How do ammo bags work? [PAYDAY 2]

How do ammo bags work? This is the third part of a series of videos on how equipment in Payday 2 works. You can click the button up in the corner and check out the previous episode about first aid kits So we’ve talked about all the medical supplies in Payday 2 let’s move on to more utilitarian style equipment in the enforcer tree under the ammo specialist branch we have the ammo bag you can get a single one of these by default and can carry up to two with the Aced ‘Extra Lead’ skill upon using an ammo bag the player will receive ammo for their weapons no matter what weapon it may be. Assault rifles rocket launchers and saws all alike you can get ammo back from these bags throwables, on the other hand (your grenades, cards, throwing knives, ETC.) will not be restored from ammo bags the ammo bag by default contains four full ammo restorations or 400% Ammo meaning if you’re completely out of ammo using a fresh Standard size ammo bag will consume half the ammo in that bag or 200% ammo This is because both your primary and secondary weapons have their own percentages rather than sharing the same value So if you have a single weapon that’s half empty it will take 50% ammo from the bag. A full empty weapon will take 100% Ammo and two Empty weapons will take 200% interestingly ammo bags will prioritize filling your secondary weapon before your primary weapon so if the bag runs out of ammo before it can load both serve guns you’ll find yourself with little to no primary ammo and plenty of Secondary Ammo No matter what weapon you have equipped the total ammo you’ll take from a bag is based on percentages for instance the maximum ammo count on your average assault rifle is 150 Whereas your average sniper rifle has 30 Using an ammo bag with either of these weapons being empty will consume the exact same amount of ammo from the bag being 100% of your guns maximum ammo or 1/4 of your basic ammo bags. There is one major outlier to this entire system being the little friend rifle from the scarface character Pack the Grenade Launcher Attachment counts as its own separate weapon meaning if you empty all the bullets in your secondary and a little friends rifle and grenade reserves using an Ammo bags will consume 300% ammo as the game considers you as having three weapons This is incredibly inefficient as the ammo pick up rate on the grenade launcher Attachment is more than substantial to keep itself loaded So if you want to use an ammo bag with a little friend a quick try to be sure you have plenty of grenades first To not be wasteful aside from that you shouldn’t feel bad about using an ammo bag to load up on your weapons that have deeper ammo pools you aren’t taking any extra ammo than weapons with lower max ammo counts a Minigun filled up from Empty will take the exact same amount of ammo from the bag as a pistol filled up from empty You should be more concerned with how many times you use an ammo bag try to use ammo drop from dead cops to keep your guns filled for as long as possible and only use an ammo bag where you really need to when fully Upgraded a player has two ammo bags with six full gun restorations per bag totalling to 12. In other words that 600% ammo per bag totalling to 1,200 percent this means that between both ammo bags every member of your Four-Person crew can fill up on ammo from Empty once each and you’ll still have the equivalent of a single basic ammo bag left over as Ammo is drained from a bag you can visibly see the ammo bag run out once there’s no ammo left the ammo bag will disappear One of the major Factors in deciding if you should invest in ammo bags is the ammo efficiency of your weapons some guns such as the CAR-4 and the Locomotive have good ammo pickup rates meaning the ammo drops that are left on the ground are often enough to keep these guns loaded Therefore you may never have to visit an ammo bag however some weapons like light machine guns in the minigun fire far more bullets than you’re able to earn back from ammo drops alone and In extreme cases like rocket launchers and the saw they literally cannot earn ammo from drops and can only Refill their ammo through the use of an ammo bag in these cases I would highly recommend investing in ammo bags and while you’re there the fully loaded Skill to increase your maximum ammo count would also be useful don’t worry Increasing your maximum ammo count will not make you drain more bullets from an ammo bag in fact It’s even more efficient as you’re taking the exact same amount of ammo out of the bag But getting more bullets in return another perk of ammo bags is the bullet storm skill When using an ammo bag placed by a player with this skill you’ll be able to Continuously fire your weapon without reloading or depleting ammo temporarily The more ammo that you took from the bag the longer this effect will last up to Five seconds with the basic version of the skill and 15 seconds with the skill aced Bullet storm also works with Rocket and Grenade launchers this skill is not only a potent way to dispose of a large group of cops But it’s great for ammo efficiency as well You’re spending no ammo for up to 15 seconds and the cops you kill for free will still drop ammo pouches that your teammates can pick up and load their guns with Overall Ammo bags are one of the backbones of any successful heist keeping everyone on the crew in the fight longer Ideally for loud heists one player should always bring fully Upgraded ammo bags and two players would be ideal if you’re running a build with ammo inefficient weapons Or just feel like shredding corridors with bullet storms be sure to invest in ammo bags Join me next time when I talk about sentry guns. Thanks for watching and take it easy

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  1. Ethan 355 says:


  2. Kvadron says:

    How do loot bags work?

