Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall for June 2, 2019

and welcome to Houston newsmakers and good morning to congressman Kevin Brady representing the 8th congressional district it’s been too long it has Kimbrel thanks Jeff we always talk about you getting here regularly we got to get back on our pattern cuz it’s always nice to have you here he’s gonna be here for the first two segments and a newsmakers extra that you’ll be able to see online thank you for that yeah before we get into the local priorities let’s talk about the big picture that’s been dominating the landscape here that has been back in April when the Mullah report was released it was a chance to read about what led to the indictments against thirty four individuals three Russian companies seven guilty pleas including fire from among the Trump campaign team and the conclusion there was no concerted effort or coordination with Russians to skew the election results but Special Counsel Muller left no doubt this week when he spoke for the first time that there was definite effort by the Russians against Hillary Clinton as alleged by the grand jury in an indictment Russian intelligence officers who were part of the Russian military launched a concerted attack on our political system the indictment alleges that they used sophisticated cyber techniques to hack into computers and networks used by the Clinton campaign he said a lot more on that so we know that those Russian interferes the question is what’s being done about it because it seems to me there’s deafening silence about some concerted effort to make sure that doesn’t happen I think the good news is about the report the Russians didn’t medal and they tried to draw Americans into that election effort not a single American would work with them and that’s why the conclusion of the port is there was no conclusion or no collusion excuse me I think he was pretty clear in the report about no evidence of obstruction but I think at the heart of the matter is why wasn’t more done to stop that meddling and are we doing that today and secondly they’re still left unanswered is the origin of this whole Trump Russia narrative I think it was important for the Attorney General to point a very respected prosecutor from the Northeast to investigate did our government through its intelligence and law enforcement agencies spy on presidential campaigns attempt to influence the election did they create this narrative or allow it to go forward and so I think there’s still more to be done there but I think the key here my view is that look at some point you know those who don’t support the president have to understand have to accept the consequences the outcomes of the 2016 election and it’s time to accept the fact there was no collusion and the question now for Democrats is are they just gonna keep investigating are they gonna start legislating working with us okay so you went a long way on me on that I just thought we were gonna talk about putting something in place about making sure there’s no interference again that’s what I want to talk about that other stuff yeah with all due respect it’s political stuff so I think the key to that key question is answers yes I know both at the state level at the federal level I mean to to interfere in a cyber way in the Florida elections here in Texas we have to make sure we’ve got those safeguards in place love to see that higher up on the spectrum so that we can talk about backing up just a little bit collusion and conspiracy to different things Special Counsel did talk about the fact in the book which I’ve read how much have you read a lot of it we know that there was some acceptance of help from the Russians actually looking forward to more from the Russians didn’t happen because of whatever but there was some yes desire to accept that help that was there no conspiracy not an insufficient evidence not no evidence but insufficient evidence of a conspiracy so Muller has declared that the obstruction piece altogether different scenario in saying that in fact the the special counsel Muller ray we have this other sound by already talked about the investigation obstruction of justice let’s hear what he had to say about that and as set forth in the report after that investigation if we had had conch that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so so we’re not totally out of woods with that yet I get what you’re saying no political spin yeah which is important I think it’s this political spin so I read the transcript I was in Corpus Christi yesterday working on new us-mexico can’t agreement the new port widening there’s I read the transcript of mr. Muller bowel so read the report and he was pretty clear that if there had been evidence of obstruction he would have brought that forward in a very clear way definitive way he didn’t just as he made the case that no American included with Russia he said there was evidence that he did not so that’s a little different than saying it because he laid out scenarios within his report it’s just you decide he didn’t make any criminal adjustment on that so yeah well I’ll just say special prosecutor the heart of it was there collusion no was there evidence of obstruction in my view no and so look I think he did a great part of his work I still think what he left unanswered was did our law enforcement intelligence agencies you know interfere spy tried to you you really think that that is a possibility I mean regrettably it could be and that’s what worries me the most because if you’ve got the government trying to influence elections you’ve really undermined our democratic process and so that’s why I think attorney general Barr appointing mr. Durham who served under six presidents to go to the heart of that not as a special prosecutor just as a you know career prosecutor get to the facts I think that’ll be an important one we’re gonna talk more about that on newsmakers actually I want to make sure that we talk about some of the things we have this political divide that really is evident just part of it is there’s no question how do you get through that and talk about some of the things that your committee is working on now that is bipartisan that is making progress