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I’ve got a question for you. How do the rich
get richer and the poor get poorer? This topic goes much deeper than you and I could ever
imagine but I’m going to shine just light on what the sneaky banks and government are
getting up to in order to strengthen inequality. Think about the bigger picture, consider all
of us as a whole and then we can address how, as a collective, they are targeting us. Government
policy and big banks have absolutely played a plethora of roles in widening that equality
gap between us, and the fatcats of the world. Since 40% of the world’s wealth is owned by
1% of the population, you can really understand what I’m talking about.
Money given with conditions that help the creditors and not the countries who borrow
it, payday loans which have horrible horrible adverts that try to lure us in offering unbelievable
interest rates which can see you paying back thousands more than you borrowed, and even
the tips we pay waiters and waitresses, when automatically added to a bill, gets taxed
back to the government. They’ll even tax you when you die.
The belief that inequality helped cause the Great Depression and the 2008 financial crisis
is a theory supported by mainstream economists. Thomas Piketty, known as the “rockstar economist”
even believes that it has reached the point that inequality is the worst in world history
and will only get worse. You’ve got the people who work in the world
within various sectors but the growth rate of that output is MUCH lower than the growth
rate of money given to people who have invested in land, stocks, bonds and other assets. Which
strengthens the divide between those who can invest and those who are trying to earn.
And of course, you’ve got the government and the banking system. They’ve both made the
growth for investors higher but whilst doing so, lowered wages. We aren’t getting paid
as much as people did prior to around 1969, and the rate of unemployment has increased
along with it. New jobs that pop up now consist mainly of part time work with no benefits
for the employee, and to be honest if you’re trying to earn a living, who wants those?
Then there’s TARP — the Troubled Asset Relief Program signed in by Bush in 2008 to provide
bailouts for banks. TARP can purchase assets and equity from financial
institutions in order to strengthen its financial sector but where this money actually goes
is unclear. Unsurprisingly, loads of controversy and allegations
of fraud surround it. But here’s something interesting former special
inspector general of TARP itself Neil Barofsky told Bloomberg in 2012 — “people should be
revolted by a financial system that rewards failure and protects those who drove it to
the point of collapse and will undoubtedly do so again.”
These words come from a former government official who worked directly with bailing
out the banks. Consider that for a second. Bailing out banks that don’t need it harms
the economy. The fatcats up top get the money and the divide grows.
Then there are the 7 or 8 wars we’ve been in for the past decade or so. Although war
has been widely believed to be linked to economic good times, Stiglitz said back in 2003 “Today,
we know that this is nonsense.” Military spending on weapons and vehicles and everything else
diverts the money to these needs rather than productive ones to help out the economy. The
money goes to some but takes from others making a shift, not a rise. Essentially, war makes
us poor. Plus you can’t ignore the whole government
policy encouraging American companies to go abroad to avoid taxes and even, in some cases,
get themselves tax refunds. We do have some people looking out for us
though. There’s the Dodd-Frank reform act — brought in in 2010 to make another economic
crisis less likely by overseeing the banks and Wall Street’s moves, stopping banks from
gambling with depositor’s money and regulating risky derivatives. We need all the help we
can get to stop a repeat of past financial crashes. If you like this video, go on, get subbed
right here, by clicking here and if you want to know more about the topic let me know in
the comments below. If you want to check out my last video about chemtrails, it’s just
here and I’ll see you soon Truthloaders.

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  1. -_Dub5tep_- says:

    More please.

  2. planBdeveloper says:

    Got Karatbars? #wealthprotectionpros   #planbdeveloper  

  3. Emiel van Beusekom says:

    partly a bunch of  bullshit

  4. Phil Silk says:

    Such a liberal why of looking at things!! 

  5. Owen Thomas says:

    Governments will one day collapse and we will have our World back.

  6. GodLessGold says:

    If rich people are the powerful ones, why would they make us richer, and them poorer.

  7. paulius9407 says:

    Incredibly informative and well presented. Nice!

