Home improvement loans for your new pool | Pool Loan

Hi, it’s summertime, it’s family time in its pull time. Hi, my name is Richard Woodward I’m with service 1st mortgage and I specialize in home improvement loans so we have an excellent financing program available for you if you’re wanting to install up a pool or Any other home project you can do that by Kitchen, you can do baths you can do whatever you want to but home improvement loans Generally are second mortgages that are offered by credit unions and banks They tend to come with much higher interest rates and their only loan you up to about 90 percent of your home’s value With home with our home improvement loan. We can lend you up to 95 percent of the after improved value So if you’re putting in a pool that costs you 50 60 70 thousand dollars we can add that to your Existing loan balance and then we’ll do an appraisal of the combined amount and then we’ll give you a loan based off of that Ninety-five percent of that. So oftentimes you can bring in no money at all in financing your brand-new pool for the summer So if you have any home improvement projects that you’d like to discuss about financing Let me help you with a brand new home improvement loan And we will get you going right away. Give me a call today. Let’s discuss the details too one four Nine, four five ten sixty six again, two one four nine four five ten sixty six if you like this idea Please subscribe to my channels like and approve share this video. We would love to hear from you comment below. Thanks so much

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