right so a couple things one my view is look when you in the minority or the majority you wake up every day working hard to stop bad ideas in Washington there are plenty of them but you work equal hard to find common ground I think in the Ways and Means Committee we’ve always had that view at least among our Republicans and so while we disagree on things like the Trump tax returns our medicare-for-all where we all work together is on cracking down on overpriced drugs trying to stop surprise Billings we’re we’re continuing an investigation I lost his chairman about the moms who were dying in childbirth in America it has grown worse over three decades we’ve got to work together in that area and then also on retirement and savings there’s areas here that we can work together and are you know I want to talk more in detail about that and we’re gonna do that after the break here we’re gonna talk about a bill that I saw I was shocked passed the House by four hundred seventeen and three vote that was impressive it’s a good that’s like that’s by parties it’s a good one yeah yeah and we’re gonna talk about what’s happening to the billions of dollars that’s expected to come to Texas for disaster relief after Harvey is slowing down a little bit because the politics it may just be just a little sidetrack here we’re gonna talk more about that right after this break 20 million Americans have it are you one of them from weight changes to feeling restless the six signs to watch out for when it comes to a thyroid problem hurricane season is here I’ll show you how you can get flood insurance with no wait Monday on channel 2 news today you never know when you might need a quick loan that’s when it’s good to have the Speedy Cash app you can apply for a loan 24/7 from any device download the Speedy Cash app today or visit us at speedy cash calm you take the wheel I’ll find the deals big savings are still happening at NTV right now buy two tires get you free when you purchase our value installation package plus use your store credit card to get a $75 availing rebate and pay no interest for 12 months save on tough brands like Goodyear Continental Cooper Nitto and bore by two tires get you free plus a $75 rebate also take advantage of our $19.99 oil change at NTD that’s all you need this summer explore Texas wetlands at the Houston Zoo see bald eagles whooping cranes and american alligators and help save them in Texas together we are saving Texas wildlife Texas now Texas forever life is about making every moment count hey Google turn on the outside light that’s why reliant offers connected devices that transform your world and plans that help you say [Music] that’s life switch John relax you never know when you might need a quick loan that’s when it’s good to have the Speedy Cash app applied today from any device and have cash in your account as soon as tomorrow download the Speedy Cash app today or visit us at Speedy Cash calm we are KPRC channel 2 investigates the largest most relentless team of investigators in Houston got something for Channel 2 investigates to check out here’s how to reach us welcome back to Houston newsmakers my very special guest is Republican congressman Kevin Brady we’ve been talking about potential progress being made despite the climate of good political divisive ‘no sand the secure act is one of the examples of that tell people what is the secure act how did they come about yes so after we passed tax reforms local businesses had more money in their pocket families did as well but what we recognize is we’re not a nation of savers and we need to be and we need to make it easier for families to save more and earlier throughout their lifetime whether for health care or retirement or education so last session as chairman we passed retirement security bills first really rewrite of that in decades didn’t quite make the President to his credit the new chairman the Ways and Means Committee rich Anil from Massachusetts and I picked up that legislation made some adjustments you know priorities for mr. Neal in passed that took that to the House floor last week almost unanimously major reforms really helps people save and even helps older Americans who now can keep saving through their lifetime and at seventy and a half you won’t have to take savings out and spend it when you don’t want to we’re raising that age to 72 and we hope to get rid of that completely so that kind of passage in the house it’s not going to be a problem in a sense that shouldn’t be and we’ve worked with Senate Democrats and Republicans for several years in this area we should be working together on helping people save this is an Arri both parties feel strongly about do you think you mr. Neal is setting an example about how bipartisanship can work even when you are disagreeing on a lot of different things well I don’t know I’ve worked with with Richie Neil a long time of a great deal respect and form his word it’s always been good for me and so we while we do fight things out pretty hard we also are looking for common ground and and that’s just how our committee tries to work we just think that’s important one of the things that you’ve been vocal about is the need to get into place something that will replace the North American yeah we talked about what your concern is I know that over a period of time there’s been negotiations that have been going going on and the president wants to see this happen why is it not into position yeah so it has to come to Congress hears the good news our trading relationship with Mexican Canada business has been hugely important for states like Texas we sell more than 120 billion dollars of made in Texas products to Mexico and Canada in growing but the agreement was outdated the president renegotiated it is better in many ways than the existing NAFTA and so now Congress has to approve it and so we are working with and helping lead the effort to pass it in the house we are working Democrats and Republicans together on that and we’re making the case that for the u.s. it means 176 thousand more jobs pour Texas no one has more to gain from the new agreement known as more to lose if it isn’t approved so we’re covering really traveling the state building