  8. STRONGandLOUD says:

    I have a theory. The reason all this seems so shocking to people and perhaps why it has taken place could be rather simple. With the lack of direct social interaction and suggesting becoming more and more uncommon, so has the desire for groups to form and start being productive on their own. Its shocking how many ways you can get the ball rolling. I knew a Chinese immigrant who had been here 2 years with barely any cash who convinced a bank to loan him enough money to open a store in the mall

  9. Nick Turing says:

    First chemtrails and now this? 

    I enjoy watching truthloader but I'd like to see more factbased journalism in stead of speculation. 

  10. Karl Slicher says:

    Those wars for the last 100 years or so have been the main way of transferring wealth up the cooperate ladders and away from our treasury. It is not even empire as it does not create nations to trade with, it is mindless killing to fund a weapons industry. Someone needs to hang the rich and re-nationalise their corrupt wealth and industries, that is better than they deserve!

  11. james hartley says:

    i didnt used to like grace but now i like you fit perfectly 😀 and this is coming from someone who struggles with changes 😛 just dont leave like others!! :O

  12. swatteam2002 says:

    I'm convinced that stealing money is not illegal ! ..

  13. Stephen Meine says:

    You barely skimmed the surface on any one subject, if you had focused on one subject I feel more people would have understood and appreciated this video. However I am glad the world is finally waking up and seeing the evil for what it is.

  14. Bullminator says:

    This video is kinda wrong on topic.
    Banks steal from you by printing digital money.

  15. Jack Dolah says:

    Is she just snorted cocaine or what ???

  16. Robert Aldrich says:

    USA needs to undo the Clinton tax breaks for the rich, including raising up the Capital Gains tax rate from 20% back up to 34% for Capital Gains over a couple million per year. Also executives need to go back to paying the regular tax rates for their stock bonuses like before. This will help the government debt.

  17. Billy Winters says:

    Dodd Frank really didn't do much. It didn't stop the banks from gambling with depositors' money and it barely regulated derivatives…

  18. UPSIPO says:

    Could not you put some cant with a better British accent?

  19. Costa Sergio says:

    Unfortunately nothing new in this article and will always be like this.

  20. SRT Mike says:

    Does this host annoy anyone else?  

  21. David .vanderVeur says:

    So global communist revolution??????

  22. Tact says:

    TruthLoader @ 0:06, this is going to come across as picky but there's a mistake in the Henry Ford quote. 4th word in, it should read: "It is well enough that…".

    FYI I don't know this quote off by heart, it just didn't read well.

  23. WhyNoLiberty says:

    @Truthloader I'm surprised that you didn't actually cover the biggest issue of all, fractional reserve banking and how it was fraudulently brought in firstly in England, or how the bank of England is masquerading as a state owned entity but is actually privately owned (but thanks to crown secrecy laws nobody knows who the share holders are) , or how the federal reserve is also a private company, that has never been audited? How about the fact that the government are basically just the gate keepers of the whole banking rip off working to keep the machine moving and keep us distracted.
    This isn't conspiracy, it's just a bunch of elites working together to stay rich, while we all foot the bill in taxes.

  24. McKinley Morganfield says:

    Banks are not stealing from you; your government is!!!

  25. miller repin says:

    what do you expect capitalism is based around greed communism isn't any better but trying to make this system better for the 99% is like trying to use a broken toaster to cook your bread it isn't going to work  

  26. meadowsirl says:

    why is this america centered? the hosts are from uk?

  27. EnVS says:

    Goverments need to STOP working for big business and do what they where elected to do and that govern and support the people!! and big business needs to stop working for the share holders and start focussing on the people of the world!! other wise the people of the world need to revolt, let us the people start making life difficult for those companies and governments that put the dollar before the people – GOD DAM THIS SHIT PISSES ME OFF!!

  28. namunyoska2 says:

    Why not mention any of the architects of TARP and Dodd-Frank, essentially the people's heroes/heroines on this issue like Elizabeth Warren? You should have also widened the scope of this video by mentioning Glass-Steagall and what Senator Warren is helping to get signed, namely the 21st Century version of Glass-Steagall.

  29. Silent Sahara says:

    Tweaking a system that is inherently flawed is not going to fix the system and thereby the situation. A gradual shift to a system that treats the economy as a means to better the people as a whole instead of as a machine to earn as much money as quickly as possible, regardless of where that money comes from and goes to, is the proper thing to do. As it is, almost all the money is owned or controlled by the few elite, and they do everything they can, ethical or not, to hoard even more wealth.

