How is Credit Karma Free?

People ask how Credit Karma can give away really free credit scores, but a better question is why. Everyone deserves a chance to build a better financial future. And we’ve learned that free credit scores are an incredibly powerful place to start. Better credit scores give you better options, like a new loan. If you find that loan on Credit Karma, your lender pays us. That’s how we can keep giving out free credit scores– everyone wins. Which might leave you with one last question: Why weren’t credit scores free all along? Credit Karma. Give yourself some credit.

One comment on “How is Credit Karma Free?”

  1. TopTribute BandsNstuff says:

    That's great if CK always picks the BEST loans and CCs etc for us to get vs anyone who will pay them or pay the most… We Google reviews etc before everything sooo hummm. BUT if it is the BEST of the BEST then the word goes out and the dough rolls in BIG TIME vs well, U know.

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