Here’s why you’ll NEVER make money in Forex. The Forex Cycle of Doom…

You’re never going to make any money trading the Forex market! Trust me! I’m a thirty-years experienced veteran trader. Hey there! Now, some of you may have already seen this video that we’re uploading today. And that’s because for some strange reason, the original version had its ranking removed by YouTube. Now, this could be a number of reasons possibly, because other channels have been stealing our content…who knows? Either way, considering the exposure we were getting and the relevance in the topic that I was discussing, we’re going to reupload it because… …I think it’s a real shame. We were helping so many traders learn a very valuable lesson. So, for all you new and aspiring traders, Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy it! One of the main reasons why most traders fail in the forex market… …is because they end up getting trapped to what I call, the “Cycle of Doom”. So, what is the Cycle of Doom? I hear you cry! Well, the Cycle of Doom is basically this… Let’s assume now, you start off trading the forex markets. You’ve got yourself a strategy. Now… …you might have developed the strategy yourself. You might have copied it from another successful trader. Indeed, you might have bought it from somewhere on the web or so forth. So, now you have your strategy and you’re about to start trading this with live money. You start putting the trigger and off the bat, you start making some money! Everything’s going great. Then the inevitable happens. You start losing some money. The strategy starts… …taking money away from your trading account. Now, this doesn’t feel comfortable, so the most common… …thing you do when you start to lose money is you start to doubt the strategy. So you start to tweak the strategy, you make… minor changes to the strategy. And then, you get back trading again, and of course you start to make some money again! And now, you have the perfect strategy! But then again, the inevitable will happen. You will start to lose money. Every strategy will go through its losing periods. But you doubted, you start to doubt your
strategy. So again, you start to tweak, you make further, minor changes to the strategy, and off you go again! It starts to make money. Same thing happens, you start to lose money, and you tweak again. Eventually, after tweaking so many times you’re going to have completely lost faith in that strategy. You’re going to throw it out, and you’re going to go and search for another strategy! You’re going to hop between that old strategy and a new strategy. The same thing will happen, you start to make money… …and then the inevitable happen, you’ll start to tweak it, and then round and round the circle, the cycle of doom, you go. Hopping and changing between strategies in the hope that you’re gonna find that Holy Grail. Well, get this, It doesn’t exist! How do you make sure you don’t get trapped in that cycle of doom? Well, first thing you need to do is you need to have confidence in the strategy that you’re implementing in the market. Well, how do you gain confidence in your strategy? Well, you need to fully… …backtest the strategy. You need to put it through all the historical data, so you know the characteristics of that strategy. You know how it’s going to perform in… …winning periods, and you know how it’s going to perform in the losing periods. And it’s only then when you know, and …expect to have losing periods that your not going to lose faith in that strategy, moving forward…. …and you’re gonna continue… …trading that strategy, knowing that it’s going to come back and give you the profits that you so… …desire, and that you so you’ve seen in the back testing. That’s one of the main reasons, why most traders fail in this business. The other main reason I think, why a lot of traders fail in this business is because they come in with… …completely, the wrong expectations. Now, they’ve read all the… …marketing hype from the gurus and the educators; how you can trade from the beach, you can give up your day job, you can tell your boss to go and jump in the lake. You’re now a… …Forex trader and you don’t need to do that day job anymore! Well, that’s comple hogwash! It’s not gonna happen overnight! The other thing, you know, misguided… …bs that’s out there is that you can start off trading and make a ton of money with a $500 trading account! Again, that is not going to happen. Now, that’s not to say you can’t make a decent living with a small trading account, but it’s going to take time and it’s going to take work on your behalf. Why do you think it is? The brokers offer you such bonuses to come and join them. If you put in five hundred dollars, they’ll match it with five hundred dollars. They do that for one main reason, because they know you’re gonna blow that trading account! Let’s assume, a broker signs up 100 new clients a week, each with a… …$500 trading account, small trading account. Yeah? Now, they know that you’re gonna lose that money! That hundred dollars, that hundred clients, a week, is a two-and-a-half… …million-dollar-a-year business for that broker, because they know that you’re going to blow that money, because you’re coming in with the wrong… …expectations. You need to be… …realistic about what you can achieve in the Forex market. A hedge fund, hedge fund manager would give his right arm, for example, to have a 25 percent… …return of investment. Imagine, you start off with a 500 dollar trading account, and you have a great year. You’ve made… …25% on your initial… …deposit with your brokerage. That’s about 120 bucks, $125 or whatever it is now. That’s hardly enough to pay your internet! But you’ve got to make sure that you’re coming into this with the right expectations. As I said in future videos, I’m going to show you how you can turn small accounts into a lucrative business. Do make sure, you check out my videos on that! Also, the other main reason why people lose money in this business is they over leverage. Okay? They’re taking on… …unnecessary risk. And why are they taking unnecessary risk? It’s because they have unrealistic goals. Again, you’ve got to ask yourself a question. Why is it that the broker will offer you, 100, 200, 500 to one leverage? Because they know the greed mentality of most people! You’re gonna lose that leverage, and you’re gonna blow and wipe out your trading account! So make sure you don’t get trapped in the cycle of doom. I’ll explain about that in further videos, as well. Make sure you have… …the realistic expectations about the Forex market and what it can deliver you. If you can start off and …get your head around those two facts, then you’re gonna be halfway there to becoming a successful trader. Now, that’s about it for this video! If you like the video, give me a thumbs up. If don’t like the video, no problem, give me a thumbs down. Any questions at all, any comments, if you found yourself in the cycle of doom, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you; hear your… experiences, and see if we can help you! So look, I look forward to seeing you on the next video! In the meantime, best of luck with your trading endeavors!

