How Minimalist Living Can Help You Pay Off Debt

– I am so excited because today’s show is all about minimalism.
(finger snapping) So keep watching. (upbeat music) One of my favorite things in
life, right now, is Netflix. I can binge watch a show,
I love documentaries, I just love Netflix. It’s a way I can come home after we put the girls
down and eat dinner. Winston and I, we love
to have a good show. And it’s great. So as I was scrolling through
Netflix I saw a documentary that I had heard a lot
of people talk about, but I hadn’t seen it, it
was called Minimalism. So, I was like, oh
yeah, this will be cool. I’ll totally watch his. By the end, I was like
praising Jesus, hallelujah, I was so fired up. Because not only do
they talk about so much of what we talk about here on the show about getting out of debt
and getting rid of stuff and selling stuff and not
going into debt for things. I mean everything we talk
about, they kept reiterating and kind of had the same philosophies. But their whole thing
was that they got rid of a ton of their stuff
’cause they realized that stuff does not equal happiness. And in America today
we’ve fallen into this lie that the more stuff you have, the better your life is going to be. And I just realized as
I was watching this, man, we have so much crap in our lives. And in our houses and
in our bathroom sinks and in our closets, we have so much stuff, so much stuff. And you know me, I enjoy some things so I always say it’s
okay to have nice stuff just don’t let your nice stuff have you. But you walk into the
average person’s home and it’s like, you just
have stuff everywhere. It’s just unbelievable. And then again for the
average American that goes into debt to buy stuff that we do not need and I just go so fired up. I was like, who, who set the
standard of living in America? Everyone says you gotta have
this style, this lifestyle, this is average. Whether it’s a three car garage
or a room for every person, it’s just like everything is
just like, yeah, this is it, this is it, this is what
your life should look like, this is the vacations you should take, these are the clothes you should wear, this is the brands that are great, here’s the grocery stores
you should shop at, this is what’s average. Who, who said that’s average? Who said that’s average? I’m like, no. It just made me so mad. Because I think we really have,
we’ve gotten into this idea that man, our lifestyle
should look like this, no matter what we make, no
matter what our income is, we deserve this standard of living. And it just fired me up. And so I was like, we’ve gotta get The Minimalists on our show. We have to get them here
to talk about all of this because you guys, again, stuff is not going to make you happy. Stuff is not going to make you happy. Stuff is not bad. I want you to be able to shop at the grocery store you want to, take the vacation you want, that’s fine, those are not bad things. But when we put our value
and our happiness that that stuff is going to
fulfill us, it’s not. We end up like a rat in a
wheel for our entire lives, chasing something that is
never ever going to fulfill us. (sighing) Are you mad too? I hope you’re mad. I hope you’re just like, you know what, I need to get rid of
some crap in my house. So, the money challenge for this episode is when this show is over, I want you to look around your house and I want you to start small,
but get rid of one thing. Like go in your closet and be like, wow, I have four or five
black long sleeve shirts. Have I worn one shirt, one
of these shirts in a year? The answer is probably no. No, you haven’t. Get rid of it, sell it, give it away, I don’t care what you do with it. Get rid of one thing. So when you start to purge a little bit it’s like, oh wow, I did this. I went into my closet and I did this, I went and I looked and I was
like, okay, I had this filter of okay if I was going
on a four week vacation, what would I pack? So, that’s a lot. Right, I mean I enjoy clothes. But I’m like, half this
stuff I haven’t worn in like a year and a half. But I always have it in there. I’m like, well, just in
case that one thing comes up I’m gonna need it. I chucked all that clothes
and it felt so good to purge. It felt so good. Because again, every time I buy that stuff this little part of me thinks, life’s just gonna be better
if I just have that thing. Have you said that to yourself? If I could just have
this, I would be happy. Well, I kept saying this
about one pair of shoes for about four years. Well, my lesson was a heartbreaking one. (upbeat piano music) So there’s this pair of
shoes, well not a pair, it’s more like a brand. And through like the last
