Heavy Metal, Press F to Pay Respects [Payday 2]

Ooh, Shacklethorne, the latest heist to drop, and with it, 3 new non-difficulty achievements. I can’t wait to enjo- Oh my goodness! Look at this resolution! Ugh, it’s recorded on a potato. Welp, that’s right. I’m overseas right now with a non-gaming laptop, so the best quality I can give are screenshots. Unless you guys want to send me donations
for a gaming laptop. *Hint hint* So due to that, I won’t be covering Auction Cry here and will do it separately when I get back home this weekend. So the respect achievement, just like Watchdogs’ Fish AI, is a reference to other video games. This one is a cakewalk. On the west side or left of the mansion on
the second floor, there is a mummy on exhibition. We first gain access to the mummy either with the glass cutter asset or through
violence, then do the meme thing to get the meme achievement. Yup, it’s that simple. Then we have Heavy Metal. For this one, the civilian we are looking for (thanks to a tip from NintendoZocker360), is the maintenance guy in the storage area, all dressed in blue. So tie him up and lead him through the metal
detectors at the mansion entrance, which spawns a monkey wrench on the ground
for us to pick up, earning the achievement. However, the tricky part (Ugh, not that resolution again. I need a gaming laptop!) is that the metal detector only functions
during stealth, requiring more planning than just running
in with our guns blazing. So two things to note before we start stealthing: We only need access to the storage area and
the maintenance guy. So objective wise, just hack the boxes and ignore everything
else. Next, is that in this heist, broken cameras won’t get investigated, so feel free to break them (guards will notice them though). Or just take out the security room, whichever is easier for you. Action time. From the start, we’ll make our entry using the ladder. Then we’ll control and set up the top floor
by taking out guards and cameras, so that we can lead the maintenance guy to
the entrance as close as possible, without anyone spotting him. Next of course, is getting access to the the storage area, through the hacking of the two boxes. Once in the storage area, we have to watch out for and break the cameras because we still need to maintain stealth. The Hacker’s throwable (which I haven’t tried) is probably useful here. Or again, take down the security room to kill
all the cameras. Now that we have the maintenance guy all tied
up and ready, it’s time to lead him to the metal detectors. From here to the second floor, I prefer to use the stairway on the left instead
of the right, because it’s not directly exposed to the civilians
in the main hall. The less chances we take, the better. Then from here, instead of walking directly south from top
to bottom, we’ll go through the left or west side so that the civilians below can’t spot our
hostage. Remember to watch out for the cameras at the
main entrance stairways, if the security room is still untouched. From here, once we’re ready, drop ECMs, kill guards and lead our hostage through the metal detector. But wait! Players walking through the metal detectors
will raise an alarm immediately and cause the achievement to fail. So to prevent that, hop over the red railings on either side to get to the outside. Once Mr Blue walks through the detector, it will beep and spawn the monkey wrench for
us to pick up, and earn the achievement. And that’s the two achievements covered. Some potato gameplay is coming up, only watch it if you’re sure your eyes won’t
burn out. Otherwise, I can’t wait to get home to do
“The Auction Cry”, which is probably the next video. So see you guys soon.

11 comments on “Heavy Metal, Press F to Pay Respects [Payday 2]”

  1. Unknown Knight says:

    It's 4 am here, I'll check out your comments in the morning!

  2. Anass Shorts says:

    Nice video , Still ppl in forums are crying because of Auction Cry…
    i'm waiting for the vid to drop 🙂 to show them that it's possible

  3. Jabberwork says:

    Woohoo im in the video 😀

  4. AaronAVFC says:

    what country are you visiting?

  5. Ruuben soto says:

    tell me you ready recording ok

  6. Chirples says:

    If you can afford it, my friend uses an Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop for playing games. It seems to run pretty well on Doom 2016 so it will probably run Payday 2 just as easily. Thanks for the video!

    EDIT: Although admittedly, you can just buy/build a Gaming PC as well!

  7. Damien Evermore says:

    lol I was the first to do Heavy Metal (game said 0.0% global) and I just put it on normal, shot all the cams, kills all guards while juggling the 5th, and moved all civs without know it was a specific civilian. I was an idiot but it's still simple.
    However Auction Cry was a pain and I had to do it with bot abilities and my close friend in order to do it (had to do it with 2 people) and I got to 4:59.
    Great vid even on a potato!

    Also I think the metal detectors only make a sound not really sounding the alarm. I ran through it and the alarm didn't sound but the 2 guards near me heard.

  8. hsn cbs says:

    u going to somewhere dude??

  9. hsn cbs says:

    Great and now my pc disk error

  10. hsn cbs says:

    so well i cant play for several day 🙁

  11. Mikestion says:


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