How Much Money The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Makes Will Make You Cry

Welcome back to Think Tank. Hannah with Dave Ahdoot here. And we are inside today, but you can cash us outside later. [LAUGH]>>You can cash us outside.>>In case you missed it, Danielle Bregoli has just taken over the internet with the cash me outside meme.>>Amazing.>>And this comes from a quote she gave during, on her appearance on Dr Phil. If you guys missed that, take a look.>>So the audience are a bunch of hoes?>>Yep.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Cash me outside, how ’bout that?>>Cash me outside, how ’bout that?>>Catch you outside? What does that mean?>>Okay.>>How about that?>>How about that? Did you know what this meant before?>>Cash me outside, how ’bout that?>>Yeah, before her, before Danielle brought it to light.>>Like catch me outside? Yeah, I mean I got it.>>What does that mean? Explain it to me cuz I had to do some research.>>It’s let’s take this outside basically. Like let’s fight.>>Like it’s a beautiful day, should we go for a walk.>>No, let’s elbow each other in the face.>>Okay.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, so basically Danielle calls the audience hoes.>>Hoes.>>Yeah she says them all to go outside, I think she’s gonna take the whole audience.>>Cash them outside.>>[LAUGH] Cash them outside. And so this clip went viral, turned into a huge meme. She’s selling blankets with her face on it for a whopping $250. But for all of us who are hustling and struggling, out there to make a dollar, to make a cash if you will, you are going to be really upset here by how much she’s actually making to make appearances at different venues. First of all she’s 13, and she is making $30,000 or more, per meet and greet, okay?>>$30,000?>>$30,000 for meet and greets in the US, and 40,000 if she has to leave the country.>>Wow, looks like they caught her outside.>>Yeah, they really did. That’s a lot of money.>>That’s a lot of money.>>That’s a lot of money. How much do the Kardashians make for an appearance?>>$75,000 when they started, and now it’s up to 650.>>Okay.>>I made all those numbers up.>>Really?>>Alternative.>>I should look those up. But that’s a lot of fricking money, I’m struggling to make that in a year. You know what I mean? To make that for one appearance is a little absurd. She’s also allegedly appearing at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in May, where she’s expected to make even more than $40,000. Okay, so we can look at this so we can be like, that’s a shit ton of money for literally saying something that isn’t even English, on Dr. Phil>>You can tell she’s a terrible person.>>She doesn’t seem like a nice person.>>She’s 13, though.>>Yeah she’s 13, she’s got time to grow. She left school in the seventh grade she says. So English, maybe she didn’t go through all the steps that she had to go through. And so she’s dealing with, she has a parole officer and things like that. She’s got a lot going on this young lady.>>She’s got a lot, she’s 13.>>Yeah, it’s a rough time, at 13, I too had a rough time, it was more consisting of braces and Dumbo ears, but same story.>>Yeah.>>Same story, just a little different. But here’s my question is this money going to exacerbate what she is going through? Or could she be like, look, I’m gonna save this to go to college?>>She’s definitely not going to college, and she shouldn’t. For all you 13-year-olds watching out there, come up with a catch phrase.>>[LAUGH]>>Quit school, you’re gonna make thousands and thousands of dollars.>>[LAUGH]>>I don’t think she’s gonna clean up her act. I think she’s gonna mature, I mean she’s 13. You know, like when I was 13, I was breaking stuff.>>What were you breaking?>>Hearts.>>[LAUGH]>>Just kidding I didn’t have a girlfriend til I was 25. I’m okay, things are good.>>[LAUGH]>>But, I think yeah I’m inspired by her. I want to come up with my own cash me outside.>>Maybe she could well you think about that.>>I smell yo face, I smell yo face, go viral.>>What does that mean?>>It’s like a quick I’ll smack your face. I’ll smack yo face. Make it viral, guys. I’ll do appearances for ten bucks. [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH] All right, you guys do the work in making that viral. I hopefully, I think this could have positive outcome.>>You do?>>Right, because she can’t have the money now, right? So she’s somebody’s saving it for her, presumably.>>Yeah, but she steals car, she said blatantly->>But now she has enough money to buy herself a vehicle, a motor vehicle.>>Many vehicles.>>Yeah, so she could hopefully stop stealing->>Yeah.>>Maybe pay people back, maybe, I don’t know, start a charity, a foundation in her name.>>I think the Dr. Phil episode, her mother was trying to divorce her. That was like the theme of the thing.>>I missed the whole episode.>>I don’t think she is anymore.>>You think her mom is a gold digger?>>I don’t think so, but she should be after putting up with that for 13 years.>>[LAUGH] I mean putting up, I don’t know if that’s her for real mom or not, I think there was like some sort of indication that it might not have been.>>Fake mom.>>Or like a foster mom or something like that. But I do think that things like that don’t necessarily like, you’re not just born that way. Like you’ve been probably through a lot. And I hope a lot of that is nurture. Not nature necessarily, because I don’t think people are born like inherently stealing cars and inherently evil. So hopefully, maybe they could use this money to like get therapy or something like. I’m trying to put a sort of positive spin on this and I don’t know if it’s working for me.>>I don’t think, people should be upset that she’s getting this much money.>>Right.>>Because she’s getting this much money, because there’s a demand for people who wanted to see the cash me outside girl. So it’s our fault.>>It is our fault.>>Yeah.>>Valid point.>>And I want to see, I want to be at the next event.>>Yeah [LAUGH] You’re going to the Rolling Live Music Festival.>>I will buy tickets now that I know that she will be there.>>To see the cash me outside girl. Guys, let us know what you think about this issue. Should she be making this much money, or should she not? How should she be using it? I have a lot of questions, and I want you guys to give me answers. Also, if you want to help Dave go viral with his->>I smell yo face.>>Be sure to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and his website at Dave Ahdoot. And we’ll see you soon. [MUSIC]

