HE GOT 100! Michael Rice knocks Tina Turner hit ‘Proud Mary’ out the park! | BBC All Together Now 🎤

Hello… LAUGHS: Hello. I used to work at McDonald’s, and then I thought I’d take my
music career to the next level and just see what I could do. So I busk quite a lot on the
weekends. Wherever my nan will take me,
I go busking. And, actually, two years ago, someone randomly just posted
it on social media. And people were recognising me, like, the locals
and stuff like that. Well, this is like 100 people, and
all the eyes are going to be on me. So I need to pull this off. There is a lot of talent on here. This is going to have to be
spectacular to knock him off. If no-one stands up, then at least
I know myself that I’ve tried my hardest, and I won’t be walking away with my
head down. OK, the final walk-out. Fingers crossed, they stand up. Hopefully, yeah, hopefully. Please look up. Come on, lift your head up, boy. This will knock it out of the park,
though. Here is the final act of the night. If they score more than 81,
they get in the sing-off. If they score more than 88, they’re
straight through to the final. Hi, I’m Michael, I’m from
Hartlepool, I’m really nervous. But this is my favourite song,
and I really hope you enjoy it. # Left a good job in the city # Working for the man every night
and day… # It’s my song! # But those big wheels keep on
turning # Proud Mary keep on burning… # Ho-ho-ho-ho! # And we’re rolling # Hey! Rolling, yeah # Rolling on the river One, two, three… # Well, I left a good job in the
city # Working for the man every night
and day # And I never lost a minute of sleep # Worrying about the way
things might have been # Big wheels keep on turning # Proud Mary keep on burning # Rolling, rolling,
rolling on the river # We’re rolling, rolling, # Rolling on the river # I cleaned a lot of plates
in Memphis # Pumped a lot of ‘tane down in
New Orleans # But I never saw the good
side of the city # Until I hitched
a ride on the riverboat queen # Big wheels keep on turning # Proud Mary keep on burning # Rolling, rolling,
rolling on the river… # This could be our first-ever
hundred. He’s won… CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Wow, he’s done 100! # And we’re rolling on the river. # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Everyone was up on their feet!
Incredible! Amazing! Yeah! What a performance! AUDIENCE: # Rollin’, rollin’… #
Thank you! # Rollin’ on the river # Rollin’, rollin’ # Rollin’, rollin’ # Rollin’ on the river # Rollin’, rollin’
Rollin’, rollin’ # Rollin’ on the river. # RAPTUROUS APPLAUSE Michael! Could not have done any better. Thank you. Everyone loved it, but there’s one
person I know that probably loved it more than
anyone else. Tina T. CHEERING Tina Turner tribute act. I am one proud Mary! CHEERING
Thank you! You’ve got 100 of
these amazing guys. Respect! Simply the best! Who-o-o-o-o-oa!
Who-o-o-o-o-oa! Oh, my God! I’ve never felt so alive! LAUGHTER This is absolutely unbelievable. Even Paulus stood up. CHEERING He’s not laughed since 1987. LAUGHTER Paulus. You’re loving life. You stood up.
What was it that got you going? LAUGHTER You’ve broken him. Thank you. CHEERING Now, Georg, what has Michael got in
store for him after that? Michael, you absolutely lit me up. That was incredible. Thanks so much. In the Brit School, over the last
17 years, we’ve had artists come out of there like Adele, Leona Lewis,
Jessie J, Ella Eyre. You are outstanding! Thanks. Unbelievable! Geri. You picked a brilliant song. Thank you. Brilliant performance. And then you
had so much charisma. Thank you. So you ticked all the boxes. You got 100 people on their feet.
That is All Together Now. Well done. Thank you. Cheers.

99 comments on “HE GOT 100! Michael Rice knocks Tina Turner hit ‘Proud Mary’ out the park! | BBC All Together Now 🎤”

  1. Carmen Tarei says:

    I was having a shot day till I saw this video, thanks!!

  2. Kenneth Andersen says:

    Wtf is Rob Beckett doing there?

  3. Jeff Vernando says:

    Who's coming here after Eurovision Song Contest 2019?

  4. Lyle Brown says:

    The only thing that annoys about this show is the fact that you can hear the 100 singing over the performer and it ruins it

  5. Jakey Boy7 says:

    @3.54 mean!!!! You know u done good when the panel keeps going after song has ended

  6. Redz Bass says:

    This Host is the best !

