House Hunting Checklist for First Time Home Buyers (What To Look For And What To IGNORE)

There are 127 million homes in the US
how in the heck can you possibly find your dream home it’s okay in this video
I’ll breakdown what you should be looking for and what to ignore when you’re
shopping for your perfect home for more advice on mortgages and home buying be
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you will know what to tell your Realtor to look for and four things you need to
look past your agent is going to be the most important key player when it comes
to home shopping so when you meet with them we want you to be ready to answer
questions about your neighborhood and features you like at home the best way
to do this is to making must-have lists for example are you looking for a
single-family home or condo do you have a specific area or School District in
mind how important are upgrades to you or are project something you’re comfortable
taking on over time download our new home wish list to get you started
sorting it all out link in the description box below it’s easy to think
of what you want but it’s important to remember to look past things that aren’t
your image of your ideal home – here are four things to look past the first thing
are cosmetic issues are you walking through a house that has old wallpaper or
ugly paint be sure to ignore it these things can be
changed I know it’s really hard to imagine the living room without the ugly
bird covered wallpaper but do your best to ignore it cosmetic fixes like this
are only a small DIY cost the second thing to ignore is old carpet
some people hate carpet altogether but when there’s old carpet it makes that
much worse but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker if you love everything else
about home carpet like wallpaper and paint can be changed and you don’t have
to break the bank to do it sometimes sometimes you can even negotiate for new
carpet in your offer if the carpet is really beat-up
the seller may be willing to replace it as part of the sale the third thing is a
room used for something else just because the current home owners are
using the second bedroom as a walk-in closet doesn’t mean that you have to try
and look past that furniture clothes decor and imagine your things in the
space instead would a bed fit in their walk-in closet is there a closet in the
room it may be hard to picture but don’t let it stop you from finding your dream
house and the fourth thing to ignore is the sellers personal belongings do you
see any odd items that show a political leaning that you don’t agree with or
maybe a few dozen porcelain dolls try to ignore the seller stuff and
imagine your things in the space instead at the end of day not every house you
see will be decorated and painted just the way you would have liked but try to
look past the clutter and surface changes when you’re shopping for your
new home when you go to the next open house you should feel like you have a
game plan with your new home wishlist in hand if you’re ready to take the
first steps into homeownership then I want you to click the link in the
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