100 comments on “How Much Money The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Makes Will Make You Cry”

  1. Cups of compassion says:

    it could just be me, but I think your face is slightly out of focus here Hannah.. ?

  2. Craig Banach says:

    That girl should just drink bleach

  3. Anja D. says:

    Give her some slack, you say?! She's an ungrateful brat and she needs some sense smacked into her. I have no sympathy for people like her. She should be in jail, not making crazy amounts of money for, essentially, being a terrible person. Wtf is wrong with America?

  4. Wicked Flex says:

    Hannah needs to go somewhere. Every time I see her I contemplate unsubscribing.

  5. Anytyme06 says:

    This reminded me of that song by DMX – Party up in here

  6. ZomBabeZoe's Channel says:

    She's the human equivalent of the word Derp

  7. ZomBabeZoe's Channel says:

    She's the human equivalent of the word Derp

  8. proteuseffects says:

    She's just another distraction for "idiot America" and will be tossed aside when they get bored of her.
    I bet half of that money goes to agents, lawyers, etc and I'll be shocked if she doesn't end up dead, pregnant, or a stripper/pornstar by the time she's 18

  9. Jérôme D. says:

    She's making money because tards like you are speaking about her!

  10. Jake Black says:

    She is getting paid a rediculous amount of money just because people think her bad behaviour is funny. She won't get better, it's just reinforcing her bad behaviour.

  11. jejejejeje jejejejje says:

    good for her

  12. Titanic Tuna says:

    In all honesty the kid will probably waste the money.

  13. Luigi Bencosme says:

    she's not evil …

  14. Morgs Gamergirl says:

    you sad lonely man

  15. Extra Rare says:

    mentally ill people made her famous. and when i say mentally ill i mean left wingers.

    why do a video on this irrelevant little stain on the face of the earth? how is this educational?

    I could have sworn i was subbed to ThinkTank and not PopTrigger

  16. Gabriel Arias says:

    I hope she loses all here money 💰

  17. ThermoNuclear says:

    hell fuckking no a 1:03 ad n no skip u must be smoking some trump weed.

  18. Corrupted says:

    fukin stupid the idiots watch it man

  19. roger ray says:

    it's ok. at some point she'll turn into a feminist icon. much like other celebs who got famous for no reason. hannah will be all over her in a year or 2.

  20. Jacob Prince says:

    after watching the dr Phil episode if indeed this hood rat little girl is actually getting paid this money, and her mom is put in charge of will be gone as quickly as it comes..this little girl is a horrendous example of what happens when parents fail at thier responsibility..any mother who threatens to fight thier 13yo daughter on national television, is obviously part of the issues causing such behavior of a young girl…

  21. Ragnarök Black says:

    She should be put down. Rough time my ass

  22. WorK4It says:

    I hate that stupid b*tch

  23. xavier talyor says:

    wow a white person doing ghetto things and people like it? and they make wow don't surprised but if a black person did it they sooo ghetto and would make a dollar

  24. OMG BeCkY says:

    I don't get it. She didn't say "Cash me outside."

  25. John - B says:

    I think $40,000 to leave the country is fair as long as she doesn't come back.

  26. Derek Vanderport says:

    Hannah's laugh is great

  27. kwilliams3161 says:

    Makes me think of that's so raven when her brother was delivering milk in a skit and all he had to say was "DELIVERY".then it shows him saying that phrase on the tv in the show and he feeling himself.

  28. BOOM ERANG says:

    she could do modeling if she is not already.

  29. crushed2015 says:

    that dude is funny af. more of him. john can just fuck off!

  30. 2DRINKSMINIMUM says:

    this guy is great

  31. slapchop14 says:

    Get to the fucking point. 7 minutes of bullshit for 20 seconds of news.

