Home On The Range – First Alliance Credit Union

First Alliance wants for us what we want
for our family so we knew that we wanted to get a manufactured home for our
family and to purchase one and so I started doing some research and I
contacted the local manufactured home dealer and he right away said you need
to be in touch with First Alliance that’s where you need to go they were so
helpful yeah our first home as a family so that was exciting but it was scary I
still remember the day that we drove to First Alliance to sign the paperwork and
it didn’t seem real I remember getting back in the car with our family and
looking at each other and kind of like I can’t believe we just did this and they
really did make us feel like we were working for a common goal and we had it
we had a dream of owning a home it’s important to First Alliance that we have
a better quality of life and they’ve helped us achieve that

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