  3. nova claymór says:

    can you make infiltrator perk deck good?

  4. Yachooo says:

    Can you make ECM next?

  5. marcuszer0 says:

    You spent five minutes talking about the simple concepts of ammo bags, and you completely missed the one point I was actually curious about. What happens when you fire a very small amount of your ammo, say a single bullet from a minigun with 750 in the reserves, then use an ammo bag? Are you taking 50% to refill that one bullet? Are you taking 1%? Are you maybe even taking the logical 0.1333…%?

  6. ReploidHunterSigma says:

    See – i've played this game fora good while now and I never knew the ammo bags actually existed solely on percentages – I just assumed it was like medic bags and worked the same way.

    This has already been a useful video from just that – thanks boyo!

  7. Mazaroth says:

    Holy shit that mosconi part reminded me of Hershels shotgun from walking dead

  8. It's a no from me says:

    next vid "how do you breath?"

  9. Gay Retard says:

    they give you ammo

  10. Dion says:

    When's the video on armor bags, new players need to realize it's the best deployable

  11. Jasper Edwards says:

    When else hoping he will explain how exactly bullet storm works? like what is the minimum requirements to get the maximum benefit

  12. Doritos Nacho says:

    Please make a medic bag video these dumb noobs don't realize their only supposed to use the medic when your grey not when your low on health

  13. Jacob Isaacs says:

    You say primary weapons wrong

  14. UGS4697 says:

    one question i have is can sentry guns pull ammo out of your primary and be placed into your rpg? i haven't tested it yet and would love to see if it does act like an ammo bag for your rpg. basically gaining ammo for your rpg from ammo drops but from the sentry guns.

  15. Caleb Russell says:

    this video is going to cause an ammo bag nerf

  16. Mhymyk says:

    I used to think ammo bags were like medic bags, they had a set number of charges (basic, has 4 charges, aced has 6 charges), and they would use a charge no matter how much ammo you had left.

  17. Michael Hannan says:

    extra lead only needs to be basic to carry two ammo bags

  18. That fkn turkey says:

    You put them down, and people take ammo from them. Stupid question…

  19. ThroChainWinLane says:

    Its actually the basic extra lead skill :^)

  20. lucas santinos says:

    I'm happy that i never depended on those, always used weapons like m308 on single fire.

  21. Артемий Румянцев says:

    But JP36 have 240 in reserve

  22. The cloaker eats a Smelly onion says:


  23. staryoshi06 says:

    I thought the default ammo bag had 300% in it.

  24. Goofy Hayden says:


    Save my man Karl

  25. Beluga Whale says:

    cops r nice. 😉

  26. Azken says:

    (pre mery) is how it sounds when he says primary lol

  27. Jacob Applehoof says:

    i have three main loadouts. A silent build for stealth…a loud build for all-purpose events with primary medic bags and secondary ammo bag and a CAR rifle…and a stationary/defend that has JUST silent and loud senturies with the AA12. I find the stationary build more and more useful as I tweak it.

  28. f2p says:

    pry mare e

  29. Kakka-Carrot-Cake says:

    32 seconds in is where you can stop, this doesn't need an explanation.

  30. Knight Artorias says:

    b-bu….but LMG's are incredibly ammo efficient(given in not one down when u get surefire ace and body expertise ace)

  31. Masztufa Ä. says:

    more thoughts about ammo bags:
    -grenade launchers tend to have outstanding ammo pickup (1 grenade from 1-2 packs). The china puff has a capacity of 6. On
    longer heists fill up your grenade launcher before using an ammo bag. It takes little effort and increases the longevity of
    ammo bags
    -The only way you can get 'infinite ammo' on a saw is bulletstorm. Swan song does not work. If you need to get a lot of deposit
    boxes cut ask to have a ce bulletstorm for the heist, ask the teammate to place one near the wall. Empty your ammo (but
    leave some on the final blade of your saw). Get full on ammo and just hold down the fire button and open a portal to an
    other dimension. You have 15 seonds of constant sawing action.