  32. tanhit95 says:

    Let's be honest, you're just pissed that you went through college and everything & she just got lucky. Nothing to hate, you'd have not taken it if you were in her place? pfft. it's like hating someone for winning the lottery. More power to her, go girl!

  33. Fred Stocking says:

    Well she didn't have her Mom leak a sex tape to get "famous" there's that.

  34. Kuri M says:

    so stupid.

  35. Kuri M says:

    We shouldn't be encourage this

  36. skippy Roo says:


  37. Jay Simpson says:

    The world has gone to s**t!

  38. immortal9922 says:


  39. Pihla Pietila says:

    But why anyone would want a meet and greet with her?

  40. jkaufman77 says:

    In about 6 years you will be able to "cash" her outside. Because that is where she will be living. In a cardboard box or a pimp's house. How bou dah?

  41. Spottydog714 says:

    I have nothing against her personally but it is a little sad that she can make that much money for saying a phase wrong when there are hardworking people with uni degrees struggling to make enough to buy a house without a stupidly large morgage. This world…

  42. CJ's Reports says:

    This channel is dead

  43. Star Latiina says:

    You are a peace of shit

  44. Tiff's Right Ear says:

    still don't know what she even said.

  45. Jennifer Lopez says:

    Lmao! This guy in this video is funny! I like him he should be on with Hannah more often. "I'll make an appearance for $10"

  46. Walter MF says:

    affricate > sibilant (fricative); 'catch' > 'cash'. seems like a normal process (I've seen weirder); indicative of the grammar (phonology) she was exposed to (everybody is, we stigmatize only some). language change and different phonologies, get the hell over it, people. here's a fun fact: your 'standard' language used to be the dialect of deceased peoples by at least a generation.

  47. 6foot_7foot says:

    her 10 minutes of fame will be up sooner or later.. once that nut ass catch phrase is worn out her time is the spot light will be over

  48. Carlos M. Cruz says:

    I just had "I'll Smat Yoh Phase" copywrited ©2017 so you owe me like $20 #AlternativeFacts

  49. Jairan78 says:

    Society makes me sick….fuck this video.

  50. Annatar says:

    she's just like Trump. An idiot that knows how to use attention to get money from other idiots

  51. Bladimir Cruz says:

    I like how her mom was worried about her daughter being a fucking idiot but now that she's being paid to be a fucking idiot she doesn't care no more

  52. Reginald Turner says:

    bro Hannah is so white. "literally not English". "she's a horrible person". she's a dumb 13 yo kid. she'll get better. she's not the only dumb 13 yo kid. she's just ghetto.

  53. Tru Neilson says:

    Sad thing is she's too dumb to understand that we are all making fun of her. She thinks she's famous but really it's like watching a car crash, just pathetic.

  54. max9871123456 says:

    yeah right, she is gonna use the money to buy drugs or some shit, then in a year no1 will hear anything about her again and she enters depression

  55. Maximosis says:

    how hard is it to understand what "catch me outside" means?

  56. 13a7n00bz says:

    Can't wait til this dies out and no one will care about her anymore. Then she'll end up wasting all her money and she'll be back to square one

  57. Tika Siwakoti says:

    I thought he said i smell you're face.

  58. Antonio the Wabbit says:

    Yeah, doctors save lives. But this girl is a straight up bitch! She deserves the money. What the hell..

  59. Jaime Duncan says:

    Why should I be angry again?  Is she hurting someone? Is she hurting me?

  60. Kimberly Stockert says:

    I Love This Teen❤❤

  61. Awoman WithoutReligion says:

    My 4-year-old nephew can speak better than her.

  62. Jon Aronson says:

    The answer: more than 30k per meet up. no need to watch the video.

  63. spicy.jeonghan.noodle says:

    I smack yo face

  64. Mrs K says:

    I bet her mom takes it all.

  65. StevieTheSpring says:

    uhh the dave guy is wearing lipstick.

  66. bongo155 says:

    Why can't she fight inside? Why only outside? UFC and boxing matches are held inside.

  67. Jessica Anderson says:

    Thats sad because she is rude but there are some really nice people out there that get so much more hate then her like if you agree.

  68. kia says:

    hi im 13 and im 6 months older than her but i consider myself mature ok bye

  69. ManchmalPfosten says:

    This is the reason i want to go to sleep


  70. cameron Cleary says:

    I'm gonna lose my house soon because my mum doesn't make enough money to pay mortgages, and this girl is making $30,000 for some people to meet her?? All because of what? She's rude, ignorant and horrible and people like that!? This is bullshit, what is wrong with our world!?

  71. Eddy Munoz says:

    she's white and talks funny so it's a big deal that just shows alot about our society

  72. J. Rokzin says:

    "cash me ousside how bou dah" now let the money role in 😉

  73. mark kaufman says:

    There going to Cash her outside behind a dumpster soon.

