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(uplifting music) My husband has been a cancer patient for 19 years now. Pam Ford has spent a lot of time in hospital waiting rooms wondering how to help her husband, Bob, and others who have cancer. You look around and you really do kind of get survivor’s guilt. She put her sewing skills to good use and made a bunch of pillowcases for patients at Huntsman Cancer’s Wellness Center. They were gone within hours. So Pam went to work to make more and four years later– We’re just over 700. She turned it into a non-profit called Hope and Sweet Dreams. You can’t let anybody take away your hope, no matter what disease you happen to be battling. She now has a few helpers and has expanded donations to cancer patients at Primary Children’s. I’m not curing any big diseases or doing anything, but you know, hopefully giving people a little bit of hope that they can battle this awful disease and come out the other end. Pam’s colorful pillowcases aim to bring some sweet dreams along with that hope. If you can put your head down and dream of being in Paris or whatever, then so be it. Pam relies on donations to buy the fabric that she needs for the pillowcases. Pam, it’s–
You’re kidding. So nice to meet you. So Mountain America Credit Union’s Tony Rasmussen is here to surprise her and pay it forward. We have for you today $500 from our Pay It Forward program to say thank you for your great work and to help keep your great work going. Oh my gosh.
Thank you so much. (laughing) I’m speechless.

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    This is awesome and so inspiring!! #CUfamily #CUmovement

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