  32. Total_Kayhem says:

    Yeah Bulletstorm hasn't worked for me in ages

  33. thatoneguyJ says:

    ah bullet Strom. the easiest way to get called a hacker and kicked.

  34. Sir Fabulous says:

    I have 600 hours and didn't actually know that every weapon takes the same amount if its empty, these are actually pretty helpful 🙂

  35. Greasy Hair, Greasy Hands, Greasy Mind says:

    Funnily, my most effective build is only using "inefficient" weapons (LMGs and SMGs) and I usually finish with full ammo, while still having the highest bodycount.

    Of course, the fact that I'm playing as an Anarchist-Tank means that I get to move around pretty freely (Since I have the passive armor regeneration + 20 points of armor for each headshot + a small amount for any hit every few seconds – consider the high rate of fire without reloading all that much), so I get to pick up a lot of ammo drops.

  36. Nucleus says:

    9/10 pubs i play all 3 teamm8s have ammo bags but only 2 have them skilled AT ALL and i usually bring doctor bags for my team to waste so i notify them that they should use a doctor bag when they see grey and that, thx to you ^^
    That stat can also be seen in the inventory screen in the bottom left though…. never noticed.

  37. Don't watch muh videos and don't scrubskribe says:

    you drop the bag, open the bag, take the mags and use it on the gun.

  38. Beluga Whale says:

    I like how Conner Shaw's fans meet him in-game. They only greet him and tell him how much he likes his videos. They seem very nice.

  39. nukeman1303 says:

    Instead of watching 5 minutes and 51 seconds possibly wasting your time. Read this what takes double that time.
    A ammo bag is a simple satchel which is wearable, and inside the large bag. Is ammunition for illegal weapons that will be used in a heist.
    Thanks for reading this comment I wasted my lifetime on instead of making a sandwich…

  40. Blue Beret Divine says:

    Wow infinite dragon fire rounds on that shot gun is op on zeal dozers

  41. ธีรภัทร์ เรืองจำเนียร says:

    how the hell did u get that ammo from bb gun mag bag?????

  42. Luis Garcia says:

    How do Amor bags work

  43. XXVAngel says:

    Ammo bags we bring arrows where we could bring nades

  44. Knitby says:

    They restore your ammo and have 400% capacity(basic) or ~600% capacity (upgraded).

  45. ThatMiniDoof says:

    he says you can get 2 ammo bags with aced extra lead, but you only need basic 😛

  46. ZeR0 says:

    Except One down when we all bring doctor bags.

  47. SwaggerboyNox says:

    How Ecms work

  48. Relixa says:

    "Ammo bags are the backbone of any mission."
    Stealth, anyone? Oh right, you kill with a few silenced shots, enemies practically always refill the lost ammo by dropping it and you aren't trying 2 kill everything (Most of the time, at least), making ecm jammers far more useful as opposed 2 ammo bags that are literally useless in stealth missions.
    Unless some jackass (Troll), shoots, then leaves (kick, anyone? Especially if they return) which won't be a problem if you are hosting, by using restart, provided you aren't on ps3 or 360, where such magic doesn't exist.

  49. Putu Tunik says:

    Anybody know what the background music is?

  50. Putu Tunik says:

    Anybody know what the background music is?

  51. Darca1n says:

    You know, this is really interesting to know that the primmery weapon is second in line to get ammo.

  52. Connor Fox says:

    How do ammo bags work? You take the ammo out

  53. John Maxwell says:

    take a wild fucking guess my dude

  54. Türker Demiray says:

    Fun Fact : Little Friend If all ammo from Rifle and Granade Launcher + Secondary empty can get More than 15 Seconds of Infinite ammo Also GRANADE STORM

  55. billymal says:

    4:30 I thought this was a glitch

  56. Man says:

    I think how it works is you take ammo from the bag when you need it

  57. Txt says:

    I got ammo for the RPG and minigun by ammo from cops

  58. The Raven says:

    Everyone knows how the shit works -.-

  59. iamopposed says:

    P R M I R Y

  60. Sayori says:

    Something I’ve noticed about Ammo Bags and the Bullet Storm Skill. If you’re using the Little Friend, and get 300% ammo back, Bullet Storm lasts for 20 Seconds. So if you’re a Little Friend user, and you’re using ammo bags, then GO FUCKING NUTS

