Home Loans & Equity Advice : How to Obtain a Construction Loan to Build Your Dream Home

So, you’re thinking about building your dream
home, or perhaps your retirement home, and you want to know how to obtain a loan, in
order to do so. No problem, I’ll be able to answer that for you. My name is Adriel Torres.
I’m the owner of ultimatecredittoday.com. Now, a construction loan is a special type
of loan, that is taken out by a borrower, to build a home, and ultimately either repay
it, or that loan, depending on the lender, can be turned to what is called a fixed loan,
or construction to permanent loan. Now, first is the construction, then it becomes a permanent
loan, just like a mortgage, with an interest rate, and the terms, and so forth. Now, there
are specialty lenders out there, that do these construction or permanent loans, so my suggestion
is to go to your local bank, or perhaps search online, for construction loans, and you will
find lenders that do these loans for the construction period, and also find lenders that will do
the loans on the lot. Whether you own it or not, or you found a lot, and you also need
to finance it, there are lenders also that would do the loans for these lots, and then
you can get a construction or permanent loan, from a different lender. Again, that’s how
it’s done. My name is Adriel Torres, and I’m the owner of ultimatecredittoday.com. Thank
you very much.

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