four years, I’m like, my goal, it’s so stupid and shallow
Rachel but I’m gonna say it, in my heart I was like my goal is to own one pair of those shoes,
just one pair of those shoes. But every time I went to go
buy ’em I was like, I can’t. It’s just too expensive. It’s stupid to spend that
kind of money on this shoe. I’m not doing it, I’m not doing it. So after Caroline, our second, was born, she was probably like three weeks old and the doorbell rang, Winston was home and he went to the front
door and he got the box and he said, “Okay, Rachel,” but I had Caroline, I
was holding Caroline. He was like, “Give me
Caroline, you take the box.” And I was like, “What, what is this?” He was like, “This is just a gift to say, “I love you, I’m so
proud of you, just enjoy, “this is just a gift from me to you.” I was like, “What?” And so I opened the tape of this big box and there was the name of the
shoes on top of the shoe box and I may or may not have cried. (laughing) I was like, “Winston, what, no, “there’s no way you bought
these, you bought these.” And I was hormonal, I had
just had a baby people, okay, so I probably wouldn’t cry
over a pair of shoes today, but I did, I cried. And I’m opening ’em and
I mean my adrenaline was like pumping and
my hands were sweating and I was like, “Oh my gosh.” And I had got ’em out of the
box and they were beautiful. I mean, they were, perfect. It was everything I thought, I
had ever imagined in my life. Side note, credit to him, he went in, ladies you’re appreciate
this, he went in my closet and saw my other shoes
and found my shoe size and then even the heel
measurement, he took a ruler thing to measure the size of heel
that I wear with my heels and ordered the perfect shoe. I mean, like, Cinderella
has nothing on me. I mean, it was like, it fit like a glove, it was perfect and that feeling
lasted for about 48 hours. And now, about a year later,
those shoes are in my closet. And honestly, when I look at those shoes, what I think of is more
of Winston’s sweetness and love towards me than
the actual shoes anymore. And so that’s what’s so funny to me about this accumulation of
stuff that we have in our lives and this thing that we
think if we could just go on that vacation, if we
could just get a new car, if we could just, just, X, Y, or Z everything would be better. And you guys I’m telling
you, the finish line keeps moving and moving and moving. The finish line never fulfills
you guys, never fulfills you. Contentment is something
that you have to find. And I’m gonna be bold
here and say you guys, there’s nothing on this Earth
that is gonna fulfill you. The deepest part of you
that’s gonna be fulfilled, this piece that you think is missing, if you do not have a
relationship with Jesus that is it, that’s the ultimate answer. Preacher Rachel’s coming out. But I’m telling you, you
guys, if you don’t know him, if you’re not in a relationship with him, that’s the ultimate. That’s the foundational of
everything in your life. And everything beyond
that you can build on your giving changes,
your generosity explodes, things suddenly have a
different meaning in your life, your relationships change, everything is dependent
upon that and not stuff. Not stuff, I can tell you, tell you, I’m telling it to myself
again, remember my shoes, man, Rachel, come on. That we gotta learn together, we gotta practice what
we preach people, right? So remember stuff is not
going to satisfy you. And the guys that teach this,
the best are The Minimalists. And I’m so excited because
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to take care of our family. (upbeat music) My friends The Minimalists are here on the Rachel Cruze Show, you guys. – Thanks so much for having us. We’re excited to be here. – Yes, I’m so pumped you’re here. And I was telling everyone
earlier about your documentary and how much I just watched
it and became obsessed with everything that you guys are doing. So, for those people that
have not seen the documentary or even heard of you guys, just
explain what is a minimalist and how did you guys get into all of this. – Well the thing with minimalism,
the way I describe it is minimalism is the thing
that gets us past the things so we can make room for
life’s most important things, which actually aren’t things at all. Ryan and I both grew up in Dayton, Ohio. We were really poor and we
thought the reason we thought the reason we were unhappy growing up was we didn’t have any money. And so when I went out, when I was 18, I got that entry level corporate job and I spent the next dozen years sort of climbing the corporate ladder. And by my late 20’s I was
