Helping us build a stronger consumer bureau

Hi, I’m back. A of couple weeks ago, we asked you to submit
your suggestions on building an effective new consumer bureau. And since then, we’ve been taking some of
these suggestions and asking members of our team to record video responses. Now, some of the team are pretty camera shy
– and some aren’t – but once they started talking about what they do and what the consumer
bureau is up to, everybody was ready to jump in. It’s actually a pretty lively group around
here. So in these couple of weeks we’ve received
hundreds of suggestions on Twitter, on YouTube, and our website, –
and we’ve read or listened to every single one of them, most of them more than once. Some of you are worried about long, complicated
credit agreements. Some of you want to make sure that financial
education is a priority. And some of you have ideas about how we can
improve the way that lenders communicate with borrowers. We’ve also heard from a number of visitors
who are a little skeptical of how this consumer bureau will work for them. The variety of responses has been the most
encouraging part of this process: people are interested in the work we’re going to do
for American families, and they are willing to invest some time to speak up and tell us
about it. Your input helps us build a stronger consumer
bureau. Now, we are going to slow down – not stop
but slow down – in putting out responses from our staff. Basically, we’ve got a lot of other
work to do too, and the deadlines are bearing down on us. But as we continue to build the bureau we’ll
keep looking for ways to respond directly to you. Thanks again for all of your suggestions,
and thank you for visiting our new website. Stay tuned as we continue to build the new
consumer bureau. Remember, we want you with us all the way.

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