Hard Inquiries Removed From Credit Report || Credit Repair || Hard Inquiries Ins and Outs

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  1. c lewis says:

    Thank you Brandon for your letter's. You helped purchase my first home!

  2. Allen Andrews says:

    what is your email i need info on deleting hard inquiries

  3. Jenny Girl says:

    So buying the program…..what i need to know though is when sending in the disputes for hard inquires, do you have to send a letter for each individual inquiry or can i send in one letter listing all the inquiries i want removed?

  4. Fernando Santillana says:

    Brandon I have a lot of hard inquiries on my credit report from loans that I never got and from I got a car and they ran my credit for multiple places. Can you help!! Me please!

  5. Mrs. Tee says:

    which letters should I use from the e books to dispute inquiries

  6. E Trakcz says:

    Now sure if I was confused by what you said but I just want to confirm…will this work with any credit card inquiries we’ve made but weren’t able to get due to our credit? Also I have an inquiry made by Tmboile when I was curious about possibly getting their service but wasn’t able to or did due to my credit is that removable also? Thanks for the tons of info you put out for free 🙏🏽!!

  7. derrick lee says:

    Hey boss I️ been trying to get in touch with you to do some business . I️ like your program and is tired of working with these faults credit repair companies… the problem is I️ am deployed right now and would be hard to get the mail here

  8. Raymond Allen says:

    Hey Brandon can you get my credit up if I am willing to pay you

  9. teresa wilson says:

    This was good information keep the videos going

  10. ArkaBarkaLarka says:

    Hello, I have so many inquiries from car s and credit cards approval applications. Please help!!! I did authorize them so how can I remove them?

  11. Elizabeth Warren says:

    How do you get the letters?

  12. CALIMADE916 says:

    Hi Brandon, I'm trying to get some help on removing these hard inquiries off my credit. But I don't have the time to do it. Do you specialize in doing hard inquiries removals for customers? Please let me know. Thank you.

  13. Anthony Otero says:

    just purchased your ebook, love the video cant wait to get started. But, i dont see any inquiry despute letters. althought i did get what i think is an account despute letter/letters.


    I bought a package….I have just a few question…how can I get a hold of you? You are liberating people!!! Thank You!

  15. David Starr says:

    What if the hard inquiry was for a credit card that you were approved for a few months ago? Can these be legally removed? I have two on the same day in August, 2017, from Synchrony Bank that resulted in a Care Credit healthcare revolving account and a JC Penney retail credit card.

  16. Victor Evan says:

    Yup i have alot hard inquiries from dealership who stated they are soft inquiries, and now that i have credit karma they show as hard inquiries.

  17. Regina H says:

    Hello Brandon, I just saw tonight I have a hard inquiry from ATT. O have no ideal why. I havd my internet only with them but not sure why a late payment would place this on my credit. What should I do? Thank you

  18. Justina says:

    Ok how about utilities like Comcast AT&T they ran hard inquiries can I have them removed?

  19. Destiny Delayed says:

    I'm about to binge watch your videos..heaven sent

  20. Nameless One says:

    What about a credit inquiry for a vehicle you financed for 3 years but paid off in less than 4 months?

  21. m3g0mia says:

    My hard inquiries fall of 06/2018 so I'll just leave them . Now which package for 609 dispute??!

  22. lolo louis says:

    New subscriber here👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️I just purchased
    Easy to navigate can’t wait for the out come

  23. Caduce 702 says:

    Very well spoken, great topics, and videos full of valuable info. Subscribed!

  24. NthinLike OJ says:

    I’m trying to remove inquiry on my credit report can you help me .

  25. deborah breckenridge says:

    I never received my pkg its been over 2 wks

  26. Jordan Brisbourne says:

    Hey brandon I am very interested in repairing and speaking with you regarding my credit situation , it is pretty nasty and hoping that there is a way to fix it and I have 22 hard credit inquiries on my file , please email me at [email protected]

  27. IzzyShine Mobile Detailing says:

    Hey Brandon thanks for your videos. The question I have is what if I did end up getting the car at the dealer, can I dispute the inquiries from the banks that did not approve me but still pulled my credit report?

  28. Angie says:

    Can I send the inquiry removal letters with the negative accounts removal letters?

  29. True Gritt Customs says:

    Hey how much you charge to remove hard Inquiries?

  30. Rene Britton says:

    Do you have a package for just Hard Inquiry Letters

  31. Guns4 Life says:

    Hi I have 2 hard inquiries from the same company because I was trying to get internet with century link. The first time I did it was on website and for some reason it didn’t go through. So I called and did it on the phone is there a way to get the first inquiry off?

  32. sigkill-9 says:

    Following the info in your videos I put a security freeze on LexisNexis and SageStream, and then sent off inquiry removal letters. I just got a response from TransUnion today. They told me that the inquiries will stay on my credit report for 2 years, and I'm curious what I do now that they denied my request to have them removed? 

    Here's what they had to say: "All inquiries remain in your credit report for 2 years. Credit information may only be requested for permissible purposes. Your written authorization may not be required to constitute permissible purpose." And they basically told me to contact the creditors directly to remove them.