living the American dream. I had six figure salary, the luxury cars. And there was nothing
inherently wrong with the stuff, but I wasn’t fulfilled, I wasn’t happy. Because of course I made good money, but I spent even better money and so I, along with the American
dream came the American debt. And I was just consumed with
almost half a million dollars worth of debt at my peak or
I guess my, at the low point. – Yeah, which ever way
you want to look at it. – And I didn’t feel like
I had control of my time, my resources, my own life. I realized I was focused
on the wrong stuff. I was focused on success and achievement. And it’s really where this
thing called minimalism entered my life. – Yeah for me it’s interesting, if you were to have told
my 18 year old self, what my 28 year old
self was going to have, I would have been so excited. And when I was 28 I
found myself questioning I was the opposite of happy. I was drowning in debt. I was had a lot of discontent. I was depressed. And I remember seeing
Josh, he had a major shift in the way he was living his life. And I sat him down one day and I was like, “Dude, what is going on with you? “Why are you so happy?” And that’s when he
– Why are you so happy? What’s happening?
– What’s going on? And he introduced me to this
thing called minimalism. So Josh and I, we came
up with this crazy idea called a Packing Party. Where we decided to pack all my belongings as if I were moving. And then I would unpack
only the items I needed over the next three weeks. So Josh came over and he literally helped me box up everything, my clothes, my kitchenware. – You weren’t moving,
this is just the exercise. – Just pretending.
– Just pretending. – The idea was if I
packed up all this stuff and I really really missed it and I really really wanted
to put everything back out, I could totally unpack it and put everything back in its place. But of course after three weeks, I had a completely different
perspective on my life, a completely different
perspective on my things. And I remember going
to Josh and I was like, “Man, this is a really cool story. “There might be some people out there “who could benefit from this story.” So we went and did what any
two 30 year old dudes would do, we started a blog. – Yeah.
(laughing) Spread the word.
– That’s right. That’s really where started. It was with that 21 Day Packing Party. – So good, that’s such a brilliant idea. ‘Cause I even think, because confession, I have not done the complete
minimalist lifestyle. But when you say that, even
my bathroom sink right now, like, I’m thinking about it underneath, I took out all the
lotions and the eye cream, all this stuff and put it in
a box to see for three weeks what I actually used out of that. You guys, I mean it’s probably like what? Four things. I’m feeling convicted right now. As you’re talking about all this. Because it is, that’s such a
smart way to think about it, it really is. And I love this concept that
you guys live out so well, that stuff it doesn’t fulfill you. And I think we all know that. The contentment piece of
that foundation of your heart is so huge in this process. So, someone that’s hearing this, what’s the first couple
things they need to do? – If you do want to simplify your life, the first thing you have
to do is not an action, we’ll get into the action in a second. The first thing you need to
do is ask yourself a question. And that question is, how might
my life be better with less? And by asking that question,
you start to identify what the benefits of simplifying are. Because for me initially it was finances. I knew that my finances
were out of control. I needed to simply my life so I could regain control of my finances. But then I uncovered all
these other benefits, like, I made more time for creativity and the people in my
life and improved health. And so what are the benefits for you and understanding that won’t
just give you the how to, but it will give you the why to. Why am I simplifying my life? From there, I think it’s
important to start small. And just start somewhere. We have something on our website called the 30 Day Minimalism Game. And here’s how it work, you
partner up with someone, a friend, a family member, a coworker. At the beginning of the
month, you each decide, the first day, we’re both
gonna get rid of one item. Second day of the month, two items. Third day of the month, three items. It starts off really easy.
– Yes. – It gives you the momentum you need, but by the middle of the month it starts to get more difficult. Day 15, you’re like I have
to get rid of 15 items. – I was gonna say 20 items. – Right?