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  1. Frenie Jr Moli says:

    Hi sir, I sincerely want to learn more from you. Where can I find more of your talks?

  2. Damnit Bobby says:

    I can watch this. Take a drink of water. Please.

  3. no name says:

    Sir, good day, can you teach me or give me some tips about forex trading, im a new trader,
    [email protected]
    That is my email.

  4. Adonis Savant says:

    Great information. Discipline is needed in any successful venture.. Stay positive.

  5. niceuser1234 says:

    Trading is strategy which no one can teach you.

  6. france Paul says:

    very witty and i do have to agree, its so true, people think of it as a gamble rather than a business, i did blow my account a couple of times years back, and had to learn the hard way, till a setlled with a less leveraged small low risk trading account with hotforex and setting more realistic goals than instant one shot trades. lol

  7. M Ibrahim says:

    I think it has much less to do with strategy than psychology. When you make money you get careless and lose money, and when you lose money you get careful and make money. Rinse and repeat. I've literally broken even doing this since I started trading two years ago.

  8. End Of Fate says:

    So 25% in 1 year is what i should expect?! Ishh…

  9. Forex Fire Members says:

    great video thank you

  10. Analog trading says:

    but dude i lost 11 forex trades yesterday and only won 1 at like 2, 3RR. after 3 green days. this always happens to me. i'll grind it out another week or month but i have a good feeling i'm gonna be deeeep in the red by the end of it 🙁

  11. Marco A. says:

    I thought about concentrating on the FOREX market. Was it possible to invest in inflationary currencies in a short position. Today I was looking at a one trillion Nigirian Dollar Bill. I mean of course this would mean making a lot of money on the fact that a whole economy is going down.

  12. Noah Peachey says:

    I love trading forex!

  13. MrTeasedale says:

    Using MT4 I find the detailed report very valuable. It's much more instructive and less time consuming than writing down all my trades – I know because I've done both.

  14. Kuziai says:

    In our trading group when we smash it week after week we always have your gif saying that's why you will never make money and laughing hard :DDD love it

  15. coffee at three says:

    So basically what i got from this video is "Dont bother unless you got a SPARE £100,000 which you can afford to lose…and if your very lucky you will end the year with £125,000 and you should be very happy with that…or more likely £110,000.

