How Quickly Can You Make Money in The Sims 4? Let’s Find Out!

Hello, YouTube. When you put your play out there for others
to see, you sometimes get some odd comments about how quickly you make money. Truth is, I don’t normally seek to play optimally
because I’m pretty old school with The Sims. I enjoy following a routine and going with
different skills as a backbone of my play. Getting rich should take time, because otherwise
I find my Sim in a big house with nothing new worth doing. I’d intended to explore what skill is the
best money maker in the game by pitting them against one another, and when I mentioned
I knew Flower Arranging is up there several people reminded me to try out the digital
sketch pad. This thing came came with the Style Influencer
career in a free patch. It’s found in misc electronics in sort by
function. I knew the sketch pad completed paintings
quickly and discovered that when it came out. It’s really obvious on speed 3. But, I forgot about it as other content came
and didn’t really go back to test it. I compared the sketch pad against regular
painting and found it’s about 40% faster than normal. But, see, there’s something else about it. The end result goes in your inventory, which
means that if you pause before your Sim ever touches the thing you can queue up about 7
paintings and have them all complete. In about 3 hours. I immediately wanted to see how far I could
take this. I set up a Sim that has the Dance Machine,
Perfectionist and Loner traits to give me some big advantages. I gave her a tiny house with everything in
one room, so that she wouldn’t need to walk for 10 minutes to reach the toilet. It’s a disgusting environment for sure, and
I’d hope it’s well ventilated but she’d probably be immune to the smells. God help us if we have company. Anyway, the first thing I set out to do was
not actually paint at all. I got her focused and worked on woodworking. I’d remind you that with just about anything
that puts the final product in your inventory, you can queue up multiple items and have them
all go there.. just can’t do it once the Sim has started. Getting to level 4 handiness w as really fast. Only after I’d done this did I realize I should
get out the lot traits to give my Sim every advantage I could. I picked celebrity home to stop idiot Geoffrey
Landgraab from knocking at my door when I’ve never met him, home studio for obvious reasons,
and Study Spot. If that last one seems odd realize it’s telling
a whopper of a lie when it says it modestly improves skill gains, it’s 25% for all skills. The fact I can just slap this on with no points
or anything required is just… (groans). As for why I took the Dance Machine trait.. Disco nap is absurdly powerful. It gives more energy recovery than even sleeping
– 0.5 per minute vs 0.31, and on a comfortable bed it’s boosted by about 30%. Were it not for Playalot telling me, I wouldn’t
even know about it as I thought it was just a renamed activity. It’s not even mentioned in the description
of the trait. I did a string of large classic paintings
to see how long they take, and also work on the first tier of the painter extraordinaire
aspiration. Perfectionist slows it down a bit, but she’s
making good paintings straight away. They take about 50 minutes each compared to
up to 90 for an easel painting. I upgraded the sketch pad, which is definitely
new to me. I mean I’m upgrading and electronic at level
4, which is weird, and then there’s also the idea of of me opening a tablet and somehow
replacing its CPU with a screwdriver. This is a really unbalanced reward as it takes
another 30 or 40% off the time it takes to make a painting. Now I need to do some emotional paintings…
and the sketch pad is for some reason not set up to do that. This is why I have a regular easel. Other moods get in the way, but I use research
pick up lines to get flirty. Only need three, but they take a few hours. Selling them gets me to the third rank of
the aspiration and it’s only Monday. Now just to quickly stop by the museum, view
3 paintings to check it off. Now I just need to make 10 excellent paintings. Something of note is, for loners being a troll
is wildly appropriate. Troll the forums gives them some fun and enough
social to get through the day and never actually need to talk to anyone. I guess this explains the lovely comments
held for moderation on every channel (laughs). To help me get to 10 excellent paintings I
hang all the paintings I’ve made, which gets the room up to +2 decorated. The upgrade to the sketch pad makes this trivial. Every single painting I make is excellent,
because why not. All difficulty has left the building with
the click of a couple buttons. This knocks out the third milestone of the
painting aspiration. Now I want this build to take advantage of
everything, so I hang all the paintings on that wall you noticed out back. Yeah, it’s there just for this one reason. I sell them and get my first celebrity rank. I can’t do this from the inventory for some
reason. Anyway, this gives me a perk. I’m actually looking for rank 2 celebrity
for a reason and I’ll get to that. While I’m making those 10 paintings I buy
my first reward trait – Creative visionary. The last rank needs you to make 5 masterpieces,
and they don’t come quickly until you’re level 10 painting. But this helps a lot and I finish that pretty
