Health Care Credit Union

[Eric] Hey everybody Eric Isham Founder and CEO at OMNICOMMANDER I’m in Orlando for the share tech conference and I’m with
Derek Groth and Derek why don’t you tell everybody which credit union you’re with [Derek] I’m from the Health Care Credit Union the CEO there we’re out of
OshKosh Wisconsin small credit union 19 million we were started in 1960 with
from Mercy Medical Center and we’re full shop all loans consumer mortgage and mobile
app [Eric] awesome that’s fantastic and you’ve been with OMNICOMMANDER about how long now
[Derek] two years now [Eric] okay that sounds awesome yeah cool so
can you share a little bit of what your experience has been with OMNICOMMANDER
so far [Derek] yeah we did our due diligence looking for the website we wanted an
upgrade we went through a lot of different companies we met with OMNICOMMANDER they were great very helpful we liked the customer service that we
got and they also work strictly with credit unions so we thought they knew a
lot about the credit unions and what we needed to fulfill and help our members and also
with the ADA compliance [Eric] sure [Derek] big thing [Eric] right I remember that [Derek]battle that was
the sticking point for us [Eric] all right everybody that’s Derek thank you so much
I appreciate your business thanks for getting on camera with us see you guys

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