High Roller Loud & City of Sin and Well Oiled Gears [Payday 2]

Today we’re going to do two achievements together
at the same time. And since City of Sin and Well-Oiled Gears
involves the BFD in loud, we’ll do the same for High Roller. Let’s start with the City of Sin achievement
first. For City of Sin it involves only two things: play in loud and no interruption of the BFD. Since it’s a pretty straightforward achievement,
we’ll not look at weapons and builds, but instead focus on Preplanning so here’s
my recommendation. Option 1; “BFD Upgrade – Additional Engine
Power”. This option lowers the original drill time
of 7 minutes to 5 minutes. Less time spent drilling means less time needed
defending. Option 2; “BFD Upgrade – Improved Cooling
System”. By default, BFD has two water tanks that lasts
1 minute each, or 2 minutes from the start. With the default drill time of 7 minutes,
we’ll have to refill them 5 times. To the toilet and back, to the toilet and
back, repeat, repeat, repeat. Ugh. So the Improved Cooling System doubles the
water tank size to 2 minutes each or 4 minutes from the start. Combined with the drill time reduction to
5 minutes, we’ll only need to refill a water tank once
and then we can ignore Bain, the second time he asks us to. So less time spent running around, the better
we can defend the drill. And the last Preplanning option; “BFD Attachment
– Extra Battery”. This cuts the default 2 power sockets requirement
to 1, which means we only have to defend the main
drill and one power socket. One less place to defend means more sentries
to spread around. So in summary, here’s what our Preplanning choices do, compared
to the stock BFD. Drill time is reduced from 7 minutes to 5. Number of refills, reduced from 5 to 1. And lastly, number of places to defend from
3 to 2. Other than that, a few other things to consider
is to play on the lowest difficulty possible; Normal if we own the DLC, otherwise Very Hard
if going through Storyline. And of course, sentries. Playing with the AI is optional but for High Roller, I would definitely want
them for the interaction speed boost. So onwards, to High Roller, solo, loud. For High Roller in Loud, we’ll stick with
the same BFD upgrades as earlier, additionally picking the Loud Entry with C4,
to skip the hassle of looking for codes. And after that, we’ll follow a sequence of
actions to cut as much time as possible. Now with a full team these actions can be
done simultaneously but for the purpose of this video, it will
be from a solo player’s point of view. Let’s take a look. The first thing we’d want to do at the start,
is to grab the C4. Like, duh. But before you continue to duh me from in
front of your screen, I’ll have you know that grabbing the C4 actually
does something else very important; spawn a (2x) flare. And this very flare will summon Bile with
the winch parts and when lit at the start, will save a fair bit of time. It will silently spawn at 4 possible locations: Behind the gates at the front of the casino
(both east and west), in the small area outside to the east and
last, next to a sun-tanning chair by the pool. So search through all 4 possible locations
and light it up. Next, we’ll want to head to the back of the
casino and search for some fireworks, located in either one of the two storage rooms. Bring along some shaped charges or a saw, in case the grilled doors get in our way. Once that is done, head on to the security
room to hack the skylight, leaving behind a sentry to prevent interruptions. With the fireworks in hand, it’s time to light
it up and summon the BFD blimp. The fireworks can only be lit in two places, the eastern or western balcony on the second floor. So head upstairs, find out which, then drop
it and light it. Again, just like grabbing the C4, there is
a special meaning to this part of the sequence; where the fireworks can be fired from, will
let us know which table to blow up. I personally try to remember it with the words
NORTHWEST; If the fireworks is in the WEST, the correct table would be the NORTH, and
vice versa. So head back down to the hall, blow the correct
table up and Bain will guide us through the rest. Now here’s a question that some might ask: “Couldn’t we just use the C4 at the start? With 2 players we’ll have enough for both
tables”. True, that’s what most will do, but the sequence
we’ve just seen allows us to finish earlier which for a speedrun,
is crucial. Not to mention it’s a guaranteed strategy
for a 12 minutes solo run. In fact, the timing is so comfortable I won’t
even bother with benchmarks and it’s not because I’m lazy. Ok fine, I’m just lazy alright so here’s one
benchmark to follow; enter the vault latest by the 12th minute,
which is really, a borderline fail. In fact I did like 10 minutes in my gameplay. And before we wrap things up, here’s some
extra tips. Keep the drill running smoothly, which basically
is the City of Sin achievement. And bring either shaped charges or a saw in
case the grilled doors in the back are closed. Drill skills won’t affect the BFD, but it
does help for the final door. And just the drill time reduction skills will
do, since it never jams. Then difficulty, which is the same as before; Normal if we have the DLC, otherwise Very
Hard for Storyline. And last, bring a light build to go fast. The Yakuza DLC will be handy here, otherwise
for no a DLC build I used Crew Chief for stamina, Partners in Crime and a convert for extra
speed, and then HBV, armour skills and Transporter
(aced) to move faster with the winch parts and the
Dentist’s Loot. And that’s it. Stay around for some clips and a gameplay,
where I did both achievements together. And don’t worry if we can’t do together in
a single run, it’s always fine to do them separately. Otherwise, thank you for watching, and watch
out for the next video where I’ll show you the High Roller achievement
in stealth, the fun way. Until then, goodbye.

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  1. SomeBodY B says:

    The part before the the High Roller acheivment has no music

  2. ZockerTwins says:

    You should show the description of the achievements briefly. Not everybody knows them all by name.

  3. Captain B says:

    nice man, good quality, we should maybe play together sometime

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