bipartisan support for the new u.s. Mexico Canada agreement last week as the house was in recess 19 point 1 billion dollar disaster relief bill was up for a vote the Senate had already passed at 85 to 8 Texas Republican congressman chip Roy objected that was enough to hold it up because the procedural rules there he also objected the lack of funding for border issues and he talked about that when he stood up that I wasn’t just about the fact that they want people in the house to vote on it he threw that about the border thing as well what does it mean to Texans waiting for disaster relief is this gonna get done yeah it will get done and it’s really for the Central Texas flooding that we saw I think gambrel one thing that worries me over the last several years the disaster funding has become a political football I know the after hurricanes Michael in others the California wildfires I know I led several bills to provide disaster tax relief then we passed disaster relief bill last year but it was on party line votes the bill this year party line votes we need to get back to working together on all the disaster that would seem simple I mean is one of you really important yeah obvious that a community needs it is it because people want to tack things on to it yeah that’s always the case you know there’s a disaster than all the add-ons people want to add that’s what tends to make it controversial I think chip Roy’s point well look this is 19 billion dollars Congress that’s a lot of money Congress really ought to put a yes or a no on the board for that I think he makes a important point at the end the day whether you’re in California Florida the Southeast Conference States you know or Texas central flooding you know we need to get that help yeah but just slowing down it’s gonna get done you think it will get done where it is I think more than a year late and we’ve got a we got to knock this stuff off let’s talk about immigration security what’s your solution to improving border security yeah so I think you got to shut the back door of illegal immigration so you can keep open the front door of legal immigration in Texas is a state pretty proud of its legal immigration it’s been a big putt is a big part of our region but we’ve got to secure that border and I think one you do need varies or do you need technology but you need some changes in law because right now you can’t keep those families together for longer than 20 days they need to be kept together you can’t when their case isn’t valid we have trouble returning them to their home countries our laws prevent that we should be able to do that the other thing is why don’t we for these families that are that are being prosecuted or persecuted in their home country why can’t they apply for asylum from the home country not take a 1200 mile dangerous trek to the United States why can’t we make it easier President Trump has actually proposed just that that should be an easy one for us to agree on so your biggest priorities you head back to Washington next week what’s that gonna be yeah so I think right now finishing out this retirement security the work we’re doing on on drug pricing we’re pulling back the curtain to see how drug prices are set you know and manipulated in the system we’re working in surprise billing something that Texas is a leader on we need to do better I think from the federal level and then of course we’re always looking for solutions on immigration the economy and more workers a lot on your plate yours but there it’s positive thing it’s not gonna be boring it’s not that you ever are always good to see you thank you so much by the way more on click2houston.com for our newsmakers extra we’re gonna continue this conversation go to our click2houston.com under the news heading click on newsmakers just ahead the changing face of the university of st. thomas and the president who’s leading the change next [Music] KPRC keeps a children’s programming report that is filed quarterly with the Federal 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Richard Ludwick president of st. Thomas University good morning you’ve been on the job now for a couple of years how is it going good morning it’s terrific yes this process this university what is it about the University of st. Thomas it makes it so special well you know I I I have experienced it to be a warm and welcoming place that has a unique combination of reflecting the great diversity of this is wonderful Houston metro area and marrying that with the with a terrific patrimony of an intellectual tradition that goes back 2,000 years and and then wrapping that all around a way that moves clearly into the future with some bold and exciting move so we’re I couldn’t be more pleased to be there what’s going on right now that you are most proud of that’s been going on now in the last couple years since you’ve hidden it well you know the the nice thing for me is that because the community is so welcoming they have coalesced around a vision that they themselves have crafted called the call toward tomorrow and that calls for a significant increase in enrollment and the impact that the university has for the city of Houston and far beyond you know one of the things we’re looking at is how to expand the reach of the campus the impact that our students make on the lives of people around them and that potential is really what’s exciting people I was i noticed recently that you the announcement was on the plans to go to Conroe this is a picture drawing of a proposed new campus University there talk about how that plan came about the land it’ll be built on how this campus fits into your strategic plan going forward well great thank you for that it’s garnered a lot of energy and I think rightfully so you know our plan the call toward tomorrow calls for us to increase both our footprint and the number of students that we have the the great folks of Conroe came to us and they said hey we would like to have you consider us and we said well this matches with what our plans are so let’s take a look at that and so the the land that we’re looking at for that picture that you just saw was for the Dyson Technology Park in Conroe we’re also looking at how we might integrate with