History of SAFE Credit Union

[ Music ] It all started with a vision. A vision on a muddy Army Air Corp field in Northern California, one of only four in the Continental United States. But, what we didn’t know at the time… Was that this vision, a cooperative… Would grow exponentially. Established in the shadow of World War 2… The Sacramento Air Depot Credit Union… Began with ten members… and soon ballooned into two hundred and seventy five strong… in a single year. You have to start somewhere, right? Over time, S.A.D. CU would ultimately merge with McClellan Federal Credit Union – to bring stability, security, and opportunity to an entire region of enlisted and civilian patriots… Who were eager to enjoy every ounce of what we call ‘the American dream.’ Since then, we haven’t stopped evolving, innovating, and refining every aspect of our vision. Like all good things built to stand the test of time… We’ve gone through some changes. Some tough times. Some exciting times. And, some celebrations. Ok, A LOT of celebrations. And everything in between. But, after more than seven decades… Twenty-one thriving branches… Over $2.6 billion in assets… Hundreds of loyal, passionate employees… And a roster of more than two hundred and seventeen thousand, one-of-a-kind members… We’re proud to say… We’ve created much more than a community chartered Credit Union… We’ve created a community of families, friends, co-workers and small business owners. Who’ve all become connected – sometimes at the hip – by an entity that started as a single vision on a muddy field in 1940… And now, thrives well beyond the boundaries of your traditional financial institution. We’re SAFE Credit Union. Where service… Integrity… Trust… Camaraderie… Collaboration… Innovation… And yes, Community… All culminates into more than just vision… It’s a way of life.

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