  7. Age says:

    Never seen this kind of show before, fkn EPIC!
    Great rendition dude….well done 😎

  8. altaf darwish says:

    I love him soo much… Goosebumps

  9. neil burke says:

    Then what happened came last in eurovision

  10. Mates2271 says:

    Even Paulus was smiling 😀

  11. John Foxton says:

    Why does it always say Tina Turner it's John Fogerty Yes we all know Tina Had a massive hit with it but it's not her song

  12. Amy Rachelle says:

    i love how they all get up and dance.

  13. Jason D says:

    Wow, just wow

  14. Nicholas Woolfenden says:

    What a crap show.
    Narcissistic judges.

  15. Pablo Bertoletti says:


  16. Graham Douglas says:

    not Tina Turners song it's Creedence Clearwater Revival. this is not a good rendition of it.

  17. Lauren Rivera says:

    He was fantastic and The 100 sounds like a fantastic choir!!

  18. T W says:

    Proud Mary was written by John Fogerty.

  19. ELLE Jay says:

    They kinda look like from hunger games (idk why)

  20. Alfred Smith Jr says:

    Who is the guy on the left of Jeri

  21. herrique avelar says:

    i didnt know It was possible to have shivers on the elbow…

  22. COMROD Music says:

    tbf, hes singing proud mary to a crowd of gays

  23. GoldenChild101 says:

    Here after the Eurovision but I’m
    Gutted that the uk didn’t get much votes but Micheal did me proud

  24. Roosevelt Adalim says:

    Hit like if you have keep repeatin the song many times ❤️❤️

  25. Anne-Katrine Klitgaard 7B says:

    In The start- “He’s just so sweet omg My Heart melts”
    When he began to sing- “holy sh*t he’s amazing!!!!”

  26. Jamiro Kwidama says:

    Eurovison 2019

  27. Kim Fields says:

    This show is dope the audience the judges the energy just awesome

  28. Nilo Beato says:

    He is phenomenal singer… 100person shows their we’re singing and dancing on their feet… this is ALL TOGETHER NOW!

  29. Davit Barbakadze says:

    That format is so British.

  30. Corina Oliver says:

    So cute💕💕💕💕 congrats love

  31. Fatima Glam says:

    My first time encountering this show on youtube, look at the panel of judges, I LOVE HOW DIVERSE IT IS, im gonna watch this show

  32. Fay-Ann Williams says:

    Love it!!!

  33. hectelion stormrage says:

    Great judges, great energy, great audience <3

  34. Crown Princess Of Hell says:

    They look all like from the hunger games

  35. Adriana Deschamps says:

    i love this perfomance😍🖤

  36. leabhairagustae says:

    When I'm feeling sad I just watch this video and it makes me so happy.

  37. Mindy McClaran says:

    As he was speaking all I could think was the words are too big for his mouth.

    He started singing and his Tina Turner was big enough for his words.

  38. Alex Miller says:

    dancing of mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sb6Uka_ZAY0

  39. wheresatari says:

    I know a lot of people think Tina when they hear this, but, Personally, I'll always think Creedence when I hear it.

  40. Jason Poe says:

    I can't believe that you don't know that John Fogerty of CCR wrote and first performed Proud Mary. Tina Turner was simply a cover performance if the song.

  41. N N says:

    this show looks like it's from the 70" or 80"

  42. Carlos Bangllades says:


  43. Bob Narama says:

    Damn goosebumps first line

  44. julian t says:

    The reaction to this song had everybody unified….thats what makes it special.

  45. Code Designs says:

    Just found this show 2 videos ago. On a binge now yay me

  46. Eff Vee says:

    The song got the 100 lol

  47. Erica G says:

    Omg I LOVED that!! He was incredible, when they all sang back to him, huge respect, incredible, gave me chills that will be something he will remember for the rest of his life!!! ❤🙌😁👍

  48. IRavendon says:

    He obviously got 1

    With 2 more 0s behind.

  49. One Life says:

    outstanding dude, outstanding…😚

  50. Bryce Dehaan says:

    OMG bruh

  51. Bryce Dehaan says:

    2:35 lol this man looks stoned as hell

  52. Vlad Sydorenko says:

    I’m sorry, 3 points

  53. Shaiann says:

    To any one just finding this show… prepare to binge!

