How Much Money Do I Make on Youtube with 1 MILLION Views? (WTF ๐Ÿคฏ!)

What is up everyone, welcome back to my channel. Now have you ever thought to yourself hmm,
I wonder how much YouTubers actually make? Well, in celebration for the fact that this
video right here hit one million views this week, I’m going to answer those questions. Specifically, in today’s video I’m going to
do three things. The first is I’m going to spill the beans
on exactly how much I make as a YouTuber so far. The second thing is I’m going to tell you
specifically how much money this video made because it hit one million views. The third thing is I’m going to actually break
down how YouTube Adsense revenue actually works. So, if you want to learn one of these three
things or all three of these things then keep on watching. Now to kickstart this video and to put things
into perspective my channel was not monetized until January 20th, 2019. So this was the day where I officially became
a YouTube partner and when my videos started to actually generate some revenue. Now, I’m going to be a total mind reader here
because I have a feeling that some of you guys are going to be asking exactly how long
it took me to become monetized on YouTube. Now I started my channel officially I think
June or July and I wasn’t monetized until January. At that point when I became monetized I had
about 2000 subscribers on YouTube and I also had 23 videos. Meaning that it took me 23 videos to finally
get the 4000 hour mark and to get over a thousand subscribers. So if you guys aren’t familiar you need to
have over 1000 subscribers and over 4000 hours of watch time in order to become monetized
on the platform. Now, with all those things out of the way,
let’s answer the first question that you have for me which is Vanessa how much money have
you made so far on YouTube. Well to answer your question every since I
was monetized until now and today’s date is April 12th, I made $7705 on YouTube lifetime. What his means is that in the last four months
I’ve made almost $8000 just posting YouTube videos twice a week. Which isn’t bad. Now the second question that you guys have
is how much money have I made on that specific video that has generated over a million views. Now to answer the question that you guys have
been dying to know, this video right here which has generated over a million views has
made me a total lifetime of $3736 which represents 49% of my total earnings. Not only this when I look at the YouTube analytics
on this video specifically, this video has also earned me 13,000 new subscribers to my
channel. The majority of the people that have found
my video found me through YouTube suggested. Meaning that YouTube was actually recommending
my videos on people’s home pages and all of that. So instead of people actually searching which
is also a good majority of how people found me, most of the time it was because YouTube
was actually pushing out my video. Now, if you want to learn how to increase
the chances of your videos going viral, then make sure you check out this video right here
where I explain it. Now even though I answered your two biggest
questions, do not click out of this video because if you stay until the end I’m going
to actually breakdown how Adsense revenue works because what you need to know is that
it’s not about views that earns you money and that each video earns a different amount. So make sure you stay until the end because
I’m going to explain it. But for now what I also want to answer is
some of you guys might be wondering okay, wow, so out of the $7000 to $8000 you made,
half of that came from that video but what about the other half. Well I’m going to pull up a chart right here
so that you can see. As you notice, the second highest earning
video for me has over 72,000 views and that has generated me $600. The third highest earning video has generated
me $300 and that video has 52,000 views. Now as you can see $7000 to $8000 seems like
a lot to you maybe. However, if you really look at it, it takes
a lot of views to actually make good money on YouTube. That is why YouTube Adsense revenue should
not be your number one income source. Now if you want to learn more about the other
ways that you can make money on social media, again, I’ve got you covered, I have this video
right here for you to watch. For now, let’s actually talk about Adsense
revenue and how it really works. Now since I know some of you might be curious
I’m going to drop a screen shot right here to show you the rest of my videos. Now obviously this isn’t all of my videos
but I think this screen shot is pretty interesting. As you can see for a lot of these videos I’ve
made less than $50. But the views is well over a thousand at least. So I hope this really shows you guys that
YouTube Adsense is really great for side cash but it should not be your main vehicle on
how to make money. But wait, here’s the super interesting thing
that I saw when I was looking at my data. You’ll notice that there’s some videos that
actually have more views that make less than other videos that have less views. This is why I really want to talk to you guys
about exactly how YouTube Adsense revenue works because at the end of the day, yes,
having views help but it’s not just about the views. What really determines how much money you
make on YouTube is dependent on the advertiser. So these are the big businesses or small businesses
that are willing to pay money to put ads into your video. They determine how much to pay you and that’s
going to be how much you end up making. Now the one metric that I want to teach you
