Holy Angels – USA Today Grant Video 2017

It gives them a reason to get up every day. They’ll find their niche in life. Out of all the enterprises, they’ll find one particular enterperise that they really excel in. And it’s so meaningful for them to actually create something that is not going to be thrown away. But something that is going to be treasured. Something that is going to actually go into someone’s home, that will give that person a rememberance or a connection to the participants here at Holy Angels. We have participants that are working in the community in jobs in the food industry. We are working towards giving that opportunity to more of our participants. He’s just brought a whole lot of… I mean, he’s just fun to the atmosphere. All of the employees love him and everything. I’m enjoying my job, every minute of it. I’m proud of it. Yeah, and make some money. You know, ultimately, I see a lot of interaction where our participants are going to jobs and more volunteers are coming here. And there’s a flow, where it’s just one big community of people working together. Holy Angels provides not just a way for people to live, but to conquer, to beat some of those disabilities. We need to continue to raise funds, continue to promote awareness, and support this wonderful organization, this wonderful place for people to live. I…I like it here at Holy Angles It’s fantastic. I love it. I wouldn’t…I wouldn’t move anywhere else. Holy Angels is great. I like it here. What it really means to see our products that the participants here that we call our “angels” when those products go out into the community one of the biggest things that I think that most people get is a sense of pride. For our participants to go to some of those businesses and see some of their products there makes them feel good. And also it has given us an opportunity to show the community what we really are doing out here at Holy Angels And just in doing that, we have so many volunteers now that are coming out to be a part of this special thing that we’re doing out here with these participants And I think even though people come out and volunteer, they are the ones that actually get blessed because they get to see the daily lives of these special individuals and it’s almost like being touched by an angel.

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