– I’ll start in February. (laughing) Just 28, just 28 items. Well, okay, so by day 20 you’re like, I have to get rid of 20 items today and then tomorrow I have
to get rid of 21 items. Whoever goes the longest
between you and your friend, you win, but if you both make
it to the end of the month, you both won because you
gotten rid of about 500 items, it’s a really good start. – So I’m just curious, personally, what is your house look like? Like now, where you
all live, your closets, what’s your life look like? – If you were to walk into our home it’s not like you would jump up and say, “Oh my goodness,
minimalists must live here.” – Yes, yes. – You probably would just
look at our house and say, “You know whoever lives
here, they’re pretty tidy.” And that’s because everything
that we have in our lives, it serves a purpose or it brings us joy. Everything else is gone. – That’s so great, so fun. – We’ve got a washer and dryer. And we still like to use hot water. – Right, right, right, totally. So there’s kind of the
extreme, I’m guessing there’s a range to be a minimalist
there’s like the crazy extreme, that you’re like, we laughed about this, like a fork and a spoon and one plate, just like something over here. And then some people that are
like, okay I like the idea but I would rather be like minimalist-ish like I don’t want to dive in all the way. Can you go 50-50 on this lifestyle? – We can determine what is
appropriate in our lives and I think everything that we own fits in one of three categories. It’s either essential. And we all have the basics, same basics. We’re all wearing clothes right now. We need housing, we need food. We have the same essentials
and we have the non-essentials. Things that we could probably do without but they truly add value to our life. The augment our experience of life. They amplify our life. And then we have this third category. That category is junk. Most of the stuff that we own is junk that gets in the way of the more meaningful experiences in our life. – Absolutely, well we went
into our Facebook community and people love you there
in my Facebook community, so we have some questions from people. – Awesome.
– For you guys to answer. – A Brianna asked, in what
ways can being a minimalist help save you money and become debt free? – I know for me that was
one of my biggest drivers behind getting into minimalism. So I’ll tell you the
first thing that I did when I started going down this road is I took my brand new nice Toyota Solera, a real nice brand new car,
just a couple years old and I traded that in for
a 2004 Toyota Corolla that had no car payment and
I still have that car today. So that’s for me how I really
appreciate what minimalism has helped me do when
it comes to my finances. I am, I was officially
debt free back in 2015. – Oh, I love that. – And I certainly owe minimalism
a lot of credit for that. – Absolutely so good. Okay the next question
is from Emily, she asks, my husband and I like to think
of ourselves as minimalists. I think the one thing
we struggle with though is do you buy quality (expensive) things or do you buy cheap? I think the terms minimalists
and the term frugal are very similar but
they’re also different. – I think when we think about minimalists we think about some guy living in a cave with no possessions or something. I tend to own really high quality items. I own far fewer items. It’s the weird paradox
of minimalism for me I get far more value
from the few items I own, than if they were watered
down by 300,000 other items that were sort of getting in the way. Wouldn’t you rather have one
pair of really nice pants that’s gonna last you for two years as opposed to 10 pairs of pants that’ll last you for a month each? – Right, so good.
– Absolutely. – Katie asks, what’s the very
first small step you recommend to anyone that wants to
move toward minimalism? – Man, I think starting with that question how might my life be better with less, that’s definitely, you’re
gonna get the leverage by getting to the why of that question. But ultimately, there is
the Packing Party approach if someone is extreme. The 30 Day Minimalism
Game, I mean that is huge, Josh talked about that
earlier, that is amazing. You just find someone else
who wants to encourage you to minimize and wants
to minimize themselves and you can have a lot of fun with it. There’s a lot of little small steps you can kinda get started.
