How Much Debt is Plankton In? 💸 Inside Bikini Bottom Episode 2 | SpongeBob SquarePants

Who is this Mr. Plankton? Just how much debt
is Sheldon Plankton in? As the owner of a failing business,
Plankton seems to have no restraint when it comes to paying
for elaborate schemes, disguises, and countless other expenses. So we hired a certified financial advisor
to calculate his exact debt, and lend her expertise
to help him out of it. I assure you Mr. Plankton
will be in good hands with me. I’ve seen hundreds of cases
of extreme debt, and there’s not one
I haven’t been able to help with yet. First, we had to determine
Plankton’s income and then subtract his various expenses
to see just how far in the red he is. Question one, how much does
the Chum Bucket net each year? Well, the first step is to determine
the average price each customer pays, and then we can estimate the amount
of customers Mr. Plankton has annually. In the season four episode, New Leaf, Plankton reveals that,
up until this point, he has only ever had one customer,
this dead rat. A dead rat… OK… In the episode, Plankton’s Regular, Plankton did have
a brief stint of success, when regular customer Nat Peterson
frequented the Chum Bucket, only to find that his computer wife, was actually paying Nat
to eat at the Chum Bucket. Seeing as Peterson eventually paid
the entire sum back, it can be deduced that they broke even. While the Chum Bucket has had
other bouts of popularity, they seem to always end
with a catastrophe. Resulting in repair bills
or even possible law suits. Leading us to infer that
the Chum Bucket’s annual profits are… Fundamentally non-existent. Er… OK, so an income of zero? OK. I have a few questions. You keep mentioning episodes. Is that how you measure your fiscal year? Question two, what is the Chum Bucket’s
cost of operations? With a few short-lived exceptions, Plankton doesn’t have
any employees on the payroll, and keeps the Chum Bucket open
from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday, while remaining closed on Sunday. OK, great, well… Since he’s not generating any revenue, it is very wise for Mr. Plankton
to implement this hiring freeze. And also, being closed on Sunday
doesn’t hurt either. Now what are his utility costs like? In general, a small restaurant would pay
about two dollars and ninety cents per square foot for electricity, and about 85 cent per square foot
for natural gas. So I would just need to know
the square footage of the er… Chum Bucket. The season one episode, Sleepy Time, reveals that SpongeBob
is four inches tall. If we use SpongeBob as our ruler, we learn that the diameter of the base
of the restaurant is 12 inches, giving it a six inch radius. So six inches? Six inches? OK. Let’s just plug that in. Pi R-Squared. And we have the area of the Chum Bucket,
which is 113… square… inches. But that’s not even a square foot! That’s a mistake, right? If we assumed
Plankton owns the Chum Bucket outright, then it doesn’t cost him
much to maintain. So if Plankton opened the Chum Bucket
as soon as he graduated college, we can assume he has been paying
for these utilities for about 35 years. Next, we have to look
at his personal expenses. Since he lives in the Chum Bucket, he doesn’t have to pay any rent
or for additional property. He also saves money by primarily eating
holographic food. So what is he paying for? We know he wears a single contact lens,
which don’t come cheap. An average box of six lenses
costs around 25 dollars. So if Plankton changes his contact
every two weeks, he would need almost five boxes a year. He also owns a Labrador retriever. This is my lab! Which on average have an annual cost
of 2,268 dollars per year, and judging by this particular dog’s size
and the healthy condition of his teeth, we can conclude
that he is about five years old. Bringing the total cost to about
11,340 dollars. And there is one major expense
we are forgetting. I went to college! The average debt for a student
of a four year college is around 38, 390 dollars. And since he has no source of income, it’s safe to say
he hasn’t been paying off his loans. So that means his loans have been
collecting interest for the past 35 years which would bring his debt total to 211,759 dollars and 83 cents,
and he hasn’t paid any of it off? Finally, we have to calculate the cost of Plankton’s various schemes
and inventions. we separated Plankton’s
various inventions into three tiers. In the C tier, we have any small
technological gadgets and weapons, like the Propeller Pen,
Stench Vision Goggles and Death Ray. These likely cost close to the price
of an average, high-end smart phone. We estimate he makes about five items
in this tier per year. In the B tier, we have inventions
like The Analyzer, The Ghost Extracting Machine and the Switch-Lives-Just-To-Know-What-
It’s-Like-O-Mogrifier. We’ve determined that each of these costs Plankton about the price
of a high-end gaming computer, and he only makes
about three of these a year. Finally, we have the A tier. These are the highly functioning,
fully operational robots that he frequently builds. Robots like Robot Krabs, Robot SpongeBob
and Robot Game Show Host. Each of these costs roughly around
the price of an average luxury car. We’ve deduced that Plankton makes
about eight of these per year. Meaning that ever year,
Plankton spends roughly 503,684 dollars and 97 cents
on inventions. If we multiply that by 35 years, and add in the rest
of the debt we calculated, it comes to… 17, 856, 552 dollars
and 40 cents! Mostly on this garbage,
I mean, who is this guy? He knows I’m a financial advisor, right? Not a magician! What about this? This wired, integrated, female
electroencephalograph? Yes, what about that? Karen is Plankton’s
most complicated invention, and also his beloved computer wife. Karen is capable of advanced
human level communication, leaning based decision making
and can even feel emotion. As such, she is the world’s first
and only known example of artificial general intelligence. Seeing as the United States has spent
millions in funds towards developing
similar technologies to no avail, we can conclude that Karen’s software
cost millions, or even billions to– Nope, nope, nope, nope. I do not have time for this. Oh no, now this is– I mean, you people–
this is some kind of joke, right? Bring him here, bring him here,
I wanna meet him! We can’t, ma’am. What do you mean you can’t? He lives underwater… he’s a plankton. I’m outta here. This is your office… Our trust financial advisor agrees
that Plankton is in an ocean of debt. We’ll give her some time to process
and await her advice. That’s all for today, folks. Let us know what you
want us to figure out in the next episode of
Inside Bikini Bottom. Goodbye, everyone,
I’ll remember you all in therapy!

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