quick. Bath soaks, excellent meals, eating harvestables,
browsing art on the computer, it’s all keeping my Sim Very Inspired really frequently. Once I’ve hit that fifth masterpiece, I am
set. I have 30 large classic paintings to hang
on the wall out back, so switch aspirations around to fabulously wealthy and mansion baron
to get some free satisfaction. Selling these nets me around $23,000 Simoleons. Yeah… For about a day’s work. Yet I’m not even max level yet, so we are
not quite there. Overnight, Vlad pays me a visit because not
everything could go well for my Sim. This is the only challenge the game throws
at me during this week and it’s trivial because I just sleep it off. Whether I want to or not (laughs). Now for another exploit of mechanics. Ok so selling all those made me a 2 star celebrity,
and with that comes a fame quirk. Oh no. Well, since my Sim ONLY eats Excellent quality
meals I stand at the fridge and stuff her face with grilled cheese until she gets the
refined palate quirk. I know each time I eat there’s a chance, and
it only takes a few tries. There’s no penalty to this quirk for me, in
that I can just choose not to eat bad food and… somehow Excellent grilled cheese counts. Even from the fridge. Now, I’m sure the rich appreciate a nice melty
sandwich now and again but, the thing is it comes with a +3 happy for 6 hour moodlet that
will make it easy to stay very inspired. Every time I grab leftovers cold from the
fridge. Oh yes. Refined palate (laughs). If you thought the initial sell of 30 paintings
was good, you haven’t seen much yet. I buy the Marketable Reward which boosts sell
values by double on average. Yeah.. It can go to triple. Once my Sim hits level 9, she can now do high
quality surrealism paintings and won’t get much further benefit but does need some more
rewards. I get out the incense so that when she drops
to happy I can trigger inspired at will. I set it in the middle of the floor in an
effort to prevent fire hazard to her or something else, though I’m not sure it’s quite far enough
for that. Anyway, at long last, I’ve finished the aspiration. Over the course of 24 hours, my Sim makes
about 30 Surrealism paintings, all of excellent or higher quality and all boosted by marketable. I’m sitting on only 32k and by the time I’m
done selling them all on my wall to gain fame, the stack is worth a whopping 89,000 Simoleons. So, when one can make $89k in a day, on only
the 5th day of play, things have probably gone awry somewhere. This feels a lot like the experience I had
with Realm of Magic, where I managed to master caster in only 1 hour of play. This took only 1 hour 10 minutes and in total
my Sim bagged $279,000 Simoleons by day 8. So yes, random rude people I know how you
play. Thankfully, you can choose how you play The
Sims, and I tend to prefer a slower pace. The goal of this was to investigate money
making, so I’ll say directly, even if Flower Arranging benefits from Marketable, it can’t
do this. While it can really reliably make a base value
of $6k flower arrangement it’s not going to be able to compete with the sketch pad. It is however extremely consistent and that’s
why I chose it for my Let’s Play. Now that The Sims 4 has all the packs players
frequently ask for, University, Seasons and all that… I seriously hope that the developers will
look at money in the game. Nah, you don’t need to cut down on what we
make necessarily.. but the simple fact is, and I’ve complained about this in other places…
there are not enough high value items to buy that are worth caring about in this game. Gameplay objects that give Sims unique benefits,
or add some fun, but cost a lot in order to give us a reason to care. If they can’t think of any, let me build up
a rental empire and collect weekly cash from the goths or from owning the local museum. Yes, it’s just a way to make more money but
passive income is always nice and it certainly takes time to get to where you own everything
in the game. I’d suggest a real estate system as a side
attraction in some pack or a free update because it doesn’t take a lot of coding if you do
it in a simple way, but letting us decorate and get perks and such for our business could
be fun and worthy of a pack. I just want some things to cost tens of thousands
and hundreds of thousands so that at times when I choose to play this way, I can make
use of this money. Otherwise I’m done with the game in a couple
Sim weeks. A mansion can only get so large, and in fact
playing in a mansion is stupidly inefficient. With that amount of money made all you have
left to work on are relationships and we all know how deep the relationships are. Anyway, this was a fun experiment. I’m pretty sure that because of this sketch
pad that painting does win the highest money maker award. At least in the beginning. Being a spellcaster and duping money trees
is probably the most profitable activity possible it’s just not ‘highest money making skill’
because it’s not attainable by only leveling a skill. We are very very close to 50k and that’s pretty
exciting! So, share this if you liked it. I’ll resume my Let’s Play soon but want to
brush up on mood management, skilling and all that because I want to share little strategies
while I do it. All right, well – Thanks for watching and
have a great day!

