How has working here helped grow your career? | FAIRWINDS Credit Union

The community really helps you develop as a person and as a manager and as a professional I’ve had the opportunity to grow myself personally and professionally and being able to manage other crew members as well as manage difficult situations and also learn the business side of owning a business or managing money and things of that nature Working here really kind of gave me a baseline Especially early on in the branches, and just, you know, interacting with other members. I got to volunteer a lot Which I really enjoyed both out in the community which is something that I’ve always been passionate about But also just doing seminars and workshops that we offer to our members FAIRWINDS training, education, their ways… helped me to mold who I want it to be as a person and that I’m able to give off to my members I’m able to teach them the things that I do personally and make sure that they know the things that I would never do so That they can be following the right steps I never was in banking and learned everything I learned from FAIRWINDS I’ve learned from my different mentors when you set something out to achieve And you do it the end result is going to be positive. It’s provided me with a lot of knowledge that’s actually helped me in my personal life They really have a good outlook to help you prepare for different things especially your future I don’t know if I would be as involved in the community as I am today if I wouldn’t have been at FAIRWINDS FAIRWINDS has allowed me the opportunity to serve in different positions that Have a lot of community involvement I have great managers here that I work with so they’re always pushing us to go to the next level. Don’t be complacent, don’t be stagnant. And always asking us “well where do you want to go next?” “Let us know what you want to do, and we will help you to get to that point” When I came to FAIRWINDS I thought I wanted to be a lawyer And I really thought that I would work at FAIRWINDS for a couple of years while I was in law school but when I came to FAIRWINDS I really kind of fell in love with the culture and what we stand for is an organization at the end of the day I really just wanted a career where I can help people and FAIRWINDS has given me that opportunity I’ve had the pleasure of learning all about employee relations and How to counsel our crew members how to help managers have sometimes difficult conversations coaching, mentoring, and just really being that sounding board for our crew members when they need help

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