How Can the US Keep a Trillion Dollar Debt?

If you look at countries with the most debt
compared to their GDP the USA is not top of the list, and we could say that’s a good
thing for the country. That’s because when it seems that a country
is unable to pay the money back it could lead to panic and hamper economic growth. According to the World Bank the debt-to-GDP
ratio shouldn’t exceed 77 percent for a long period of time or the economy will suffer,
and indeed the USA’s debt is over 100 percent of the GDP. We looked at a live USA debt clock and it
told us the country’s national debt was almost 23 trillion dollars, which if you divide
that between every citizen it would mean each person owes almost $70,000. Whether this should bother the average American
is something we’ll look at today. Before you get worried we should say that
just about all countries have a national debt, not every country, but almost every country. These debts are for the most part sustainable,
but some countries do owe way more than their GDP. But these countries don’t just go broke. A country doesn’t just stand around pulling
out its empty pockets saying sorry guys, we don’t have any money, we can’t even afford
to cut the grass at the Royal Palace. With that in mind, how does this national
debt thing work? We went to the website The Balance because
when it comes to matters of money those guys seem to have all the answers. We’ll let The Balance explain the two kinds
of national debt. This is what the website said:
“The first is debt held by the public. The government owes this to buyers of its
bonds. Those buyers are the country’s citizens,
international investors, and foreign governments. The second type is intragovernmental debt. The federal government owes this to other
government departments. It often funds government and citizens’
pensions. An example is the U.S. Social Security retirement
account.” The federal government spends the cash, say
on military, and in the USA that’s a huge amount of money. Healthcare is also a big expenditure. But when the government spends people find
work and they in turn spend and this keeps the economy healthy. So in a way it’s good to keep that spending
going. If the debt remains moderate then the interest
rates on the debt can stay low and in turn the government can keep its deficit without
getting into trouble. It’s only when the deficit is too high and
the debt becomes unsustainable that bad things happen. We are told the small increases in debt are
good for the economy, but if the increase is too big this will lead to skyrocketing
economic growth. That might sound good, but with the boom comes
a bust. What goes up must come down, so countries
are careful not to spend too much too fast. The Balance tells us that debt that just keeps
rising over a very long period of time will at some point lead to a slowing down of economic
growth. The interest payments will have to be paid
and so at some point some cash needs to be paid back lest the debt get out of hand. If things do get out of hand then the outcome
will be less spending and that will mean businesses borrowing less and people not being employed. Interest rates will also rise. This is bad for everyone. If people don’t have a job they spend less
and in turn businesses lose out. If no one is borrowing because of high interest
rates and fewer people are working and not spending what can happen then is a recession. No one is borrowing and no one is buying. Now the banks are looking at this country
and thinking, hmm, it can’t pay its debt so we are not going to invest anything. They worry the country will default on its
debt. Inside the country you have a recession and
no one wants to invest in that country. At some point the country in recession just
can’t pay off its debt and this could lead to a financial crisis such as what happened
in Greece. So if anyone is going to invest in this country
in crisis they will demand high interest rates. This will slow the economy and it might lessen
the value of the currency of that country. The Balance explains it like this:
“As the currency’s value declines, foreign holders’ repayments are worth less. That further decreases demand and drives up
interest rates. As the currency declines, imports become more
expensive. That contributes to inflation.” How does any of this affect you? Well, two-thirds of the U.S. debt is actually
owned by the public. The other third is owned by federal agencies. The public owes around $15 trillion, and as
you know, that’s around $45,000 per person. The U.S. per capita income is $33,205, so
how does this work out? If what the USA makes in one year, the GDP,
is less than it owes then how come it just doesn’t go bankrupt and have one of the
crises we have talked about? The simple answer is other countries have
a lot of faith in the U.S. economy so countries such as China and Japan keep investing. This keeps the interest rates in the U.S.
low and so the crisis is kept at arm’s length. Now, the problem is if the debt just keeps
increasing and countries start to lose faith in the USA to pay back its debts. Experts tell us the debt will indeed keep
rising, and some economists are worried that countries will soon start demanding higher
interest rates. This could lead to a financial crisis in the
USA. In an article called “The National Debt
Dilemma” this was written: “By 2023, the deficit will have risen for
eight consecutive years, the longest such streak in U.S. history, surpassing a five-year
run during World War II. On this steep trajectory, the publicly held
U.S. debt will nearly double to more than $29 trillion over the next decade.” But does this even matter, lots of countries
have debt? According to the experts it could matter,
because if interest rates rise then more money will have to be spent on this debt. That could mean less cash going on things
such as infrastructure, education, or research. This slows the development of a nation, of
course. On top of that, how much money is spent on
humanitarian operations around the world, or overseas military actions, will also be
affected. If countries start seeing the USA struggle
they will also likely stop investing, and this will in turn be bad for business and
bad for the average Joe in the USA who is looking for a job. He will have less cash to spend and the economy
will suffer. The very worst outcome is what experts call
a debt spiral and a financial crisis. The article we just mentioned said this is
what might happen after that: “It could hamper the country’s ability
to navigate future economic crises. In the view of some experts, massive debt
accumulation could undermine U.S. global leadership by eroding Washington’s ability to respond
to future crises.” We found some politicians that said the debt
and the future debt is not sustainable and indeed the USA is heading towards a crisis. This will weaken the country and it might
not be such a powerhouse as it once was. Erskine Bowles, the Democratic co-chair of
President Obama’s bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, said
this, “If I had to give you an analogy, I would say that the deficits are truly like
a cancer, and over time they are going to destroy our country from within.” But we should say a lot of people don’t
share this doomsday scenario opinion. They say the deficit is sustainable but most
agree that it should be reduced over time. Some economists argue about this a lot and
there is an ongoing debate as to how much this debt matters. And that’s kind of the current argument. Some people are asking does the debt even
matter and others are talking about a crisis in the pipeline. Many say as long as the economy remains robust
then there is just no need to pay off the debt. That economy is pretty vibrant as things stand
and the US dollar is in good shape, so at the moment the debt is very much sustainable. Whether it will remain so is a divisive issue. Does the debt actually matter? Tell us in the comments. Now go watch “What If The US Budget Was
Only $100 – How Would It Spend It?” Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

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  3. Alex H says:

    Finally it's gonna reach 23 million I mean billion I MEAN trillion, whell the debt is going a bit slow latelly we need to do more accomplishments.

  4. goldreserve says:

    1. US debt is in $US, currency may be devalued long term but no risk of default
    2. Global interest rates are falling or even negative so cost of debt falls
    3. Rates are still higher in the US than competing reserve currencies Japan, Euro, British pound
    4. Triffin's Paradox. As world reserve currency US must maintain enough $US supply to meet global demand

  5. Alex H says:

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  7. thorium222 says:

    As long as a democrat becomes president once in a while and reduces the debt again as they historically usually do, then this is nothing to worry about. If the republicans continue to get the presidency, although fewer people vote for them compared to the democrats, then the US will go bankrupt rather sooner than later. Trump for example does an excellent job in eroding any confidence in the US, going constantly back and forth on his word and portraying stupidity on a whole new level that even George W. Bush didn't reach.

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    obama added 11 trillion to the debt.

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