Homeless Vets Tribute – Pay it Forward | Mountain America Credit Union

(soft, instrumental music) You can see my shop. I love to work in woodshop. Vince Smith is combining his love of woodworking and service for a special effort. We put in 25 hours just to cut them out and prep them. He and his family make boxes for homeless vets to be buried in. So, this is what they used to be buried in. So, a little plastic box. He felt they deserved more. It’s just a little something extra for them and for the service that they gave. The boxes go to the group Missing in America, which holds a funeral for those who weren’t claimed by friends or family. And it gives them the respect that they earned through serving their country. Vince has a special connection to the cause. I served 22 years active duty, and then another 15 so far in the Department of Defense. He knows what it’s like to be away from family during service. They’ve had a hard life, but because they’ve served their country and served it well, they deserve to have this. And he loves getting his family involved in this effort. I think we all come out feeling better afterwards, and we know that we’ve done something small to help someone else. Many materials and the engravings are donated, but the Smiths do the rest out of their own pockets. This is something small that we can do to give back. We want to offer a helping hand. Here’s Tony Rasmussen from Mountain America Credit Union to pay it forward. So we have for you today $500 from our Pay It Forward program to say thank you for this great work that you’re doing, and say please keep it up. Thank you so much.

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