How can I avoid blowing up the lab? [PAYDAY 2]

[BAIN: Now we need uh… I’m going with hydrogen chloride.] [VERY BAD SIZZLING NOISES] [BAIN: HOLD IT! You didn’t put it in yet, right? It shoulda been muriatic acid!] [DALLAS: SON OF A BIT-] [DISCOUNT BREAKING BAD MUSIC] [BEEP] How can you avoid blowing up the meth lab? We’ve all done this at least once and it’s pretty embarrassing when it happens. However, there are a few small things that you should know, and do… …to hopefully never make this mistake again. The first fundamental thing that you need to know is that there are two different kinds of meth labs. The first kind is exclusively found on the Hotline Miami and Bomb: Dockyard heists. These two heists are unique in that they use the same formula every time. From the start of a fresh batch, add the ingredients in this order… …Muriatic Acid, Caustic Soda, and Hydrogen Chloride. Once again, this ONLY WORKS on Hotline Miami and Bomb: Dockyard… …do NOT apply this to other heists with meth labs. After this meth is cooked up, grab it and do the same order again… …acid, soda, chloride. Acid, soda, chloride. And now we’ll talk about the more complicated, original style of meth lab… …that can be found on Rats, Cook Off, and Lab Rats. On these heists, Bain is feeding you the formula, and it changes every batch. These heists still only use three ingredients, one of each kind… …but the order you add them in will change every single batch. As soon as you bag up a finished pile of meth, the order gets randomized again… …so you have to wait for Bain to tell you what to add next. Here’s an example of a line you might hear Bain tell you. [BAIN: Alright, next ingredient… caustic soda.] Okay, that’s straight forward enough- [BAIN: HOLD UP! My bad! It’s muriatic acid, add some!] -ooooh… but, you just… you just said it wa… …but… …well, let’s wait for him to tell us again to be sure. …uhhhhhh… …Bain? [BAIN: Uhhh… If I read this correctly… u-uhhh… uh… o-oh I’m going with muriatic acid!] Really? You don’t sound so sure. [BAIN: I’m 54% sure!] Does that number actually mean anything? [BAIN: Nooo…] Yeeeah I, didn’t think so. So, upon first listen this sound complicated, (and suspiciously nothing like Bain)… …however, once you realize how the dialogue works, it’s actually rather simple. Basically, every time Bain tells you what ingredient to add, his dialogue is actually split up into two halves. Listen to this clip and see if you can hear the pause. [BAIN: Okay… what comes after that… it’s hydrogen chloride-] [BAIN: -for sure. Or, most likely.] Did you hear it? So, why does this matter? Well, the first half of the dialogue will state an ingredient. All you need to listen out for is the actual ingredient name… …being either muriatic acid, caustic soda, or hydrogen chloride. Here are a few examples. [BAIN: Uhh… I hope I got this right… muriatic acid.] [BAIN: Now we need… it’s caustic soda.] [BAIN: Alright let’s see… we’ll go with hydrogen chloride.] After a brief pause there will be a second voice clip, and it will be either A: a confirmation, or B: a correction. Let’s start with confirmation. For the sake of an example, let’s assume that the first half of the dialogue is: [BAIN: It’s caustic soda.] When that’s followed with a confirmation voice clip, it confirms that what he said was right. A few examples include: [BAIN: That should get the process going.] [BAIN: I… think so, at least.] [BAIN: What’s the worst that could happen, right?] Even if he sounds unsure, it’s still a confirmation. You also may have noticed that one thing all of these lines have in common, is that they never make mention to any other ingredients. So, if we take this piece of dialogue as a whole- [BAIN: It’s caustic soda… …that should get the process going!] -we can conclude, obviously, that the correct ingredient is caustic soda. The other possible outcome is instead of him confirming his previous statement, he goes back on it and tries to correct it. A few examples of that include: [BAIN: HOLD UP! It’s supposed to be muriatic acid, poor it in!] [BAIN: STRIKE THAT! I messed up! It shoulda been muriatic acid. That should get it on.] [BAIN: Nope, that’s not it! We need muriatic acid!] You’ll notice that in each of those voice clips, he stated the name of a different ingredient, muriatic acid in this case. So from this, we can conclude that the correct ingredient to add is muriatic acid… …the SECOND ingredient that he states. See where I’m going with this? The bottom line is, listen to both halves of the dialogue put together… …if only ONE ingredient is stated, then that ONE ingredient is always correct… …if TWO ingredients are stated, then the SECOND ingredient is always correct. So, when listening to a voice clip, keep an ear out for two things… …what the FIRST ingredient stated is, and if a second one is stated AT ALL. If only one ingredient is stated, add it. If two ingredients are stated, add the second one stated. It is HIGHLY recommended that you turn on subtitles when cooking meth. Even if you don’t use them normally, it makes it much easier to spot ingredient names without Bain’s voice being overpowered by music or gunfire. If you missed how many ingredients Bain listed, just wait for a new voice clip to start from scratch. You’ll want to confer with your teammates too, because they probably heard something different than you did. Yeeeah, Bain’s dialogue is completely different for every player in this heist. The ingredient that’s supposed to be added will always be the same for every player, but the exact words that he’ll use to explain it will be completely different. So, use caution. Once again, after a batch on one of these three maps is cooked, the next formula will be completely different. So don’t expect to use the same order of ingredients and have it work… …that is only the case on Hotline Miami and Bomb: Dockyard. A very good practice, regardless of what map you’re on, is to assign one player to be a designated cook per batch. Have them grab a set of three ingredients, and have them be the only one that adds any during that batch. Once an ingredient is added, let’s say hydrogen chloride in this case… …that means you have two left over, caustic soda and muriatic acid… …so you know the next ingredient has to be one of those two. And after the next ingredient is added, you’re left with just one. So you know no matter what, the last ingredient in that batch will be whatever you have left over. After that batch is done, you or another player can start again from the top. Also, any time an ingredient is added, colourful smoke will billow from its container… …indicated that ingredient was already added during that batch. Adding that ingredient again before the batch finished is guaranteed to blow up the lab. Once all three ingredients are added, and the meth is bagged up, the smoke will reset. And the last bit of advice I can give: TALK TO YOUR TEAMMATES! If you are even the slightest bit unsure about what to add, don’t be embarrassed to ask your teammates. Be a little bit careful with pubbies though, as there are trolls out there that will try to get you to intentionally add the wrong ingredient… …and other times, people just make mistakes… …but, hopefully you won’t after watching this video! Thanks for watching, and take it easy!

