Headless Snowmen, There Was Room For Two [Payday 2]

For today, we are going to do 2 quick and
easy item hunt achievements from the Alaskan Deal; Headless Snowmen and There Was Room For Two. Not much to say here, so let’s begin. For Headless Snowmen, we’ll need to shoot
the heads off 4 of them, preferably with a magnified scope because
they are tiny. So at the start on the way to the ship, just before we head down the slope, look to the right. Behind and above the small building, we’ll
spot snowman 1 in the rocky background. Moving onwards to the ship, we’ll then see snowman number 2 sitting nicely
on the crane’s frame. For snowman 3, when on the ship and looking
towards land, we’ll find it in front of a wooden fence. And for the fourth and last snowman, again
look towards land but this time from the front (or fore as you sailor types call it). It will be sitting just beyond the building. And not forgetting “There Was Room For Two”, look into the icy waters north of the ship to find a reenactment of the notorious Titanic
scene. “Jack” looks pretty cold here so put him out
of his misery for the achievement. Eh… we’ll get “Rose” too. And that’s it for this video. One short gameplay will be coming right up, so stay tuned, and enjoy.

4 comments on “Headless Snowmen, There Was Room For Two [Payday 2]”

  1. Death Wisher says:

    little suprise about 1:44(too long haven't play payday2)

  2. Resintax says:

    Other than these two achievements, can I do the global warming solo? Same map.

  3. TheShocker says:

    Mate, I didn't even know these achievements were in the game

  4. Kanał Usunięty says:

    Its me, Mefisto from Steam. Thanks so much for help. Sub and like.

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