Henry’s Rock Achievements Explained [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]

K****: Oh? The Payday gang. K****: You guys don’t scare me. K****: We’ll meet again. *Walks away* K****: Ahhhhhhh!!! Clowns!!! K****: Scary clowns!!! New heist, new achievements, new video guide. And this time there are 3, achievements that is, from the Henry’s Rock heist. They are straightforward to achieve once we know the requirements, so let’s start. As the name says, there is a red button, right next to the mainframe, labelled “Do Not Press”. It can only be interacted with on at the least the Overkill difficulty and must be pressed before hacking the mainframe otherwise it will not be available for the
rest of the heist. After that, the achievement will be awarded upon completing the heist. For the “Hidden Secrets” achievement, we need to first access the archaelogy lab, which is up to RNG so we’ll have to play the
heist again if it doesn’t get selected as one of the objectives. And once in said lab, we’ll drill the door, enter the combination, open the case and pick up the box. But don’t be in a hurry to leave yet. The sides of the box will then have 3 panels that can be interacted with. The correct sequence, when the facing the opening of the case, will be centre, right and then left. Or pyramid symbol, round circle snake symbol and diamond-shaped symbol. And after entering that combination there will be a surprise! No spoilers in the comments please! And for the last achievement, just like “Hidden Secrets”, we’ll need RNG to pick the weapons lab. And in the lab, near the energy cannon there will be a firing range with 5 mannequins. If we followed the achievement description we’ll most likely end up not getting it, because these are the actual requirements. Only regular or akimbo pistols can be used on the mannequins to trigger the
achievement. If we thought of getting this with shotguns or even a grenade launcher, oh boy, we would be so wrong. And of course, the timer. We have 3 seconds, not 1, like the description says, to headshot all 5 mannequins. So the easiest way is to have 4 players all fire at one mannequin
each at the same time and then finish off the last one for the achievement. Of course, skilled players can solo this by themselves, so it can still be done offline. I personally, did this solo with both akimbo and single
Stryks but barely made it below 3 seconds. I’ll have those clips at the end of this video. And if we miss our mark, we’ll just restart, hope for the weapons lab, and try again. Before we close, quick disclaimer: This video was done less than 24 hours within
the release of Henry’s Rock, so the achievement might change after a patch. But until then, let’s go get our achievement! As mentioned, 2 short clips of “Boom, Headshot!” is coming
right up. Thank you guys for watching, see you soon.

24 comments on “Henry’s Rock Achievements Explained [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. CRACKGEAR says:

    I finished the game in one down death sentence

  2. Alex T says:

    Nice 😀

  3. CRACKGEAR says:

    Thanks for the tip on how to do the Mannequin achievements

  4. uh says:

    "ahhhhh cloudd scary clouds!" inb4 we are going to send kento into the sky

  5. Unknown Knight says:

    Looks like Overkill fixed the description for "Boom, Headshot!" when I wasn't looking. Haha.

  6. TIK YI Chan says:

    About the symbol for opening the case , it is better to find the symbol directly through the research note.

  7. Damien Evermore says:

    Thanks UKnight! Got stuck on all 3 surprisingly

  8. Ruuben soto says:

    i need help on some of it

  9. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    Kento works for murkywater

  10. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    ez way use akimbo STRYK + use swan song and spam it

  11. Random Person that just writes comments. says:

    Kento was trying his best to stay brave and let out all his fear in the other area

  12. AleX says:

    Your channel is amazing! Keep up the good work

  13. luka tosic says:

    wow why are those things in the box
    arent those boxes old af

  14. M Shady says:

    Payday the heist = normal action movie
    Payday2 = Anime

  15. StrPOw says:

    Haha that intro

  16. Dinnye_YT says:

    Did you spoke in the start when we saw Kento? ( I don't hear him speaking when I follow him with free flight camera, but want to make a video about the scared Kento :D)

  17. spongygames says:

    I keep imagining that you're Jiro.

  18. Andrew Tan says:

    this made my wet

  19. Jeremy Nigger says:

    Thank you come again

  20. Greeny55Five says:

    I haven't seen anyone say this, maybe they have, but I'll just say it anyway. The three symbols are in order of the heists with said boxes. Golden Grin Casino with the pyramid (Or Illuminati symbol), Breakin' Feds with the snake thing (Or Oroboros), and the heist you're doing right now, Henry's Rock with the two triangles.

  21. Bryan says:

    Bruh are you from SG?

  22. Aashir Anwar says:

    Could you be anymore Chinese?

  23. marek bozděch says:

    How i can find COMBINATION IDIOT

  24. Amour Fawer says:

    is spookey

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