How Acima Works for Merchants | Why You Should Partner With Acima

– Hi there, I’m Shaun, one of
the founders of Acima Credit. We founded Acima in 2013
because too many people couldn’t qualify for
traditional financing. In fact, according to FICO reports, 43% of consumers have a
credit score of less than 700. How can families get by
when an appliance goes out, or if they need new beds or furniture and have very little savings? How about when they need new tires but don’t have the cash or
credit available to get them? The list goes on, and these situations are ever present among various industries. We wanted to solve this
problem for people. The reality is, few people
are prepared financially for that sort of situation. That’s why thousands of
businesses partner with us, to help their customers
buy what they need now with our No Credit Needed purchase option. Acima steps in, and your
customers get what they need without resorting to other measures, like taking out a payday loan or going to one of
those rent-to-own stores and paying three to four
times the original invoice. I mean, who wants that? And don’t worry about your
customers not liking Acima. We have 4.7 stars on Google with more than 7,000 customer reviews. And if that’s not enough, we report to Experian each month, providing an opportunity for consumers to impact their credit. Here’s how it works. When a customer visits your store, they’ll see our No Credit
Needed marketing materials that we supply to you. Customers apply from the privacy and security of their own smartphones and find out in seconds
if they’re approved. Acima pays you upon
delivery of the merchandise, and your customer is our customer, in a lease-to-own agreement
with flexible payment options, including a 90-day purchase option. The bottom line is this. Stop letting customers
walk out of your store because they don’t have
the cash to pay now or don’t qualify for
traditional financing. Partner with Acima, grow your business
through incremental sales, and help your customer. Everyone wins. I’m personally extending an
invitation to you to try Acima. There’s a reason why we’re one of the fastest growing
companies in the industry. Call us at 801-297-1984 or visit us at so we can answer all your questions.

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