Hostage Situation [Payday 2]

Hey people. What’s up? The “Hostage Situation” achievement, is a tough achievement to get, not because the requirements are difficult but because it is easy to fail it. And without actually knowing what the requirements
are, we will have a hard time. So let’s look at them. So, the easy ones first, Overkill and above. Straightforward. All bags of loot from the store is to be secured. This refers to the baggable diamonds from
the store, of which there are 18 in total. Then the troublesome one; no civilians can die within, or leave the store. The big question here is, what is the store? Or basically, where does the store start, and what does it end? Looking from the store front, we can safely say that everything past the
doors is the store. Simple enough. Then we have the security door at the side
here. Again, everything past the door, is the store. Another easy guess. Then we have the back door. Everything past the door is the store? Ngghhh… unfortunately… no. The store actually ends immediately right after the grey parts of the stairs. “Nani?!!!” I know, it’s surprising. With the store ending at the top of the stairs, the biggest cause of failing the achievement
will be the roaming manager. At the start of the heist, the manager will immediately, either go towards
the office, or walk down into the store. And by walking down, the manager is counted
as a civilian in the store. Once she goes back up the stairs, or on the rare occasion, walk out the front, we can kiss the achievement goodbye. This is the secret why the achievement fails. And as for the civilians outside the store or even when the manager is in the office, killing or tying has no effect at all so deal with them as we wish. Now that we know how the requirements work, we can come up with our approach. Personally, stealth is a much easier way to
do this. And so I would restart until I get the manager
in the office, then head in through the back and secure her. Once that is done, it’s regular stealth until the end. This is the most suitable way for a solo player. Otherwise with multiple players, even if the manager walks downstairs, an ECM rush with Stockholm Syndrome (basic) will secure all the civilians, as long as the manager didn’t walk out the
front. Then for those who prefer to do it the loud
way, I recommend checking out my “Hostage Achievements”
video. There is a lot more details in there about
handling hostages in loud, which would be hard to explain here in a few
sentences. And… that’s how this achievement works. Two gameplays are coming up, so keep watching, and see you in the next video.

14 comments on “Hostage Situation [Payday 2]”

  1. Joy_The_Kawaii_Fish says:

    Nice guide. I did this achievement with you on your stream. But now i have a easy way to help my friends.

  2. uh says:

    Thanks for taking my suggestion unknown! Now i can finally do this freaking achievment

  3. Junhui Xu says: idk why this guy can unlock even manager go out side and back to first floor

  4. Ruuben soto says:

    I need that

  5. Davtwan says:

    Thanks for the warning about the manager. Hopefully, I don't get this one in my rotation of achievements from the plate.

  6. TheMofoHeister says:

    I probably really needed this guide, I somehow did it one time, this fucking achievement is so buggy it hurts…

  7. Damien Evermore says:

    "Answer pagers and we're done"
    4 pagers 1 player

    Btw nice vid mate helped a lot with the "Store" part

  8. hermos says:

    hello, sorry for the random question but do you happen to know how escapes work?
    theres a WR on ukranian job where the duo escaped instantly once it triggered but everytime i tried with my friend, even when we were ahead the escape took 2 seconds to end the heist
    is it just an unannounced change to escape or is there more to it? ive also noticed election day 1 has a faster escape then the usual escapes

  9. Mikazuki_Augus says:

    wow, i thought this can only done by loud. i will get this, thanks.

  10. SilverChaos says:

    I would like to inform you that this achievement can be misleading or buggy as I tried numerous times for your guide. Killing the manager and/or leaving zip-tied out of zone area will affect not having to unlock it. She must move into the zone area before securing 18 diamond bags.
    Using Loud Saw Weapon along with Stockholm Syndrome Skill in stealth can be helpful than other kind of weapons, but that's up to the player's choice. Hope this will help you to understand.

  11. Chinaki games says:

    Love you
    The best payday guides youtuber
    I can’t believe you have 1,5 K Subs, more like a 1,5 Billion subs
    You are too underestimated
    Hope you’ll achieve at least 10 millions, cause you deserve it!
    Btw, i hope you make a info hud(hox or wolf hud) install guide, because when i have the iphilaphi doc. and put huds in the “mods” folder the game crashes, and all the guides, except yours are poorly made on one’s lap
    Thank you for every video of yours
    If you were a math teacher, all your students would understand everything

  12. Pizoka says:

    Your Channel is great m8, very weel produced content! you should definitetly have more attention and subs

  13. flashfiredog says:

    Does it really work in stealth?

  14. YormunduR says:

    Great vid. You deserve more viewers!

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