25 comments on “High Interest Savings Accounts (EARN UP TO 3% IN 2019)”

  1. Sandeep Jadoonanan says:

    checkin account lol 😂
    Great video!

  2. Carrie Richardson says:

    I’m so grateful to have come across your videos, I’ve been on a roll watching them all day! I’m so glad you decided to have an online presence. There are so many things that allow someone like me to find you so relatable and a helpful guide. Really, truly, thanks again. 🙂 (I think this is the only comment I’ve ever left on a YouTube vid in my life lol)

  3. Meaghan Wall says:

    Such an informative video, babe! I've never thought about using robo advisor accounts!

  4. KahYee Chiang says:

    Could you publish referral links for some robo advisors (not sure if they have referrals for savings account) but would love to support & get that referral (for savings or their trad robo advisory product) 😀

  5. Joohee Chung says:

    Great video — so helpful! Do you have any thoughts on SoFi Money?

  6. Claire Moon says:

    You are a godsend, and I’m so glad to have found your channel. Stellar content!👍🏻✨

  7. Peter Aldrich says:

    I enjoy your videos! Great Content! I started using betterment for investing because of your videos. Only thing that is concerning with Betterment and Wealthfront is interest rates fluctuate pretty frequent. I started using Alliant Credit Union to park my money to fee free ATMs, no overdraft fees, atm locations, and stable interest rates.

  8. Junior Pedraza says:

    Great video. Subscribed. Any comments on the Discover savings account? Looks like they giving a sign up bonus as well.

  9. Adriel Go says:

    So helpful! If you could, please make a video of what investments we should make in tax sheltered accounts like Roth IRAs. I'd be forever grateful

  10. Mady Arguedas says:

    Thank you for the wonderful content you put out there. I wish there would have been videos like this when I was in my 20’s. I wanted to know if you have looked at Vio Bank for a savings account and if so, why it didn’t make your list? What are your thoughts on this bank? I’m looking for a high interest savings account to grow my emergency fund.

  11. Average Joe on Money says:

    GREAT VIDEO! Just found your channel and subscribed! I think I’m Your 1,000th sub! Congrats! 🎉 I personally use FITNESS BANK and get 3% on my savings account/emergency fund. I’m a little under 1/2 to 1,000 subs myself. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! 😎👍🏻

  12. Patrick Taylor says:

    Rose, im not sure if its my audio gear here. But the echo from your kitchen is hurting my ears from this video. ive watched a few of your videos already. but this one is intolerable ive lowered the volume as much as possible. just wanted to let you know

  13. Jason Wang says:

    High-Interest Savings Account = +1.9% – 2.5% YOY
    Watching Investing With Rose = +200% – ∞% YOY

  14. Slava - Money says:

    I like high yield savings accounts too 🙂

  15. Joey Carlyle says:

    Hi Rose. Interest rates are artifically low, and I believe they will remain artifically low for awhile, due to a slowing worldwide economy and the Fed's monetary policy. What do you think about putting cash in a short-term bond fund or a municipal bond fund? Their rates are higher than what I would get in a money market or savings account, although they are not FDIC insured.

  16. adamx6000 says:

    Your videos are awesome. For some reason you make it all a lot easier to wrap my head around the intricacies of finance. A lot of people make it more complicated.

  17. Yg Bodybuilder says:

    What's your thoughts on using a individual brokerage account as a savings account investing conservative making 4-6%

  18. Alex Lumain says:

    This is so useful and insightful!!!!

  19. Jennifer Rogers says:

    FDIC only covers up to $250,000 per deposit category

  20. Peri Grinn says:

    Ally also offers free checking (with interest) with a debit card and they reimburse ATM fees up to $10 per month. Another feature I like, even though the rates have dropped to 1.6%, is the daily compound interest, paid monthly.

  21. Tiffani Nguyen says:

    As of Feb 20: Varo has the highest interest rates at 1.92% then 2.80% after meeting the requirements.

  22. Gianna Carla says:

    I discovered you yesterday. 1) I'm watching all yours videos. 2) I already sent your YouTube page to at least 2 people.

    Thank you for all the recommendation and thank you for research all the goodies

  23. Kickbackand Relax says:

    I opened a Wealthsfront account recently and the APY has dropped to 1.78%.  Just be aware that these rates are not set in stone. They go up and down, but they mostly go down. That said, it is still better than my regular bank paying me 0.01% APY. I laugh at that rate. Why even pay for god sakes? Just steal everything. Meanwhile, my regular bank charges me $5/month as account maintenance fees because the acnt does not have direct pay deposit.

  24. amy colucci says:

    Just oepened with betterment! Much better than Ban of americas .001 % lol

  25. Spicytempura says:

    Hi rose, i just opened a betterment account. If i wanted to take my money out in a few years do they take out a fee?

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