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  1. Emircan Kara says:

    Just download "Meth Helper".

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    This helped

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    I’ve been waiting for someone to make this vid for forever

  5. Guilty Pigeon says:

    4:49 "It is highly recommended that you turn on subtitles when cooking meth" made me feel tired

  6. Your boy says:

    He does NOT like caustic Sosa

  7. Eric Nguyen says:

    I failed chemistry so I have my friends do the cooking for me

  8. TimeWornMoth 380 says:

    Ive only blowed it up once
    Alot of cops around and i wanted to put in the ingredient fast
    Then bains like

  9. Visit Singapore says:

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  10. Gabriel Mezadri says:

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  11. _SuNGviN_ says:

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  12. Alex Rogalski says:

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  15. Yosbroap says:

    I never blowed the lab and I did the meth lab 1 h and I did a round in 2 mins.But only with a friend that told me to wait for bain(you make it complicated) (I was the Chief)

  16. Big Turtle says:

    What is that hud

  17. Man in Tidy Whities says:

    Or you can just buy loads of salt and water and mix it yourself, without risk of explosion

  18. That Emo Bitch says:

    Bain: I’m 0.01% sure that it’s Caustic Soda

    Me: ok Pours caustic soda

  19. Sanjar Khan says:

    Or…… you could download the mod where it tells you exactly what to add.

  20. Lauren Bass says:

    No if he says its caustic soda then he says muriatic acid listen one more time the third one he says is correct I'll put it like this
    Its caustic soda. Wait no it's muriatic acid. (Wait a little bit and he will say the correct one) Add caustic soda to continue the process. This means its caustic soda so the third one he says is correct not the second
    (This is only on the rats mission)

  21. Lauren Bass says:

    I done the 25 bag challenge I was on the 24th one and i put caustic soda in and I heard a "fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff" lab blows up. U know that one moment u want to kill everything and jump off a cliff because of a mistake that was in my head OMFG I WAS THAT PISSED I BOYHFTCTCDHDHFCHDFCJCFTDUTCUDCTTDCTDXTDXFDX IT WAS YESTERDAY IM STILL MAD

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  23. Infinity says:

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  24. ShadowExtreme ShadowFire says:

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    step 2: ????
    step 3: Profit.

  25. Sekrit dokument says:

    repeat bains line from rats everytime he says muriatic acid, cuastic soda, or hydrodin clyoride. (sorry for mispell)

  26. Viewer Y01 says:

    My teamates are bots ;-;

  27. Dendy the singing demean says:

    Mannnnn I’m a dumbass

  28. the local Crusader says:

    Remember ASH for hotline miami and bomb dock yard.

  29. Hello There Fellow Humans says:

    Step one:

    Don't be a dumbass.

    Step two.