  30. Atoweha says:

    Contrary to popular belief, we don't need less government, we need a GOOD government, if we have no government, large companies will dominate… but whats happening now is that large corporations are buying politicians which is even worse 

  31. LIVVORNNO says:

    The thing is, richer have more money therefore, more money to invest, therefore inflated percentual profits.

  32. Omar El Nahwy says:

    Cool we have a name "truthloaders" 🙂

  33. DaFan86 says:

    Need I say more?

  34. dre brose says:

    good report!

  35. CatalMX says:

    Not very informative , a bunch of stuff we had already seen on the news or read on a news paper. You could have explained what all these things mean to us instead of just jumping from subject to subject.

  36. KamboSoulja says:

    You guy are really lagging on content

  37. Yeah,i guess so says:

    Crazy how stupid both parties are when you think about it

  38. Peppridge Farm Remembers says:

    Thank you for sharing what we knew guys!😃

  39. NichoTBE says:

    Just change to the law to include a crime of causing a banking system collapse an act of treason, punishable by death, that wold at least make the greedy fuckers think twice.  If we'd done that in the 1930's the crisis in 2008 would have meant a lot of Goldman Sachs employees loosing their lives.  But overall there would be a much more stable banking system im sure.

  40. petej222 says:

    Truthloader and This Is Genius use to be good now its another dying channel.

  41. Erik Christensen says:

    The whole going abroad is a problem not just in America but in other countries too.
    However we as the consumers aren´t without blame either.
    When you buy new clothes, electronics, food etc etc. Do you chose the most expensive/the one made in your own country or do you prefer the cheaper alternative?
    Most of the time we chose the cheaper alternative and unfortunately with the wages in most western countries its not always possible to make as cheap a product at least not if you want your company to stay afloat.

  42. st micheal says:

    this is a load of bollocks. the 2008 crash was due to big banks giving out loans that are too large and the people who own the loans cant pay it back. the divide is only caused by people who moan and are too lazy to just get off there fucking ass and work for it. fucking pathetic  

  43. matt drouard says:

    "Inequality is the worst in the world and get worse." So worse then when racism and slavery were so common a third of the people living in a country were slaves because of their color?

  44. Ollie says:

    0% interest rates and quantitative easing drive deflation. 

  45. DnS says:

    This is a very small part of the bigger picture.

  46. Aleksandrs says:

    Russian now That! and we will stop that very soon! we will never forget!

  47. Quandary121 says:

    Is anyone else  having difficulty sending Videos out .Reason i'm asking is, i send out emails and their is no captcha ??? the next thing is it says email sent ,and i go look at my inbox and check sent emails and …??? guess what no record or sent email ??

  48. 4epm says:

    Seems like old Marks was right eventually.

  49. tranquilizer agent says:

    I don't have time to fkn care

  50. grumerguy says:

    Hi Grace!  I Just Love It When You Do A Video!  Bailing Out A Bank. A Bank!  Well, It Just Shows The Time In Which We Live.  They Will Do It Again, By The Way, And They Will Probably Get Bailed Out Over And Over Again. A Vicious Cycle That'll Continue Until The Sky Falls And The Greedy Get To Be Judged For Their Inhospitable Acts Against Human Kind.  Oh Well, I'll Be Happy To Sit Here And Eat My Bologna And Bread, And If I'm Lucky, I'll Be Able To Add A Slice Of Cheese On It!  Cheese Is Good! Blessings To You Grace, And To All At Truthloader Who Work So Tirelessly On These Video's, And Peace Be Unto You And Your Houses, And I'm Out, Or Gone Soon, I HOPE!

  51. Yoda on DMT says:

    Can you do a video explaining the "housing bubble".

    I don't fully understand why it could crash when there's such a shortage of housing.

  52. Arsène Wenger says:

    Audio from the woman doesn't sound too good, needs a bit of work

  53. Gary Taylor says:

    Well the sad part is everyone is leaving don't matter where you are or who you are they press the button your gone everything else stays your car home and anything that you own .Gone, nothing you can do no help you wont need any . Taking this for granted your just a visitor here . They can clear this place in 30 min all human life gone !