– So good. Sensing another Chad and Diana challenge. – Uh oh. – Date night challenge to
the minimalism challenge so we’ll see if that happens. – Okay, Nancy asks, how to part with stuff when spouse wants to keep it because “we might need it for, when, if”? – I think, ultimately,
in order to get a spouse, or a friend or anyone
else on board with this you really have to show them the benefits. I mean, if Josh had come to me and said, “Hey Ryan, you know what? “Your life’s a mess, you need minimalism.” I probably wouldn’t have
(laughing) reacted so excitedly towards that. But by seeing the changes that Josh made it made me want to ask him that question, “What are you doing
different with your life, “you seem pretty happy.” But, ultimately, by just
kind of living the example and showing the benefits of it that’s really how you get
someone to make a move with their stuff, you can’t
force anyone into any of that. – Okay, last question. Lauren asks, how to be a
minimalist with children. I’m actually very intrigued. – Well, me not having any
kids it’s very easy for me to project my advice onto others. I do like to use this one example, we were at an event
where one of the people who showed up they were talking about what they do with their child. The example that they gave
is their five year old, six year old would come home from school, and of course they’ve got
pieces of art that they made that they’re very very proud of. And they would go to
their parent and would, “Can I put this on the refrigerator?” And the mom was like,
“Yes, you absolutely can “put this on the refrigerator.” So as they’re walking
over it’s already covered with other art projects just
the whole refrigerator door. And they’ll say, “Now you
get to choose which one “you want to replace this with.” – Oh that’s good. – “And we will go over and
we will get rid of this “so we’re not having a bunch
of clutter in our life.” So that’s what they do,
they’ll pick the one that they want to come off the fridge, they put the new one up. And they go over and they might scan it or take a picture of the work and then toss it in the trash. – Sure. – I thought that was a cool approach. – Well, honestly kid craft stuff. Amelia comes home from pre-school and it’s just crayon that’s like this. And I’m like and you’re
never remember that. Unless there’s like a
picture or a hand print or a footprint, I mean,
very small things to keep as kid’s craft, there’s sweet, but. – I think it’s important to realize that minimalism is not about deprivation and we need to especially keep
that in mind with our kids. I know with Ella, I first, she’s five now, but when she was really little, I’m like, you’re gonna be a minimalist and you can play with sticks and stones and that’s it.
(laughing) And I’m like what am I trying to do here? No, she gets a lot of value
from the toys that she has. So having a big crate of toys that she really enjoys is great. Now she’s not gonna get more value if I got her 10 crates of toys. They’re actually gonna
start getting in the way, just like us, we just have
our own toys as adults. And so, with her I’ve realized once she’s done with a toy, the thing that I want to instill in her is she’s no longer getting value from it, but some other kid can, so
let’s go donate that together. And letting her realize the
benefit of giving as well. – Alright you guys,
well that was so great, thank you so so much for being on. I so appreciate you guys and your advice and your wisdom and everything. – Likewise, thank you
for everything you do. – Oh thanks, well it’s been fun. So you guys, if you want
to check out more about The Minimalists, you guys are
on every social media channel. I mean YouTube, you
have a YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook and
you have a great podcast. And if you want more tactical
ways or encouragement as you’re selling your
stuff to get out of debt make sure to check out my book,
Love Your Life, Not Theirs you can click the link below. Okay so we’ll head back to my kitchen where Jenna is gonna
help us take ingredients, the same ingredients to use and prep for five meals for the week. (upbeat music) Okay, we all know food
is a struggle in life. Eating healthy things, but
yet not busting the budget. And it’s just like the
tug and war constantly. So I brought in Dietitian,
Registered Dietitian Jenna Waters to help us out. So thanks Jenna for being here. – Yeah, thanks for having me. – And we’re actually friends from college. College friends.
– College friends. – Go voles.
– Go voles. – Okay so you’ve been doing
this for how long now? – So, I’ve been a registered
dietitian for about five years and my background is with sports nutrition and then I became a mom,
we have three little ones. And I just couldn’t help but think, we are professional
athletes, moms are athletes. – Yes, we are, all the time. – All day everyday. But at the same time
we have so many demands and need to find a way to
balance all the variables. – And want to feed our kids well, right? – We want to feed them well, but not, go crazy in the process. – Yes, that’s right, that’s right. – Absolutely. – And so you have two words that I love. Source and systemize. – That’s right, I feel like every family has to find their sweet spot
of let’s source things well in terms of ingredients, what
ingredients are we using. So essentially we could
use the same recipes that we’ve always been using. But, by having better
ingredients automatically you’re changing it.
