How Do I Increase My Credit Score? || Get A Better Car Loan || Never Carry A Balance || Fix Credit

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  1. israel nieves says:

    brandon I recently pulled my credit report and noticed in the comments section of some of my accounts that the accounts had been disputed by consumer that it meets FCRA requirements. My only problem is that I do not recall ever disputing any of these accounts what so ever !!!!! Is this a common practice ?? I feel this is wrong and what are my remedies ?? Love your videos brandon

  2. Joe Freeman says:

    Love his videos short and to the point

  3. Gwen Cradle says:

    😘😘thanks to you an the program I purchased…. I sent out the letters an my score as of today went up 38 points 🙌🏾

  4. TheNaturallyJazzy says:

    I appreciate your videos because often times we do not question the unknown when we should and we just leave things as they are. I am more exited about meeting my goals now that I have watched your videos and gotten your letters to repair my credit! Now I am waiting to update my address on my license before sending my letters! Keep the vids coming they are inspiring and very informational!

  5. Ngalula Dodier says:

    Hey! thanks for sharing, is it easy to do my myself?

  6. Imonni Kennedy says:

    what about child support my husband is paying it on time but it still looking bad on his credit cuz he oh a couple of thousand he didn't pay for two years

  7. Meccadouja - says:

    Anyone know what type of secured credit card I should apply for with a low credit score??

  8. Tanya Cowan says:

    Stumbled on your video. love them. I'm a new follower. I'm going to reach out because I definitely need help.

  9. Imonni Kennedy says:

    so went on the page to buy the 609 and there was no number for me to contact somebody just in case I have a problem with get my 609 can you help me  @Brandon Weaver

  10. FewcallmeKevin says:

    Thanks alot Brandon, your videos are really helpful to students/young adults such as myself, who aren't really financially educated or informed👍

  11. ebony thomas says:



         I had a question regarding if actually did pay off an account and have the letter confirming the zero balance and wanted to dispute it with the 3 credit bureaus how do I go about doing so? 

         All of the templates in the 609 Credit Disputing $9 program are Goodwill templates and the templates for disputing under Section 609.

          If I actually want to mail in my proof of payoff for the deletion or removal of a specific account, is there a template already created like the ones in the program that you can email me or that is available for me to send in to the 3 Credit Bureaus so that they can automatically delete the account?        Please let me know and if at all possible email me the actual template to do this if I had actually paid off the account and need to dispute it without going online to do so.

  12. colin couchman says:

    Why can't I purchase the kit using my PayPal account it's not allowing me to do so?

  13. Traveler Family says:

    Hey Brandon I have used your dispute letters I have sent my first request and I have already removed 1 account of the 4 that I had but only in collection section they still show up as negative on my credit score. I am currently in the process of sending the second request will the letter also work for negative accounts or only for collection accounts?

  14. Traveler Family says:

    I forgot to add that my credit score went up from 511 to 629 👏🏻😉

  15. Meritorious Mantle says:

    This information is completely priceless. I used the system and wrote the CRA's as instructed and after round one my score jumped 100 points!! I was hesitant to believe that the system worked but quite pleased at how easy it is to repair your credit score. Mr. Weaver's instructions are simple and the letter templates are provided for all customers. If you need to increase your credit score don't think twice about using the Easy Section 609 Credit Repair Secret!!!

  16. CPR Bass Charters says:

    great content. definitely worth the small price. purchased your letters and I'm on my way to a better credit score. big props to you guys seeing results from the first round of letters thank you Brandon Weaver !!

  17. anthony williams says:

    Hi Brandon, I purchased your 609 Letters and they worked as advertised removing a charge off and late payments. My credit score went from 649 to 712 in 3 months! I need to know how to add rental home history to the 3 major credit reporting agencies. 904-306-6754 Thank you

  18. Jacki Mullinax says:

    Cand I get lets say a Target card with a poor fico and no collections on my credit?

  19. John Good says:

    Hello Brandon how are you doing how can I remove 100 in inquiries from my Credit report ?

  20. Angie says:

    What to do to raise credit score when you’re paying everything on time?

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