  74. Wendy’s says:

    All the mad broke people in the comment section

  75. Doug says:

    Why are people surprised? It has been a very long time since you had to actually be talented at something to be famous in America.

  76. Technews says:

    The part that is ironic is. That Dr Phil clip was shown 4 years after the actual recording, when she was 13-years old. So, how can see still be 13 in 2017?

    Think Thank!

  77. The Anarchist says:

    Catch me outside how bout dat

  78. XDie StayFly says:

    "Catch me outside, how about dat" isn't new. But it is when a little white girl uses it. This is why we have issues in America.

  79. Reinaldo Lugo says:

    money fuck no

  80. TOP 5 says:

    LMMFAO! That $30,000 dollars is about to go bye bye for her stupid ass for not using her brain!

    That little filthy tramp trying to act oh like she is so ghetto and she actually says she is going trademark that meme in a few videos I have seen. Well I have news for her she soon will not even be able to say what she may have created.

    Because she is young and not using her brain she is just running around trying to enjoy all the attention she is getting instead of going on and filing the legal trademark papers she has screwed her own self! LOL

    So all this fake ass shit her and her trashy mother tried to play off just to get attention just failed and she does not even know it yet she will not be able to sell anything with that meme on it. Because some one has already beat her little ass to trademarking that meme on February 9, 2017 exactly 1 month before she even thought about it.

    So her little plan her and her nasty ass mother cooked up failed so get your little nasty ass back in school. You need someone to just grab your little ass and beat that ass like there is know tomorrow!

    Oh and before any you all start yelling know one has trademarked that meme before she even got around to thinking about it well here is the link to the trademark info on it and who filed for the trademark the woman does not live to far from me I do not know her personally I have heard of her but she only lives 1 state up and I can get there in 30 mins.

  81. SharonLismanBaxter12 says:

    She's a little s***! No she isn't going to college… She'll have to get her GED… HA!

  82. nedia joseph says:


  83. Ty Budd says:

    "Like its like a beautiful day, lets go take a walk"

    David, slap Hannah!

  84. ela jss says:

    I'm happy for the girl

  85. Brent P says:


  86. ihartevil says:

    this is so stupid and whoever is paying this stupid bitch i dont think its for her catch phrase and she will end up like lindsey lohan a drugged up bitch if she doesnt kill herself in other ways first

    thx for this ha bisky vid and you seriously need to make this into a game channel

  87. ihartevil says:

    there was a rich bitch in my high school she was adopted and she would have totally done something like stole her moms car and the proof is she would brag about how she physically assault her parents

    she got an MP3 player thing for her birthday it was to big for her hands so she threw it against the walls and told them to buy her a new one

    some bitches just be crazy i grew up in a shit home and i am very respectful to the people who are respectful to me and i would never do something like steal a car

  88. C4rnif3X says:

    It's all planned.. Dr. Phil is scripted. All media is scripted. If the ruling class didn't want this girl to be rich, they wouldn't have brought her back on Dr. Phil. It's all a psy-op to make the younger generation think this is how cool people act, further dumbing down the population. It's all a game. Research Pizzaslime, the Instagram plug Dr. Pedo shout out towards the end of the second show if you really wanna see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  89. labella1016 says:

    I agree stop making these type of people like come on what the fuck is wrong with this country like come on ,my mom should of put me on dr phil I would have been rich because I was a troubled teen I just can't believe that's what she gets thats ABSURD!

  90. labella1016 says:

    Stop making these type of people famous*

  91. Christian Jimenez says:

    It's catch me outside not cash me outside

  92. Kevin Wajanowskiyovichowskie says:

    $250 blankets…. and then the guy with the glasses who claims he didn't look up what "cash me ousside" meant before doing this Youtube video says he has 3. Waste…

  93. Buntha Touch says:

    meet and greet for what??????? help me here…

  94. Matt Underwood says:

    The reason this bitch and her cash does not make me cry or flinch at all is because she earned that money for being a disrespectful little piece of shit.

  95. Alexis Rousseau says:

    It doesn't matter how much money she makes. She will eventully lose it. This person is a plague on society. People need to quit giving her publicity, or more kids will begin behaving as she does.

  96. Brandon Barbera says:

    Yeah but id pop dat puss dough.

  97. Black4Halo says:

    praise be unto us ever since the welcome to your tape meme she's been absolutely nowhere


    useful idiot

  99. Josephine Rosenthal says:

    The guy is being a complete dickward 'fake mom?'… fuck you! don't fucking say shit like that about other people!/, whoever the fuck they are! What a loser.. It's not even hoodtalk (this shouldn't be called 'think tank', he wasn't even thinking), it's school kid talk…. fuck off

  100. Kary Garcia says:

    Yeah not mad..hating on her maybe..Who wouldnt want to make 30000 just to meet ppl..

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