– Changing the source. Which is over here.
– Yep. – So a few things that
you’re like you know what? Look and see and you switch out a few ingredients for better ones. – Absolutely, no high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, like
canola oil, no soybean oil. Instead we’re going to choose things like olive oil or avocado oil. – And I’m guilty of
this, I’m not gonna lie. I probably have terrible
stuff in my refrigerator, but I love that you say,
it’s just like a baby step, one thing at a time instead of
buying that type of ketchup, switch to buy something else. – Exactly. – And look on the label and see. And I love this, this is.
– The snack basket. – The snack basket, brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. – Well it was born out of the fact that my kids ask for
snacks 20,000 times a day. So these are healthy granola bars, these are called Perfect
bars, unsweetened applesauce, at the beginning of the week I’ll just chop up some veggies and put ’em in here, so hummus packages,
individual makes it easy, guacamole packets, a bunch of fruit. Our policy at home is when
this is gone for the week, it’s gone, y’all are snacked out. We’re not buying anymore.
– Yes, yes. It can get expensive. Okay so sourcing and then systemize. – Systemizing for a week. And this is gonna look different
for every single family. So taking a look at your week what are maybe the nights that you can spend a little bit
more time in the kitchen, what are some nights that
we have to do leftovers, or maybe night that would have
been a drive through night maybe let’s just do a
quick Instant Pot meal. So here’s an example, on Monday nights I have
a little bit more time, so I always choose a recipe that I can make in bulk
or double or triple and then use in different
ways throughout the week. – Okay so where do you
buy something like this? – Really this would just be at any conventional grocery store, so we just bought chicken
breast, organic chicken breast and then cut them into three pieces each and then just dipped it in egg wash and then into a almond
flour flax seed mixture. I make a big batch at night and then like I said with the leftovers we’ll use them in different
ways through out the week. And so this is a honey
mustard dipping sauce. So then on Tuesday here’s what I do. I just do a easy sheet pan meal. Tuesdays are really busy nights for us and so whatever night
might be busy for you you can just, I do a honey mustard salmon. So we’re using the leftover sauce and putting it on top of the salmon. Just some veggies, it’s
all one sheet, really easy. – Pop it in.
– Pop it in. Bake it, roast it,
whatever you need to do. – It’s so good.
– Yes. So this is, these look familiar. – [Rachel] Chicken tenders. – These are the chicken tenders. And so we’re gonna make chicken parm. And so we’re just gonna
take the chicken tenders and literally put the sauce over it. – All over it.
– Yep. If you want to do the cheese? – [Rachel] Yes.
– Provolone cheese. That was literally like
a five minute dinner. And then taco bowls. This is cauliflower rice.
– Yes. I actually bought that for
the first time this week. – It’s good. – The first time, I’m going healthy. – Good, that’s awesome. A plus that’s awesome. And little transitions like that can make such a big difference
in terms of nutrition. But doesn’t taste a whole lot different. – Use ground beef,
peppers, some guacamole. – Exactly, these are those
individual guacamole packets from that basket right there. – Okay.
– So using ingredients in different ways can really go long way. – Love it.