this or the downtown of Conroe and then even over toward the interstate – so there are lots of different areas that we’re looking at but really it is to build a campus in Conroe and to do it with new kinds of programs and in new ways that fit the needs of the community and also sort of the traditions of the university we think that’s a good blending of the old and the very new when you talk about the traditions of a university how important is it to have a university higher level higher education mixed with religion I mean that seems to be when you think of st. Thomas University you think about the religious foundations and higher education what’s the value of having that going on at the same time well you know people in higher education love to talk about academic freedom and and that’s fine in many instances but it only goes so far without the ability to delve into faith in questions of what belief structures are as a as an institution that is Catholic or any other faith-based institution you really have a missing segment in that intellectual richness and so for us that blends the belief structures of many people and certainly in our tradition is the Catholic tradition but it allows us a certain freedom that you don’t find in every educational institution do you find that in this day and time that kind of environment where you have that kind of freedom to have the thought about what’s going on that it makes it a much more vibrant and a much more rich learning environment as a result you know it is so rich because of that freedom and at one story I’ll just tell you as I was a candidate for this job one of the students that I met with was not from the Catholic tradition and she said you know one of the things that I love so much about st. Thomas is that I can just be myself here I can be free to be Who I am and to explore the richness of my field and how that fits into the world and that’s what we crave for you know the rich tradition of the Catholic intellectual tradition is one that is fearless in its quest for knowledge and how that applies to help real people do real things it seems to me that the footprint of where your campus is now is that gonna be smaller than with the Conwell campus well we think so probably you know one of the things that I shared recently with the community was we were just recently offered a gift of land and Conroe from one of our along standing alumni and and I superimposed or we superimpose the current footprint of the university on that and it would more than triple the actual geographic footprint so that that’s kind of an exciting concept certainly our Montrose campus is it’s a gem for the city and for the university its award-winning architectural style and has such a vibrancy within that fabric of Montrose and those neighborhoods around there so it’s one of those things that will continue to nurture and is that I think a real opportunity for people to study well you tell a student who’s thinking about going to college and you want to give a pitch for Saint Thomas ah I say well if you want to really discover who you are what those gifts inside you have the potential to be will help you bring those to life so that you can share them with the world that’s that’s our promise that’s what be your bold self is all about you know what if I could just knock off about 50 years well we welcome you and we welcome anyone because we we have students from all walks of life I don’t want to bring down the cumulative but thank you so much thank you you’re a jewel ations knows what’s going on I look forward to the building going on thank you very much we’re excited about it thank you so much for being here hey coming back we’re gonna talk about next week coming up for the month of June how we’re impacted next week we’ll do that right after this break so Mike doesn’t eat red meat correct and Cindy’s kedo now I thought she was paleo that was last month also Janet the pescetarian fish only is bringing her new boyfriend who apparently doesn’t eat white sauces and they’re arriving at 7:00 when life gets crazy okay keep it simple choose from hundreds of delicious chef inspired meals in minutes with meals simple from h-e-b oh you all go ahead and eat I have to wait 12 more minutes in a minute fasting glad you’re back how are you feeling but finally be able to make that volunteer trip happen was awesome [Music] we’ll do it every year I thought you’d say that let’s do it see how investing with a JPMorgan advisor can help you visit your local chase branch this tradition definitely started with the honey barbecue chicken strips sandwich me and my friends always went to water burger we started putting out fliers saying water burgers social and they just started to come to that big thing I’m all about the hunt barbecue Chingiz super sandwich it’s got that barbecue flavor that she’s nuts on top it’s my go-to sandwich my best memory was trying to get everybody in the pictures one week it was 8 15 24 he got up to 65 people this tradition is all about good food fun teaching a soup sandwich did you know drowning is the second leading cause of death and children in Texas let’s stop this from happening help KPRC too and the YMCA of Greater Houston save lives join us for free swim safety event on Saturday June 8th for more info visit click2houston.com slash community brought to you in partnership with shipley donuts and splash way waterpark we have to step away next week for French Open tennis but we’ll be back stronger than ever the following weeks of June when we’ll have a special look at flooding concerns it’s a part of our hurricane season focus the Houston area survey by Rice University’s kinder Institute of urban research and the race for Houston mayor gets more crowded we’ll be talking with some of the candidates vying for that job all ahead here on Houston newsmakers so I do hope that you’ll join me thank you to congressman Brady and president Ludwick for joining me this morning to see this week’s and newsmakers extra with congressman Brady or this show or previous shows go to click2houston.com and under the news heading click on newsmakers have a great day I’ll see you back here on June 16th

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