  30. Chet Willow says:

    I played this for an hour and got downed right beside the van. I was on offline crime net.

  31. pal1d1nl1ght says:

    I have only messed up once. However, it was while all of my teammates were near death next to it, and we all died from it.

  32. Lolnoelke77 says:

    I don’t know why I watched this video I already knew, it was worth it for that Bain voice though

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    the bain build:

  37. Gabrielk 2024 says:

    TL/DW Use you ears.

  38. Lasadaf says:

    I remember when Bain's lines didn't have all this "I'm X percent sure", so you had to learn the lines, because there was one like "Fock me, we needed those damn cooks, I'm going with caustic soda" which lied. It was pretty funny to see everyone fail, tbh.

  39. Vapid says:

    Simple answer:hope bain can read correctly

  40. Ajc 7575 says:

    I used to play cook off public, then realized everyone who joins a cook off public is a troll.

  41. The Nubby Channel says:

    i have had 3 meth labs blown up by three different people after either 1, 2, 3, or no batches of meth. this happened with a new player, a relevant player, and an infamy player. that experience made me lose 1000 brain cells

    edit: thjs all happened on three different games on xbox so not the smartest but still, CHECK BEFORE YOU YOLO. What he said in the video is helpful advice to some new pc players and alot of xbox and possibly ps3/ps4 players

  42. Arty Wang says:

    This intro is one of the best I've ever seen for a Payday 2 video. Or, hell, a video game video, for that matter.

  43. Phoenix says:

    wow does bain think we're deaf he said muriatic acid like 3 times

  44. Shuckle says:

    Then, Bain tells me to put it in this order: Muriatic acid, caustic soda, and hydrogen chloride.

  45. BariZoy says:

    The dialog remake was hilarious 😀

  46. timspellman47 says:

    I host my own game where I intentionally blow up the lab get the info in the second part and get the money in the third. It's not worth it to me to wait for it to cook.

  47. Sgt. Hippie Cat says:

    sick hud

  48. Decks TV says:

    sometimes bain tells me right ingridient and confirm it but it still wrong

  49. Radi4ted Virus says:

    Now try this on an online lobby

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  51. Humphrey Davy School says:

    if this happens the player is new, or an idiot. I understood how it works at 9 years old

  52. Connor says:

    you gotta wait a min

  53. Ryan Lorenzo says:

    “It is highly recommended that you turn on subtitles when cooking meth.”
    – Connor Shaw, 2016

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    "MMMM, Coca-Cola!"


  55. NOOB Gaming says:

    yo nice hud. where can i get it?!

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    is this an english lesson

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    meth helper mod

    still you do ?
    let someone do it else

    still messing it up ?

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    Fuck me, we need those damn cooks. I'm going with caustic soda.

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  62. Freya B says:

    Add caustic soda

    No no wait add… Muriatic acid

    Bain goes to say the right ingredient

    Cops climbing the windows


    1000000000Years later

    Ummmm hydrogen chloride…


  63. The Unlucky Player says:

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    Guys The Thermal Drill Go Get It

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    If you only farm Coca plants, which i dont…

    scratches nose

  72. andrew thenutjob says:


  73. Ege Karataş says:

    Bain: uhhhh… muriatic acid!

    Dallas and 3 other player: copy that

    After adding the muriatic acid*

    Bain: guys stop! İts hydrogen chloride! Guys, guys? Can you hear me ? Why is there an ambulance?

  74. Weird video's says:

    Thank you so much connor!!! i did the best, and i managed to escape… and maybe… blow up the meth lab. but i escaped with 3 loot bags of meth on hard. it was hard! but it was worth it

  75. Freya B says:

    Bain: Talking shit blah blah CAUSTIC SODA
    Me: ok it's caustic soda
    Friend: adds hydrogen chloride
    Meth lab never blows up

    Then realised that Bains line is different for every player

    Me: OHHHH

  76. Freya B says:

    It's Muriatic Acid
    Wait you didn't add it right… It's caustic soda



    me: leaves game

  77. Masterzoroark 666 says:

    4:50 you don't even know how funny it sounds

  78. Sekrit dokument says:

    short answer, just listen for bains insturctions and turn off the music

  79. Freya B says:

    The point:


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    2:27 wen you get robed (the shots)

  85. TheBreakingBenny says:

    I have a kind of hint to myself for Cook Off and Rats; the first two ingredients are always random, but once those are done you can add the third ingredient that hasn't been used yet: If Soda and Acid were already put in, next is Chloride. Chloride and Soda leads to Acid, you get the idea.

  86. Grandpa Soldier says:

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  88. Plague Doctor says:

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  96. Alexander Steinberg says:

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  97. Hello says:

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    Step 2: Dont do public

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