High School: Student-Run Credit Unions at Royal Credit Union

Our student-run credit unions are right
in our high schools, ran by our student team members. So I do all the transactions which could be anything from cashing checks, to withdrawals,
deposits, and then I also start conversations with the students here when they come in, and we talk about financial education and the differences
between credit unions and banks. So, all that kind of stuff.
And students and adult staff can come in and do their banking right in our
schools. First of all it’s a great way to gain a little bit of experience in the
finance and banking industry, and also it’s a lot of fun and I get to be with
my friends every day. It’s a great way to earn a little bit of money too. We’re
making our branches teen and young adult friendly where they can come in. We have
comfortable seating, we have charging stations, large screen TVs where we do
financial education presentations. It’s a great way to be involved in school and
help teach financial literacy, which is becoming more and more important with
things like credit cards and especially with seniors having to take out loans
soon. So the kids are learning but we’re putting a fun spin on how to
budget, paying for college, car payments things like that – where they’re
getting up and they’re having fun and interacting in a game
type atmosphere. But it’s all about financial topics that were covering. I
definitely think it’s really important to have credit unions in schools. I know
there’s been times where I was like, “oh I don’t have any lunch money” so I go
take some money out and then I’ll be covered. Or there are things that you have
to pay for and you didn’t expect to that day. So I think it’s super important – and also
you just start building your financial independence a little bit each year, so I
think that’s awesome too. I’ve enjoyed just seeing the growth in the students
that we hire. When they start out they’re so shy and they’re unsure
of what to say or what to do when talking with interacting with those
adult Members that we have. And it’s just been so rewarding to see the difference
in those students. It’s just a great experience and I’m really thankful for
the opportunity to be here every other day and work with my team. It’s a
great way to get experience. I absolutely love this year and I’m just really
thankful that I got to do it, and I recommend it to every kid out there.

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