  54. Gary Taylor says:

    You have to be blind to not see this .

  55. BFR says:


  56. mike copple says:

    thanks for that break down

  57. Awatef Idrees says:

    Interseting Topic  🙂

  58. James Strainer says:

    Not completely accurate. The global standard of living is greater now then at any time in history. Is TL trying to say the economic life was better for the average person say 100 years ago? That would be nonsense.

  59. Nice Blonde Girl says:

    By charging fees by clicking a button. 

  60. cosard says:

    Solution? Cryptocurrency.

  61. A.M. Fortas says:

    Your 'rock-star economist' has been proven time and again to be an economic illiterate steeped in Marxism.

  62. IamMANnumber1 says:

    They take all the cream in the form of bonuses.  It is pure and simple theft.  That's why wages haven't kept up with productivity.  Bonuses = Corporate Theft!  They already get paid a wage for the job they do.  Rage is building.

  63. Stephen Lucas says:

    why does this vid have less then 20k views but there is bajillions of views on worthless vids of babys and cats. Nevermind, i know that answer, but now i am treading on some hardcore conspiracy ideas.

  64. Arising-Tale says:

    1% to 40%. not bad. I would rather point out the 0,001%

  65. Arising-Tale says:

    One of the worse video you've made.

  66. Filthy Peasant says:

    depose work and claim your rights

  67. aadrianlee says:

    F..k the bankers

  68. Vance H says:

    Sharing, Justice and Peace for all will Save Our Planet.

  69. Edward Hunia says:

    Hi Grace; can you please tell me who is Thomas Frank, the author of the last quote in this vid (Is he the author of "Pity the billionaire").  Can you also tell me where you got the quote from?

  70. Matthew Dodd says:

    The more people start to talk about this stuff the better our chances are for a positive future
    More videos like this please

  71. Smile Receive says:

    As a German man I am very happy to see this. People of the UK especially need to wake up and see what Germany is doing to the UK. I love the UK and it is a shame to see how Germany is destroying the once wonderful country. Germany is the powerhouse of Europe and pretty much owns the UK now. And trust me, Germans will squeeze every last drop out of the country and leave it in tatters. It is going to get MUCH worse. Let's help fight this. UK people, start your own businesses (you may to borrow from a bank that's probably German-owned) but it is a start. Peace.

  72. Danish Aziz says:

    Good work!
    But unfortunately people will never understand it.

  73. c322903001 says:

    Can in the Video a German Subtitle be added?

  74. John Schubert says:

    Opening quote says it all.  If the populace only knew how bad it really is… 

  75. Point says:

    Hey guys. Grace here! Just so you know after loads of requests on this video I'm working on a video about the Federal Reserve to be uploaded to the channel tomorrow. Hope you all like it.

  76. Silly McWilly says:

    You guys don't get enough views.

  77. Karl Wacey says:

    Fake democracies, fake markets, and fake foreign wars   – the only thing that is real is the true nature of the enemy within. As someone once said:‘‘You have nothing to lose but your chains!’’ 

  78. Uncovered says:

    One of the best Truthloader videos to date. Great job guys. Thumbs up from us. 

  79. morefreedomplease says:

    The dismantling of Glass-Steagall Act over multiple generations is what led to this World wide economic depression that burdens us today.
    Glass-Steagall was created by Democrats & signed into law by President Roosevelt.

    Unfortunately, future Democrats would eventually destroy this limitation on banks and Wall Street. The Dodd-Frank Act is a bandaid on an infected gun wound.

    Something much more restrictive than Glass-Steagall is now required; or, these crashes will continue to happen on the 7th year of every decade until we come to our senses.

  80. Pakhavar says:

    its still difficult to understand whats really going on.. seriously doubting my IQ..

  81. augie nelson says:

    There's no such thing as the greedy 1% especially in america, the only people who make it to that "1%" only stay there for two months

    Hell presidents are the closest to 1%

    Also how are they greedy they pay 10 times more in taxes AT LEAST create many jobs (look if everyone was poor then who could hire who? There's no money to give,) AND they donate millions of dollars,

  82. Ryan Menezes says:

    Could you do a segment revealing and explaining Bush's administration being convicted of war crimes and the current administration failing to charge. 

