker says:

    Its actually consensual so nothing wrong with that.

  96. Eric Norman says:

    Ti Ti!

  97. Sunita Jaiswal says:

    Can government just f off two adults are ok with this things then wtf there problem is it's not like anyone is getting forced n where ppl get forced there they don't feel anything wrong or won't act immediately

  98. NO TABOOS says:

    Such a conservative prudish report.

  99. gideon itegi says:


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