  54. Vanessa Hugentobler says:

    Isn’t he the guy from Eurovision

  55. Marrow says:


  56. Skylar Dfeon says:

    damn i got chills when the 100 came up on the screen

  57. Rich Loquinerio says:

    Its the guy who didnt came through the eurovison contest?

  58. ParallelMango says:

    100 people who's opinions I care about why? Never heard of any of them. Wouldn't put much weight into their thoughts or advice.

  59. Rolando Obando says:

    Looooved him as much as they did! Not only an amazing talent, but a sincere Charisma that shines!

  60. Sexy Beast says:

    The host at 2.30 – wonderful moves…🤩

  61. ImaginaryMdA says:

    So… song choice wins the day?

  62. TheGottvald says:

    Feels like they stood more for the song than the voice/preformance.

  63. I am Vellhaz says:


  64. Gregg Sinini says:

    100???? What f***ing Bullshit!!! This guy SUCKED BIG TIME! No voice at all and uncoordinated lame BS dance moves on stage! Half these Freaks in the Freak Show audience judging, have even less or no talent, so WTF do they know!! This show is a joke! Sadly the guy seems like a nice guy, but he Ain't going anywhere in show business or even a pub singer!

  65. shistarjake says:

    why song is the beginning?

  66. Zakiry says:

    If no one stands up, has he heard himself

  67. LENA says:


  68. DKashman says:

    Wow easily pleased, This show is a real Karaoke show, and just as a point it is a Creedance Clearwater Revival song it was written by John Fogerty before it was a Ike And Tina song .

  69. Sylvia Beavers says:

    I'm a big fan of Michael and he deserved more points in Eurovision song contest he was a better than the winner

  70. Amber The Magnificent says:

    This was so sweet. I really loved how thrilled everyone was when they saw the score and then they all sang back at him. Oh my god I would actually cry, that was so lovely

  71. Sheila Brown says:

    Excellent 😍

  72. Carly Walker says:

    My bird started chirping along, so I think you’ve got a vote from him

  73. Spencer Lorderest says:

    Can someone tell me what is this show?

  74. Nickytje 2002 says:

    Someone here after eurovision?

  75. Fred Fred says:

    The personality, the talent. He's just so natural. And he's so kind too. I love you handsome . Blessings from Philippines 🦸

  76. Sunchild1913 says:

    I can’t believe this show got cancelled I would love a version here in the USA

  77. Robyn Smith says:

    Love it! Love him!❤️

  78. Bjorn xx says:

    that was not as powerful as that song should be performed

  79. Zachary Ares says:

    …hits no high notes in the melody, gets 100. Ok.

  80. 1 1 says:

    Fiery singers are always the best

  81. jonasvbg says:

    I just need to correct BBC on thos one. It´s not Tina Turners song. It´s made by Creadence clearwater revival!!

  82. Un Chileno says:

    Incredible, that guy looks like Rumpelstiltskin!.

  83. Andrew Arellano says:

    All of the judges reaction at the end made my year !! 💙

  84. Josey Jacobsen says:

    Bruh what IS this show even

  85. Karen Wager says:

    I can't believe that he before worked at McDonald's and then he's represented United kingdom in Eurovision. Like wow what a career

  86. Jim says:

    Don’t mean to be rude but the host makes me cringe a lot whenever he’s shown.

  87. Maryam Zro says:

    I just wanna dance rn

  88. Itztom XD says:

    He should have sung


  89. Gigi Ventura says:

    “on Bu-U-U-urnin’” 😍

  90. Pipsa R says:

    I like to watch this when I'm feeling down. It makes me so happy.

  91. Pickles 35 says:

    2:30 -😂😂

  92. Jon Focker says:

    i thought the eyes of the host were going to pop out

  93. XXLILY22711 ! says:


  94. Sean Previl says:


  95. monkeywithbrowneyes says:


  96. Joy Blue says:

    The judges are the one happier than the contestant that the score was 100. The way they celebrated😀😀
    This proves he’s that good

  97. Dülan says:

    Did I just see Gabz?!

  98. acedcoffee says:

    the moment he started singing, i didn't stop getting goosebumps

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