100 comments on “How Quickly Can You Make Money in The Sims 4? Let’s Find Out!”

  1. Thescoed says:

    Copypasto is the fastest way to make money. It isn't even close

  2. Nicole Adenegha says:

    Loool but I have the problem of always wanting to keep the painting instead of selling them because I think they are pretty 😅

  3. Miandey says:

    So far i save my money for one of these insaneley beautiful (and expensive) houses from the gallery <3 Thank you for your Tips!

  4. CoffeeDrinkingwoman Kelch says:

    Hey! I just want to thank you for all your hard work. I've been promoting you for several years now. Back in early Sims 3 days. 🙂 Sorry I can't support your efforts financially at this time however, I will continue to send people your way. Season's Greetings!

  5. Toy Dante says:

    Hi! I think the quirk is refined plate, not palette. Great video!

  6. thegur90 says:

    Here's the most broken money making exploit I have found to date. it requires realm of magic and jungle adventure:
    – Get the copy-pasto spell as a spellcaster (and prep some motive potions while your'e at it)
    – Go on vacation and get the temple treasure
    – Each time you copy the treasure you get AT LEAST 8K$ PER SPELL. This can be multiplied if you have charge too.
    – Congratulations! You have succesfuly broken the game.

  7. Tyler Durden says:

    Reminds me of how I used to play SIMS 3. With a couple basic traits you can be a hacker and in 2 days be making more simoleans per day than most jobs top out at. Give yourself a couple more days to top out your skill levels and hacking makes about 3x+ more than ALL jobs max level pay.
    Nice combination. If only real life was that easy to rake in near infinite cash.

  8. Gina Bonina says:

    Why does it say "Troll TEH Forums" instead of "Troll THE Forums"? Is that a typo?

  9. radito rko says:

    Motherlode : am i joke to you?

  10. Emmaline Hawthorne says:

    Yeah.. when you were talking about flower arranging being the most profitable skill in the sims during the LP, I definitely raised an eyebrow. I make on average 5k per painting in my game. I always play painter as default b/c I like to draw irl and it makes me feel more connected with my sim. I don't really care so much about it making 'too much money' I have never really been like 'aghhh I have too much money what ever shall I do with it??" And also with a family and a pretty nice apartment it doesn't really go to waste. What bothers me about the painting rewards is more so how easy it is to gain fame from it. I don't really feel like it reflects rl at all. Like yes, there are more 'famous' artists than others, but they aren't really known outside of the art community. I have a musician in my sim family and it has been insanely hard for him to gain fame even though musicians are pretty well known to everyone irl. Like way more people know who taylor swift is than loish. That's just my two simoleons.

  11. Bob Conklin says:

    I was thinking the other day that having a number of set local competing businesses, each governing several sets of careers would make events like finding evidence of coworkers embezzling funds or stealing money meaningful.

    If you choose to turn in the company, you lose your business-track job immediately, but if you don't everyone working there or is reliant on that business earns 5% less due to loss of profits (which might impact the janitor, gardener, a sponsored sports team (athletic career), and local restaurants (less spending money in the pockets of local residents)).

    It seems like there's a lot that could be done.

  12. Ace Hardy says:


  13. k mraz says:

    Awesome video. Very helpful info. Love all the comments. Yours and everyone else's too.
    Your guides and channel have been my go-to for all things Sims for a few years now. Keep up the great work and Thank you for all you do!!

  14. Sander Evers says:

    just do this: ctrl+alt+c then enter motherlode and press enter. Repeat this if you want more.

  15. Vova Syhin says:

    Or you could just skip all that, then go to the realm of magic ask for a vendor discount as well as magic discount trait and load up on 1000 simolian items at 25% of the original cost. Then sell it all back for 175/275% profit with markup.

  16. Confession68 says:

    When I need some quick cash, I build my sim's mischief to 3, buy voodoo dolls from the computer and then resell them for 300%. 😀

  17. Aubrey Morgan says:

    Someone tell Jim to get the painting slaves back in the basement.

  18. Mark Abele says:

    I'm glad I saw this video. I learned a lot of things I wouldn't have learned on my own.

