12 comments on “Housing Loan Process In Telugu | Eligibility for House Loans | Home Loan Details In Telugu”

  1. symbol red says:

    Kanisam 2 yrs aina udyogam cheyalna..anna nenu buseness chestunna…etla apply cheyali

  2. J V Vasudevarao says:

    Useful Video.

  3. Hampa Reddy says:

    Hampa Reddy

  4. ramnababu Katta says:


  5. SK Harif says:

    vundataniki place ledu loan….????

  6. Batuka.srishailam B.Srishailam says:

    em govrnent assalu ledu lona endiki governamet

  7. Aruna Amula says:

    Modi sir you told so many schemes but what you did tell me first and learn some

  8. Aruna Amula says:

    Modi sir what you eating per day from that 20 families will run there life's up to 1 to 3 year's sorry learn some discipline

  9. Jafar Khan says:


  10. Sanjeevarao Beera says:


  11. Shree kisshore Mullapudi says:

    Banks are rejecting house loans for formers asking IT returns last 3 years

  12. telangana Culture says:

    IT returns ఉండాలా

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