How Much Money To Give At Weddings?

Marriage Celebration Joyous Occasion Everyone’s Happy Like oh… oh, wow RUN Hi, I’m Huda. Hi, my name is Michelle. Hi, I am Fithry. Hi, I’m Abel. Hi, I’m Colyn. Hi, my name is Mr. Giam Siap. Wah, this one ah… Maybe about 12 already? Maybe two? One or two? I don’t know. Roughly like two? Troublesome leh, I think at least two to three times a year leh. I wouldn’t say that I limit it, but I will say that I’m selective in the weddings that I go to. No choice, people want me to go, I have to go one. You know some people, they ask you like: “Eh, you want to come to my wedding or not?” Then it’s like, “eh, when is it ah?” “Next week!” Then I’m like, “Huh? Uhm…Maybe not la.” So you know that this person didn’t maybe plan on inviting you from the start. Maybe it’s just to like fill up the tables, and then stuff like that right? In the unlikely event that that would occur, it should be first come first serve, but closeness to me is more important. Okay, because normally because Malay weddings they run long hours, morning half I will go to this side, and another afternoon half to the other side. I don’t know, uh, flip a coin? Or… Actually maybe whoevers marriage I thought had like the best chance of working out it would make sense to like go to theirs. I think dinner is anything more than $160 all the way to $200 plus? Oh, standard don’t need to think, $88 for me. In general, Malay they don’t actually differentiate. Whatever amount that you give, is actually from the heart. So for me, I will go online to check. So it really depends, sometimes I can check the hotel website, sometimes I can check those blogs and stuff like that. Like if lets say it’s a very very good friend, then it’s really how much I want to bless the person with. If I go for the wedding, I think it’s important to at least help the couple break even. No, because I always believe giving Ang Bao is a form of blessing, it’s not to help the couple pay for their wedding. They don’t call me Mr. Giam Siap for notihng what! I know some people would give them Badge, you know the clip-on-your-shirt the badge. Like a smiley face badge. Oh! There’s this guy he gave a $200 hotel voucher as an Ang Bao. Vouchers I even heard right, there’s vouchers, but expired vouchers some more. I’ve seen people giving ironing board as a wedding gift. Actually at my wedding, someone actually gave tissue paper inside the envelope. Depending on how close I am to the friend It depends also. if I RSVP “yes” then it wouldn’t be nice for me to not give them Duit Salam, but if i RSVP “no”, then they won’t
take me into account, so I don’t think I would give. Usually I will not give la. Oh, I went to one in Indonesia, it was unique because it was the biggest wedding that I’ve attended. The cake was… about one to two storeys high? Ya, it’s a fake cake, but it was like so tall! It’s one that I didn’t know was a wedding. It was my mom’s boyfriend’s 50th birthday party. And it was a dress up party. So I was dressed like Tom Cruise from Risky Business, so I just had a button up shirt and undies. And then he like the birthday boy got up himself and he was like “Oh, thanks everyone” all this kind of stuff And just out of the blue he’s like “Oh by the way, I’m getting married tonight” Yeah so, my Mom just kind of came up and the celebrant appeared out of nowhere and they just signed the document and they got married. And I didn’t even know it was happening, I was like “woah, this is pretty cool”. Yeah, watched my Mom get married wearing that so that was, yeah, the most unique wedding I’ve been to.

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  1. Chad Blondel says:

    Colyn is sexy AF

  2. kintan ayunda says:

    fuckyeah Colyn

  3. lecherhao86 says:

    The amount is not important. What matters most is your presence and your blessing.

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