How do drills work? [PAYDAY 2]

How do drills work? PAYDAY 2 has an awful lot of drill management, between bag management and police management… …but have you ever stopped to think about how these things actually work? Well, a drill is a tool with a cutting tool attachment or a driving tool attachment… …usually a drill bit or a driver bit, used for bor-… …o-oh, oh, you wanted… in-game information. Y-yeah yeah, that’s, that’s… that’s, that’s cool, that’s… …*SIGH*… …you know, education is really impor- Drills aren’t actually that complicated! We’ll start with talking about the three most common types of drills, being the standard red mounted power drills… …mounted saws (which I’m counting because they basically serve the same purpose as drills),… …and the thermal drill. These three variations are used very commonly across most heists. The amount of time that normal power drills and mounted saws takes varies tremendously… …depending on the map and what it is you’re drilling. It would take too long to list them all, but I can at least say that the thermal drill always takes 360 seconds… …assuming you don’t have any drill skills. Anyways, the normal drills, mounted saws, and thermal drills can break between one and three times on their own before finishing. There are a few exceptions, such as the doors on Hoxton Breakout Day 2 which only jam once… …OVERDRILL which never jams… …and the shipping containers on Bomb: Dockyard, which also don’t jam. However, cops can run up to these drills and jam them themselves. This does NOT count towards the total amount of times the drill can jam on its own. In fact, cops can break drills as many times as they want before they finish… …so try your best to defend the area. Touching on stealth briefly, a guard can hear a drill from 25 meters away, or only 12.5 meters if they don’t have direct line-of-sight to the drill. If a guard hears a drill, they will go investigate it, luring them away from whatever they were guarding. This can sometimes work in your favour, like on Day 3 of Firestarter. Placing a loud drill on the roof will lure a guard upstairs, making him a quiet and easy kill. Guards, cameras, and civilians can see drills from 23 meters away. Even if the drill isn’t within their field-of-view, they will still become alerted by it (unless there’s a wall in the way). Next we’ll talk about drill skills. There are three of them, and we’ll start with Hardware Expert. The basic version of Hardware Expert makes you fix drills 25% faster. It normally takes 10 seconds to repair a drill, now it only takes 7.5 seconds. The basic skill also makes your drills silent… …so guards will no longer be lured to the sound of your drill… …and guards, cameras and civvies will have to be within 22 meters and have the drill within their field-of-view to actually be alerted by it. If you’re intending to stealth, and aren’t looking to lure guards with loud drills, this skill is a cheap must-have. The aced version of Hardware Expert gives your drills a 10% chance to become an auto-restarter drill. Basically, when someone with this skill places a drill, or upgrades a drill that was placed by someone who did not have this skill… …a check will be run to see if the drill will become an auto-restarting drill. With this skill you have a 10% chance… …and if that chance succeeds, your drill will now ALWAYS auto-restart when it breaks. No matter how many time your drill jams, on its own or by cops, it will always auto restart after between 5 and 20 seconds. If it doesn’t auto-restart after 20 seconds, it is NOT an autorestarter and will NEVER auto-restart. The only exception is on Hotline Miami Day 2… …when the gunship shoots the thermal drill, it will not auto-restart, even if it is an auto-restarting drill. After being manually restarted, it will resume normal behaviour. The next skill is… *SIGH*… …”Drill SAW-geant”… …(o-okay, I think that’s kinda funny.)… The basic version of this skill makes your drills 15% faster… …and the aced version adds another 15% speed, totaling to 30% faster. This does exactly what it says on the tin: it takes the total amount of time the drill was going to take, and multiplies it by 0.7 . Using thermal drills as an example, without this skill they take 360 seconds… …with the basic version of this skill they take 306 seconds, and with the aced version they take 252 seconds. Finally we have Kickstarter. The basic version of this skill is an upgrade to the aced version of Hardware Expert… …adding an additional 20% chance for a drill to become an auto-restarter upon being placed or upgraded. With both skills you have a 30% chance of getting an auto-restarting drill. The aced version of Kickstarter is interesting… …when a drill breaks, (it doesn’t have to be yours) you have a 50% chance of restarting it instantly by striking it with a melee attack. If this doesn’t work the first time, it won’t work at all until the drill is repaired and then breaks again… …and then you’ll get another 50% chance, and so on. Generally speaking, if you’re getting one drill skill, you should probably get them all. Most crews will usually have one designated Technician that will set up drills for everybody. It’s not the end of the world if someone without drill skills sets up a drill before your Technician, though… …they can simply upgrade the drill. It doesn’t waste any time, and will still run the check for auto-restarting. If an un-upgraded drill breaks, and is repaired by someone with drill skills, that will also upgrade the drill. You can see what upgrades a drill has by looking at its mounted display. If a skill’s symbol is darkened, it does not have that skill… …if the symbol is white, it has the basic version of that skill… …and if the symbol is yellow, it has the aced version. Interestingly enough, a drill that has already run the check to become an auto-restarter will just have a white symbol. The symbol does NOT indicate that it IS an auto-restarter, just that the check was run. Finally let’s talk about special kinds of drills. First up is The Beast, which is only found on Big Bank. The Beast is not affected by drill skills at all, so it will never auto-restart and it always takes 300 seconds. Any time it breaks, the only way to repair it is manually while having a drill bit in your inventory. Next, we have the BIG FUCKING DRILL, found exclusively on Golden Grin Casino. Once again, drill skills do not affect the BFD at all… …mostly because it’s not even a drill, but a plasma arc cutter, which cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of- OH! Shit, I’m educating you again! The BFD takes 420 seconds to cut a hole in the vault without any preplanning upgrades. While this is happening there are also two tanks of water used to cool the BFD, that, when drained… …must be refilled at one of the map’s washrooms. If the water runs out completely, the drill will eventually overheat… …and must be repaired with spare parts. There are also two cords that have to stay plugged in to keep the BFD running… …cops disable the drill by unplugging one of the cords, or disabling it at the main control panel. Preplanning offers several upgrades for the BFD, but I’ll go over the specifics, and the pros and cons of them, in my Golden Grin review video. Finally we have OVERDRILL. Only available on Deathwish on First World Bank… …this is a special kind of drill that requires players to perform a ritual in front of the cameras in the vault area to unlock. This drill takes TWO THOUSAND SECONDS, totaling to just over thirty three minutes! However, your reward for waiting out all that time is 70 bags of gold! I’ll leave a link to a guide on how to complete OVERDRILL in the description below. Alright, now that we’ve talked about all sorts of drills, what should you take away from this video? Well, most normal drills only break on their own between one and three times… …but cops can break them as many times as they want. If a drill auto-restarts once, it will auto-restart every time… …drill skills don’t affect The Beast, BFD, or OVERDRILL… …and you should really just bring C4 or the saw and skip this drilling all together… …at least, most of it. Thanks for watching, and take it easy!

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