  33. jmidesigns says:

    Thank you for all your great advice. I’m trying to stop all these unauthorized hard inquiries but I want to prevent more. And I’ll unfreeze it when I choose.

    That being said, if I freeze it does that in any way affect the process of removing the unauthorized hard inquiries?

    To any one that answers thank you.

  34. Jeffery Groves says:

    what section of FRCA 1681 are you referring to

  35. Angel Avila says:

    I’m going to dispute 25 credit inquiries I got at a dealership in a week time period. After not being at the dealership I still kept seeing more new car loan inquiries from banks. I don’t know if the salesman was running my credit while I wasn’t in his presence. Now it’s affecting my chances of getting approved for a credit card.

  36. Jamie Collins says:

    I have a surge credit card it's charging me 30% interest is it good to keep it on my credit or just cancel it and cut up the card and send it back to him I've had it over a year

  37. Gilbert Estrada says:

    can you email me letter to have my hard inquiry removed. thanks

  38. Donnie s says:

    Hey I work at Target, and my coworkers pressured me into getting a target red card so they could meet their red card goal for the week and I had no idea it would affect my credit, but I just checked credit karma and it shows that it was a hard inquiry and I really want to get it off…. I'm 18 and I'm trying to build my credit and I'm also trying to learn how all this stuff works so can you help me

  39. Ellement115 says:

    Do you send the letter to the credit bureau or each inqury?

  40. Jonathan F Rodriguez says:

    what about the hard inquiries made when you apply for credit throughout credit karma lenders. partners and what

  41. Julia Tanno says:

    Thank you

  42. TheJanicetunes says:

    Thank you Brandon. I'm just about to send out my letters for negative accounts. I have some hard inquiries I want to remove. Is there a letter specifically for the inquiries or do I go on where it says please remove all non-account holding inquiries over 30 days from the dispute letters?

  43. Dylan Duvall says:

    Do these methods apply to a default judgment against me from a second mortgage about eight years ago and they keep hitting up my credit every six months? I bought your 609 credit repair and I am on the third month of dispute letters. I have gotten about half of the items removed already and I am very happy with the progress. Thanks, Dylan

  44. Bryan Ngalongalay says:

    Can you make a video about removing charge offs from report?

  45. Faith McHaney says:

    What’s the link to your site?

  46. Faith McHaney says:

    I need those letters

  47. Ms Holcomb says:

    Can you authorize a inquiry and still get them removed

  48. Noreko Escada says:

    How can I remove authorized hard inquiries??????

  49. Cynthia Gamez says:

    My daughter and I went to Apple and bought her a phone a few weeks ago. The clerk specifically told me that they would run a soft inquiry. a couple days later my daughter changed out my credit card and info to her card and profile. that day I also noticed that it was actually a Hard inquiry that I was lied about. I don't have an account with that lender (Citizen Bank) as my daughter transferred it to hers. Could I get this removed? please advise. Thank you,

  50. Arthur Jackson says:

    I don't see account numbers for inquires on the credit reports, where do you see them at? Thanks

  51. john briscoe, jr says:

    hello wanted to ask if I didn't receive credit for the credit I applied for and it's on my credit report do I tell Experian, TransUnion and Equifax "I applied for this and that but didn't receive any credit from them?" And ask Credit Agency to remove Inquiries?

  52. desdarren says:

    Hey what do you think about trade lines and the price range you should pay for them?????

  53. Nicci Gogo says:

    Once the hard inquiries are removed from your credit will your score go up? Also, how many points do hard inquiries typically drop your score?

  54. Marysol Mendoza says:

    I need help to improve my credit. I want to buy a 🏠 home

  55. amanda alvarado says:

    What if I don’t have the account number also do I put the hard inquiries on the same letter as the collections dispute

  56. Benny Blanco says:

    Hey brandon, i have 8 hard inquiries on my transunion is it possible to remove all of them at the same time?

  57. Janine Weaver says:

    I’m interested in a template for hard inquiries to be removed? Also I’m sending out letters Saturday to the credit bureaus. Is it certified mail with priority delivery? Thanks love your videos. It sure helps.

  58. Ausaf Khan says:

    What if you did actually applied for credit card and got declined can that hard inquiry be taken off? Thx bro

  59. CrazyShyt says:

    Do you write the company that pulled your credit or to the credit beauraus?

  60. Tiger Gray says:

    Your pupils are glowing?

  61. Tiger Gray says:

    Brandon when i purchase your letter two months ago, my credit jumped to 43 points.. thanks man and god bless you…

  62. Rali272 says:

    I wanted to purchase a car back in September, I asked The Volkswagen dealer to print me a purchase order so my Credit Union can write me a check for the auto loan. I got approved at 7% and they wrote me the check. When I went to the dealer to purchase my first car. I'm new at this so they took advantage of me and told me they can do better than 7% and repeatedly ask me if they can run my credit for that better rate. Stupid me I let them. 30min later he comes back says the lowest rate was 27%. So Hell no. A day later I saw 13 inquiries from all sorts of banks. They still on my report now. I want them off since I was forced and I was told it was going to be one inquiry. What's my next step?