  61. Quinten says:


  62. sointaminn says:

    I have to object about LMGs. I recognize that they are ammo inefficient, but Body Expertise allows for "headshots" to be scored all over the ennemies' chests, meaning that they will most probably receive a headshot wherever you fire on them. That, coupled, with Surefire that allows you to completely ignore bulletproof vests, means that you will always shoot down cops with only a few bullets, maximizing your medium-range efficiency. (all normal cops go down in 1 shot on Overkill, 2-3 on Mayhem, never tried on DW). That means you will need less ammo ; since LMG have high ammo pickups, you will need fewer bullets and will be perfectly ammo-efficient. I guess that works less better on DW and OD, but I never tried, so… ^^'
    EDIT: also lmg have been buffed, so there's that

  63. ArmouredLemming says:

    ''Say hello to my greedy lil friend!''

  64. NeedsMoreBoosters says:

    Huh, I thought there were only two uses on the non-upgraded bags and four on the good ones. Probably good I learned this.

  65. Frankie2142 says:

    You put them down and you get ammo from them. There.

  66. Doktor Kranium says:

    everybody in PD2 goes for selfish builds…i see 70% medic bags
    20 % FAK
    9% ammo
    1% others

  67. Wizardhacker 70 says:

    How does a bag of ammo work?
    ? ? ?
    whats next: How do the floor work? [PAYDAY 2]

  68. Gregory Whatley says:

    Im sorry, why did we need this video?

  69. Firetyper13 says:

    I thought this said armours bag…

  70. Lhenkhantus says:

    What bitton i need to press to use the grenade launcher of the little friend ?

  71. BonziBUDDY says:


  72. Matt Yaqin says:

    Game Logic but worth it.

  73. Radec says:

    Question whats the song in the background called

  74. Librarian Weed says:


  75. ثورة التكنولوجيا | Technology revolution says:

    Is the guy in 5:32 I saw him in breaking bad idont remember his name

  76. Will Crozier says:


  77. trollbreeder says:

    Fiiiiive bullets leeeeft…

  78. Unknown says:

    Payday 2 is amazing

  79. Sekrit dokument says:

    you clearly take the mag that dosent look like it belongs on your weapon

  80. thevoxdeus says:

    Prime, not prim.

  81. Ajc 7575 says:

    Why are there 343 comments on this vid? Ammo bags work, 343 doesn’t. Also
    “Man whips out his shotgun, blows his load all over his mansion for 15 seconds straight.”

  82. General Salt says:

    It's primary not what ever you say

  83. Lidija Georgijević-Špiler says:

    why do you pronounce primary like prmiry

  84. Роман Шосиробе says:

    You… you said 12000% instead of 1200% how dare you being not perfect.

  85. Jubi says:

    They gives you ammo

  86. Peak Of Evolution says:

    Ammo bag : holds ar mags
    Players : gets saw blade

  87. Kacper Napierała says:

    How do they work?
    You get mags.Boom.

  88. [GD] MagZ says:

    How a gun work?

  89. Goose McBruce says:

    they give you ammo

  90. Joe mama says:

    How do you placet hem down

  91. Kia, The Spiral Engi says:

    the spas 12 [cant remember it's name] has seriously good pickup rates
    i got through go bank overkill without using an ammo bag once

  92. Ashsaloft says:

    It gives u ammo

  93. Robert Eckert says:

    I am the definition of a support with my Loud builds. I bring ammo, c4, and an lmg

  94. thetute59 says:

    I dont even own payday 2 but Im still watching this.
    Good shit my dude
    P.S. Prmry ;D

  95. Cørn Flæk says:

    Fun thing is i replenish all my ammo from cops. All of it.

  96. Geert Schaaij says:

    so bulletstorm is basically swan song aced but without the down or movement speed penalty

  97. mr. Redwane says:

    I use the no-dlc lmg and… Never used an ammo bag for it:)

  98. Terry says:

    Okay, I know this is a kinda late criticism, but you only need basic extra lead, not aced

  99. Anomaly 51 says:

    thats not true…lmgs on ds kill an medic in 15 rounds without body expertise and 5-8 with it… and u get from 20-26 rounds from picking an ammo box

  100. Commander Duck69 says:

    ah yes i love loading plastic magazines into my rocket launcher instead of rockets

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