– Yes. – And then I’m seeing,
I’m feeling a pizza. – Yes, feeling a pizza. – The spirit is moving,
the spirit is moving here. – That’s right. So instead of take out pizza which kinda used to be
our go to, we’re like, alright we need to save some
money and we’re gonna actually try to make it a little bit healthy. So this we’re gonna again, I
cubed up the left over chicken and we’re gonna make
a chicken pesto pizza. – Oh yum. – So I’m gonna do this, the pesto, if you want to put cheese. And this is a cauliflower crust. – Okay, in the freezer section. – It’s in the freezer
section at any grocery store. – How does it taste? – It’s great, it’s like
a flatbread basically. – [Rachel] Okay, which
I do love flatbread. – The chicken and some
sliced roma tomatoes. – And how do your kids like it? – Honestly, they love it. I think sometimes we have
a you have to try it rule in our house because we’re just
not doing this picky thing. – That’s how I grew up, it was you make what
mom cooks and that’s it. – Amen, amen. So they try it and interestingly, studies show it takes about 20 times for a kid to try something
before they start to like it if they don’t like it at first. – Interesting. – And I give up at like two.
– Easily, easily. – So, we just keep trying. – It’s so great. And so a big thing
again, plan, think ahead so you’re not last minute
running through the drive through and spending extra
money you don’t need to. – Totally. – Think ahead and you
can do stuff so quickly. I mean we literally just
made these meals so fast. I love it. – Yes, just a little kind of forethought. – So great. So you guys if you want all
these recipes in detail, make sure to click the
link in the description and enjoy, enjoy the good food. Thanks Jenna. – Thanks for having me, Rachel. – So good.
– So fun. (upbeat music) Oh I just love Jenna and she’s so smart, I love that she kept reusing everything. And she planned out the entire
week of good healthy foods. Love it. Alright, now it’s time for,
she works hard saving money. I love these, love these, love these. Abigail said, our family is growing and now it is time to
get a bigger vehicle. Just paid cash for a
new-to-us Honda Odyssey. Well done, Abigail, well done. Jessie said, I can’t believe
it’s been nine whole years since we said, “I do.” I would not trade our
$500.00 wedding for anything. My grandmother was right, a wedding is just a day on the calendar, but marriage is a lifetime. Grandma’s always right. Nine years, three dogs,
three moves, three kids and over $100,000 of debt
accumulated and paid off, and many, many more memories to come. Oh Jessie, congrats, that’s so great. Sarah said, Emily worked
hard the last three months saving her commissions for her pillow. She was so exited. Love this hard-working loving girl. Give, save, spend. You guys I love this. I love seeing everything
you’re saving up for and even your kids. How cute was that? Okay, you’ve been posting
photos, which I love, but I also want you to post videos, which is so fun because we
may show them on the show. And remember to use the
#sheworkshardsavingmoney Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,
all the things, so exciting. And remember you guys to like or subscribe so you do not miss the next episode. So hopefully in this
episode there was something that you could take away
to make your life better. So thanks so much to our guests,
The Minimalists and Jenna. And remember to take control of your money and create a life you love. (upbeat music)

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    Get practical tips or encouragement for getting out of debt, budgeting, and creating a life you love with my best selling book:

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    NO UPFRONT PAYMENT!! Just got $45000 Secure Wire Transfer and Increased Credit Score (820) and Credit Limit. Exclusively for USA, Canada Bank and Credit Card. Contact licensed bank I.T expert securely at [email protected]
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    When Dave Ramsey talks of god “speaking” to him, I have felt that before. I see it as listening to the universe for me. The thing out there that I don’t have a definition for or a true name for, connects and binds is all. When you open yourself to it, whatever name you give it, you do feel more connected and centered and if you let it guide you when you feel it, you will notice stress and anxiety leave from you like a clogged drain pipe that finally gets snaked out and everything just flows. There are good teachings in the Bible we all can learn from regardless of your faith. Data as Dave says, doesn’t lie. The facts are the facts. People live longer, healthier, have better relationships, grow wealth easier, and change their lives for the better when they live in service to others and to the betterment of all. When you treat yourself like you matter, and treat others the same, you will find the good things and changes you want to happen in your life start to happen. It’s amazing how that works. So yes. Even if you are not Christian, you can win. Just replace god and Jesus with whatever you call those powerful forces in your life and belief structure. It works.

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