  16. Jean Deau says:

    At the end of the day if you trade with EMOTION you will never win, you can not be GREEDY. Stick to your strategy it's better to win a BUNCH of small trades then to lose 1 BIG trade. Remember remain EMOTIONLESS…..

  17. miecio xz says:

    it is difficult and tricky of course, but i`ve made myself a decent amount of money to keep me alive, save and spend on my wants from just 100$. Better, that was my first account ever, i wasn`t even trading on demo which sounds crazy but is possible. cheers

  18. Nick West says:

    Dont listen to this idiot

  19. The unknown Saint says:

    Forex will teach you who you are… discipline and a plan will take you far in life… problem is we only have a plan for success

  20. Jeromegrant Johns says:

    Here's a tip for free… "Never Trust a person who says, Trust Me"…. there are so many snakes in this field, you are guaranteed to get scammed. even by this guy , soon as he tells you what broker to use, he's making a kickback fee and there you have a snake in the grass.. I'm not asking you to trust me, you will find our for yourself,..

  21. nick hayes says:

    last week i started forex trading with libertex, the demo account of course. i have no strategies that i know work yet i'm still figuring it all out. today i entered a trade with 2000 x 200 and i'm losing 800 and have been for over 6 hours, i'm not pulling out, my stop loss is set to -1500 and it sometimes bounces back to -400. since this is a demo account i'm ok taking the risk to see what happens. i entered this trade 8 hour ago this morning with confidence, it was trending up, literally after i placed my trade the trend flipped. so here's me hoping that it recovers and i make the 200 i set out to make. no idea…

  22. S Duck says:

    What broker do you use?

  23. Anne Smith says:

    You would not even see the difference between stock and currency charts if there were no labels.

  24. Patrick Onyenaka says:

    Very informative, lesson learned. Cheers for sharing.

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  26. Nick Devlin says:

    You will never ever learn to win trades using demo accounts because it’s not your money. You need to use your own money to be able to feel the anxiety of a losing trade. Only then will you find out if you have the metal to do the right thing. Chase the loss or follow a previously made plan through to the end. Win or lose.

  27. Jason Moustakas says:

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  29. Jela Florin says:

    Right about loosing. The "couse" for itvis wrong. You trade against a supercomuter targeting you, with only TIME for investment, or a broker messing with yoy. In case you beat them both, you will have to pay a lawyer and several years batteling to get tha money. That's why "teaching" is the REAL business

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  33. bailey jayson says:

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  37. Rita Book says:

    Thank you for this brief but insightful video. The cycle of doom is very real. When you're new to trading you get confused as to whether the system you've learned isn't working or if you're not doing it right, when you have losses. It's tempting to mess with it. When you mess with it you get lost as to where you started, like walking in the woods and not looking back now and then. It's hard to back track. Anyhow, it's important to learn your strategy from a reliable source and Stick to IT!

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    Good video – applies to trading ANY market, of course, not limited just to Forex. Thumb's up.

  55. Nick Wilson says:

    I was once in the cycle of doom for over 2 years!!!! Finally made it out and started working out how to be consistent, it wasn't easy but you need to stick with it! Trading can be worth it, if you dedicate the time to learn and test!

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    Only the weak don’t make money. It’s not hard to make money in Forex. There’s more than enough free information for you to learn everything you need to know. And once you do that you practice with demos and build your own strategies. LEARN before your EARN & you’ll take less L’s when you start EARNING.

    (LEARN) before you EARN, & youll have less (L)osses. The more you know the better you’ll be.

    But most people don’t want to put in the work required. But we all have the potential.

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    I can prove the opposite of your claim. I invest 1500 CAD with trading212 ===> After 2 months I lost all my money it was my fault. I learned about Forex (books, blogs, forums, videos…) for 4 months and I practised for 2 months.

    I invest 500 CAD ====> After 4 months I have in my account 11 550 CAD (+ I withdrew 1200 CAD).

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