  19. Farell A says:

    I mean hey, theres motherlode which is a less fun way to get rich, but simoleon is simoleon

  20. Amber Simmons says:

    I noticed after the sketch pad upgrade, paintings get sold for a lot les but you still pay the small amount to paint them. It evens out I feel

  21. I Rob says:

    Maybe they should add a special district that looks like 1980's duplex culdesac where you can buy, sell, and manage properties.

  22. antedonian 2 says:

    Damnit, Vlad!

  23. Johanna Julén says:

    I can't watch this video! I already think money comes too easy.

  24. August Hemsen says:

    Yes! Please more expensive things to buy, i have a charachter which owns a lot in literely every wold. It`s just boring.

  25. Pixelated X says:

    m o t h e r l o d e

  26. Death Ops says:

    hey, fam I believe you can lock doors.

  27. sims 3 gamer says:

    Motherlode motherlode motherlode just keep repeating til you get 999,9999 lol love cheats

  28. Kalin Stephens says:

    You can just type motherlode in the cheat bar and get $50,000 immediately

  29. Michelle Reed says:

    Lilly farm… !!!!!!!!!

  30. Crystal Star Witchery says:

    When you play more in depth instead of making it a single minded goal it is more challenging.

  31. hi boi says:

    What about making “YouTube” videos one of my sims earns 100k + each day from the royalties

  32. Rayne Bloodshed says:

    Befriend and move in a lottery winner

  33. Someone That Exists says:


    Testingcheats true

    Money 9999999

    fAsTeSt WaY tO mAkE mOnEy In ThE sImS 4

  34. Ashton Mills says:

    In short write a couple of books and you will be rich in a week of game time

  35. Cazza Razza says:

    Use the season’s decorations box, you can keep looking for decorations and selling them, you need no skills and it gets you thousands, no cheating either

  36. Ash Bath says:

    Whenever my sims got too rich I would just buy expensive cars and give them away to people in the neighborhood

  37. skm Jesus says:

    I just want the Sims 5 already

  38. zainecooking123450 says:

    It’s very easy cheat if you don’t want to then use video

  39. Emiry Coco says:

    Ctrl + shift + C
    Type Money 999999999

  40. Luc Brink-Morrison says:

    In the sims 4 if you livestream with over a million followers I think. You get soo much money. I’ve gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars in one night!

    Also in the sims 3, if you played a thousand songs (songs performed: …), you could busk and get a lot of cash. I don’t even have the subway from late night. And I once got over a million dollars in one day

  41. Worm Hole says:

    Make the sims buy:
    Food ingredients
    $100k / $500k / $1m / $20m house payments
    Car payments
    Higher rent to make city living tougher

    Call it “hard mode” or whatever if that’s too difficult for casual players

  42. Worm Hole says:

    It snowballs… you’ll start making millions daily/weekly passively without your sim having to work their ass off all day everyday

  43. Norly Joy says:

    Best way to make money on sims is through being a drug lord. Basemental drugs ftw. Level 10 mob

  44. Mike says:

    I got 4 flor penthouse with 5 pools 6 bedrooms and i have 1mil in the bank and 1mil in the safe. This high val items you say are taxes
    I pay 35k in taxes… taxes in this game are incredible
    I made this cash to be able to pay them

  45. Prince Vegeta says:

    How to make one million dollars in a few seconds:

    Ctrl+Shift+C, testingcheats on, and money 1000000

  46. Ingeborg Mæland Jensen says:

    One word: MOTHERLODE

  47. Geyziir says:

    I agree with you very much. I'm always super motivated to get rich, and can't wait to buy a big fancy house, but as soon as I reach that I lose my interest in the game, as there is no more challange, and nothing to achieve really.

  48. ErzengelDesLichtes says:

    I went to the romance festival, got dragon fruit, planted a bunch, and my sim was making
    180k a day. Wish it was that easy IRL. 😛

  49. Maximillian Beck says:

    How to get rich in the Sims 4:


  50. Jamie Hughes says:

    I reached the money cap with gardening by selling perfect life fruits

  51. junhoe its june says:

    How quickly can you make money in the sims 4?

    Answer: motherlode

  52. Vortex Knight says:

    They should put difficulty levels. This have requested so many times.