guys is called CPM which is cost per mile. Now what CPM essentially means in the most
plain english is that it is what the advertiser is willing to pay per every one thousand impression
that you generate on the actual advertisement. In order for it to qualify as an impression
you need to be able to have you audience watch that ad for over 30 seconds at least. Now because I’m a YouTube partner I’m actually
not allowed to tell you guys what my average CPM is. But let’s just say as an example a company
is willing to pay $10 CPM in order to put their ads in my video. That means that for every 1000 impressions
that’s over 30 seconds that I generate for them in that ad I get $10. So if I get 2000 impression I get $20, 3000
impressions that’s $30 and so on and so forth. So this is how it works in terms of Adsense
revenue. But here is the catch, every YouTubers CPM
is going to be different. Every videos CPM is going to be different. This is why some YouTubers will make more
than others and this is also why some videos will make more money than others as well. Now that we know all this information, let
me break down the three factors that will change the amount of money that you actually
make on YouTube. This first factor that these advertisers are
looking for when they determine how much to pay for that ad space is your niche and your
content. Basically what this means is that some niche’s
on YouTube actually earn more than others. For example, the channels that are all about
business or professional development generally make more money than videos that are all about
pranking people or videos that are not safe for work or videos that are just straight
up inappropriate. This makes sense for two reasons. The first reason is that companies generally
don’t want to associate themselves with profanity or anything like that. So even in my own content what you’ve noticed
is that I don’t really swear in my videos anymore and if I do swear I put a bleep sound
on it because it actually affects how much I earn on that video. The second reason why you know niches such
as real estate and finance and all those niches make more money is because generally the companies
that are associated in those industries have a bigger budget and therefore they can afford
to pay a higher CPM. The second factor that can affect how much
a company is willing to pay you for ad space is your watch time. Now when I say watch time I not only mean
the amount of time that someone watches your video because that is a great indicator to
these companies of whether or not your audience is engaged or not and that why in my previous
videos I always stress to make great content in order to have a very engaged audience. At the end of the day it does affect how much
you make on YouTube when you are monetized. But not only this the other type of watch
time that you have to be aware of is how long your audience will actually watch the ads
for. So let’s say I’m a company and I see a YouTuber
whose audience is constantly skipping the ads, then I’m probably not going to be paying
more than I need to for that ad space. Versus if I look at another YouTuber and their
audience is super engaged, watches all the ads, then I’m more likely to pay that YouTuber
a little bit more. This makes sense in a business context and
so you just want to be aware of these key things when you are thinking about making
money on YouTube. The third and last factor that contributes
to whether or not a company is going to pay you a higher CPM or a lower CPM is your location,
demographic and language. Now obviously businesses want to make sure
that their efforts and their investment is super targeted. When business choose to do ads they’re specifically
trying to target a certain type of audience. So, it does not make sense for an American
company that is English speaking to buy ad space from a YouTuber who’s from China and
who has the majority of their audience speaking Chinese. It just doesn’t make sense. That’s why if you are someone that is super
strategic and you want to make and maximize the amount of money that an advertiser pays
you for ad space then really think about the language that you are speaking in your channel. Really ask yourself what type of companies
are going to be willing to pay more and are they English speaking or are they Spanish
speaking and what locations are they in. Now a lot of these things are really out of
the YouTubers control, I know that this video sounds like I know everything but I really
don’t. YouTube and Google are the ones that pair
up with the advertisers and I have nothing to do with it in terms of being a YouTuber. So a lot of these things are really out of
my control. But hopefully by learning these things that
I taught you today that you’re going to be able to create better content on YouTube and
skew these factors into your benefit. Now if you are someone who is interested in
making money on YouTube or you just want to start a YouTube channel in general, next time
on Wednesday I’m going to posting a video all about my YouTube equipment. So make sure you hit the notification bell
so that I can give you my recommendations in terms of all the types of equipments that
I use to create my YouTube videos on Wednesday. Not only this, if you want to learn more about
social media, business and just life in general, then make sure you check out these two videos
right here. As always guys I appreciate you, I hope you
guys have a great day, a great week and a great life and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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