How Can I See All Three of My Credit Scores?

Hi guys. You know, people often ask us: How can
I see all three of my credit scores? The answer’s a little bit tricky, since it turns out
you have way more than three scores. Let’s go check it out. There are three main credit bureaus: Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. Each keeps records of your credit history
and calculates your scores in different ways. You can check your three free credit reports
from to make sure that each bureau has
your correct information. But you won’t get a credit score there. These bureaus create tons of scores —
some that aren’t even available to you. But you don’t have to stress out about
all the different credit scores out there. They all tend to go up and down together. The important thing is to track one score. Going up or down a point usually won’t matter. But your credit score range will determine
your credit options and your terms. Lastly, creditworthiness is more than
just your score. Lenders are starting to use other attributes along with your credit score to determine if they’ll lend to you. And remember, you can always track your credit
for free at And that way you’ll have a better idea of where
you stand, before you apply for credit. Good luck!

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