  83. steve zirkle says:

    Last days of the dollar Jimmy Carter 18 percent rate now it is almost 1 percent.  Brink countries  are a joke. China will do what it wants and fuck the brink countries . Best thing to do no debt and stick you money in the stock market until they start to move rates back up. Milton Freedmen  free to choose was right even if Regan was the Great White Hope.

  84. johny malk says:

    Great video but sadly people do nothing about it because they are fucking sheep, you can ride them/ kill them/ steer them/ do the hell whatever you want with them and they will not care the slightest. Get up you asses and start protesting/revolting. where is your fucking right, in fact where is your dignity. Why let some rich dickheads to piss on you all the times. people is power. come together and make a difference or expect a sad end which I am sure it is not too far. This world will not last forever the way it is and it's up to you to change it around or live miserable the rest of your life. 

  85. LibertyChive says:

    I know the system is rigged.  That's why I play along, and make money.  Invest in war, banks, land, high-yielding dividends.

  86. AK540i says:

    As long as ignorance and apathy is rampant, nothing will change. 

  87. Lars De koff says:

    This is what capitalism breeds wach richard D wolff
    He gives some good info about the real nature of capitalism if you want to get out of the grip of the corruption kill the hierarchy of the way profit is controled by a small few and I do not mean the government has to take over I mean the people that work within the company has to have a say wat to do with the profit that would be a good start and if you want to know more go watch richard d wolff

  88. DOS40sxCOUPE says:

    The "deathtax" would only apply to the 1% not the 99%
    You should have done a bit more of research….

  89. Wasim jaan says:

    You would be killed or die with hunger if you raise slogan against them. Because it have been happening over centuries,

  90. scott nicholls says:

    the world financial crisis was caused by the fact the world economy is inflated. small banks in the u.s had a number of bad debts that reduced the capital amount of those banks enough to make the balance sheets/profit and loss statements look bad, the public view on these banks turned sour, making people feel like they needed to withdraw their money to escape it being lost. this in turn, (having banks not holding anywhere near the cash needed to give withdrawls) becoming bankrupt. the bankruptness of these banks, turned around and lowered the value in all of thier investments. the investments that turned sour, were held by larger companies that, in turn, lowered their market value. this lower value in the market cascaded to lower all the capital in the connected companies throughout the world. since the stock market is primarily involved in information on financial performance, these companies had a lower perecieved value. hence, the lowering of the stock/shares in that company. in essence, a lowering of the stock market value worldwide was a lowering of confidence in financial institutions

  91. OneShotPaddy says:

    You weren't born to an ultra rich family?

    Why don't you complain about it on the internet?

    Surely thats the best solution

  92. bernio1abLP says:

    You can't steal something that is worthless.

  93. franzkc says:

    Too much leftwing bs, cmon check some facts before announcing them

  94. rover50001 says:

    There is very limited truth in this report.  It is a poorly crafted rehash of the asinine and inflammatory Obama talking points on class warfare.  Shameful.

  95. Ryan Parsons says:

    It's not stealing if there's an option not to buy into the credit craze.  Most people don't really understand the power of finance and don't pay enough attention to interest rates and instead only pay attention to the sticker price of something and after only paying the minimum payments usually end up paying double.  Sure businesses know this and take advantage of it, but no one is ever forced to take out a loan, to buy a car, to make any purchase from any business without first agreeing upon the terms of the contract so stop playing the victim card, go out and educate yourself and none of this "stealing" would occur

  96. Enoch Hampton says:

    Why is the us still using money to build its army its pointless us forces basically outnumber every nation, plus they are allied with Europe which have lots of military forces. the us needs to cut army spending and help fix the economy!!!

  97. SH bucket horde says:

    Selfish bankers

  98. iSYKE says:

    Stealing from me? You're saying it as if I had something worth stealing…

  99. Dave Young says:


  100. Lauris Skraucis says:

    Everyone of you can get rich , you just cry about how bad the life is , how little money you have. The problem is that most of you are stupid and dont see opportunities in life.

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