  63. Carlos Kapone says:

    Hey Brandon! Got a car loan from a place who had a shady sales manager who told me i was approved by one company then the lady let me leave off the lot with the car after i gave a down payment..come to find out that i was really never approved..she then did this to 28 other ppl..when it finally caught up with her a week later she resubmitted me my credit and it got shotgun blasted to 22 other companies which they all gave me hard inquiries..long story short she quit b4 they actually caught her and i was still left with a car i now was told to return..finally i got approved for a really high interest rate but my credit was left with bullet holes cause of the hard inquiries..what do i do with that?

  64. Scooby Raw says:

    What a good video man! My question is this.. what is the different between you and legal zoom

  65. Lisa Flores says:

    Hey Brandon,
    When you go to dispute with the Beyond Committed Package letters, can you list a feq inquiries on the same page as we do with disputes?
    Also, is it okay to send the Disputes for the inquiries only to the bereaus or do I send them to company too?
    Last question. Can I send this letter to dispute while I'm disputing my negative accts or do I wait til that's complete?

    Thank You,
    Lisa Flores


    Good Video Bro👍👍👍👍

  67. Kainen Hernigle says:

    Just subscribed. 60 inquires in total I specifically told dealerships not to shotgun me as my credit was finally at 700. Also have some that are older then 3 months old. These are making it difficult to buy a car and also buy my first house what can I do

  68. Bobby Urrutiaa says:

    Hello Brandon… need your help car dealership just pulled my credit 13 times without my permission PLEASE HELP!!!

  69. Mohamed Algahim says:

    do you send the. Letters to the creditor who rain the inquiries or to trans union ?

  70. Jennifer Manning says:

    I need your letters

  71. gustavo muller says:

    Thanks Brandon! Thanks to you I was able to raise my credit by 100 points and buy my first investment home and vehicle and it just keep getting better!! Thank you!!!

  72. Beautiful Bronze says:

    I need your help bad like the air I breathe!!!! Lol

  73. Steve Dotson says:

    Just saw your video. I purchased a car a year ago and have 3 hard inquiries, is it too late to dispute these. Keep up the good work.

  74. Tiera S says:

    I have hard inquiries even one that i didn’t give authorization for on my report, and I’m ready to get these things off!!!!

  75. Juan REVUELTA says:

    I need you’re help what you’re email ? I got some question !

  76. pauline h says:

    What about when a car dealer makes way too many inquiries that were not authorized?

  77. Shannon Williams says:

    Brandon what is the very first thing should I do after my credit has been repaired,what cards or what should I apply for anyone please advise?

  78. Edward Darnell holmes says:

    Brandon what letter should I use for hard inquiries

  79. Rick Swing says:

    Hi Brandon, would love to get the hard inquiry dispute letter. What do I need to do to get a copy. And is one letter good for multiple hard inquiries? Information regarding this would be much appreciated.
    Over the past year, your advice has turned my credit score around. Thank you for doing what you do.

  80. Ivelise Ayala says:

    I have a question which package I need to buy to remove Hard Inquiries

  81. Jesse Garcia says:

    So if i understand correctly I sent the verification letter to the creditor first and then to the credit bureau's ?

  82. nappdound says:

    6 hard inquiries to buy one car when I was 19. Thanks

  83. Deborah Massamba says:

    How can I get in contact with you Brandon I have 6 hard inquiries that I don’t know and I want to remove it but I don’t know what to do I need help

  84. Erick says:

    Can you help me get a paid collection off my account? It’s hurting me bad!!

  85. Darth Crypto says:

    So what you are saying is if you really did give permission you really don't have a defense to get rid of the inquires?

  86. PlayoffNeco says:

    I’m tryna shape my credit to get a home…I have a lot of hard inquiries to dispute…how can I get those letters??

  87. Kayla says:

    Hey have you disputed anything from american profit recovery before ?

  88. WAH Ron says:

    Hey Brandon do your Ebook w/ Letters package have all the dispute letters including hard inquiry or no

  89. Ashley Arnold says:

    I need help where do I start?

  90. Jasmine Hillary Banks says:

    Thank you so much Brandon! I sent out my first batch and my highest credit score went up 82 points in 3 weeks! Thank thank thank thank you!!

  91. Mr. Jack Isgray says:

    Hi, is there a way i can contact you via private message? I am new to this credit fixing/understanding and i'd like some of your advices, thanks

  92. Desi Q says:

    Credit utilization is a serious. Pay attention to that. Anything over 30% is a point killer.

  93. CODAMAZEMENT7 says:

    Brandon Weaver is that DUDE

  94. mblvck iii says:


  95. Shirley Velazquez says:

    Your so smart sweetie thanks for the information.

  96. MJ Guzman says:

    Great information, thanks for the video.

  97. La nat Lopez says:

    So glad I found your channel 😀

  98. Audrey Goodwill says:

    "The banker turned red"😂😂😂. Love your ttrue stories, delivery and scenerios. I've learned so much from you. Thank you. 😊

  99. Ingrid Johansson says:

    Thank you Brandon and team for all you do! My score went up 40 points with the first of letters! 😊🌈💜

  100. DRMKB DRMKB says:

    Great videos, thank you

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