  53. Tammy Melinda Seguin says:

    I made a girl, moved her into a couple of different homes. While I was in the house I sell it back to the game. All of it, sidewalk included. Gives me tons of money.
    You start up the Sims and go straight to build mode and build for free.
    I make a really smart mentoring sim. She goes and moves in with people and mentors them.
    My house is real cheap and huge.
    If you get your sim on a treadmill go jogging .
    Then you can jog every where.
    The broom travel is fast. I like to go into build mode when at restaurants, bars ect. Load it up with almost the awards . I never have to buy and can try everything out. Builds skills faster. .
    Have a great day. I'm off to play Sims.

  54. bel 【小兴迷】 says:

    painting is just too easy… i made like 200k from using a digital sketchpad bcuz u paint like 3x faster on there.

  55. A Game's Channel says:

    Me: motherlode motherlode motherlode motherlode motherlode motherlode motherlode motherlode motherlode

  56. Jose Carlos Albarracin Sato says:

    In the Sims 3 I made a band invited all the members to my household then maxed out their instrument skills and sent them to train stations to perform at the same time, gained thousand of simoleons in seconds man

  57. Daim Furaill says:

    Become a spell caster get the duplicating spell. Buy an expensive object and place it on your lot. Duplicate it a few times. Sell the extras. Easiest and fastest way to make money.

  58. Случайный ПареньОК says:

    Dude, just lock the damn door against Vlad

  59. Davon_Koo says:

    i sell fruits, flowers and herbs. make club members to do the gardening

  60. Nice Guy says:

    My sister and his boyfriend are screaming and fighting right in front of me,it's funny.

  61. Tony TADZ says:

    … OR get gardening skill to 10, buy loads of plant pots or the square ones, mass grow dragon fruit and super sell. The better the quality the better the pay. Get around 100,000 sim currency every day once you get it going properly

  62. Emily Weible says:

    You can also graft money tree cuttings onto other trees, harvest, and plant the money fruit. Easy peasy.

  63. 1 2 says:

    Seasons fixed my go to money maker, harvesting plants and selling them.

  64. Patrick Lee says:

    Just use rosebud cheat, it still works Press Ctrl, Shift, And C. Then type rosebud, press [enter]

  65. Pugs 4 life says:

    duplicate expensive items as a spell caster put them close together use infernio get the insurance money and use repairio

  66. Bob Smith says:

    Moving in is the best money maker, I made 200k and got in the biggest del sol valley house from marrying

  67. Snore says:

    Carl?! Its you… From that website… I Love you carl!

  68. Froztie YT says:

    (Offline)What i do to earn money so fast , i date a sim i ask that sim to move in. The sims money are now yours to spend

  69. Miles says:

    Am I the only one who plants like 200 snapdragons on a tiny plot?

  70. Jociaoftrades says:

    Add a micro home from Tiny Living and boom. Game is broken. Sim has level 3 painting. Savant trait, night owl and morning sim. Lived on tiny home with study spot. Had steel bladder and drunk snaggle fluster. She was at level 9 in like 6 hours of painting. Best part, she has the ability to binge research. So her handiness skill along with many others were very easy to level up and one night. Game gets too easy sometimes. I miss the days where it took longer to get a degree and 10k in your bank was an accomplishment.

  71. Clemmedy says:

    By gardening UFO fruit my astronaut sim became a multi millionaire by accident.

  72. Clemmedy says:

    I want cars as a money sink :O

  73. Jason Tremblay says:

    That’s not the fastest way to make money. You can cap money in a weeks time

  74. Jeffrey Hagers says:

    Just type in testingcheats true and than money (10000000) and you are a multimillionair

  75. William Hong Xian Long says:

    motherload, done…

  76. Da Boss says:

    Easiest way in my opinion is to meet some rich neighbors become friends with them and move them in to ur house so that their money goes into your account then do another

  77. Father Gascoigne says:

    I always start off with an empty lot and then roam around looking for stuff, until I can plant some stuff/paint/make music or whatever. I love all the outdoors stuff for making broke living possible (tent, bushes as a toilet etc). I love playing the game as a homeless dude and making something out of nothing, also slows the game down a ton which is nice, plus I like to build my home as I go, I can't sit down for hours and just focus on building, so this way I can just implement stuff slowly.

  78. bobby mcgowan says:

    You do control shift c and then money 0 then money 138388383838374758 then motherlode then you have 100milon

  79. Beyond The Firmament says:

    Selling dragon fruit plants is the fastest way to get rich

  80. Snooze Button says:

    I mainly build in Sims as playing the game the normal way gets boring quite fast. I don't like to play families and stuff. I enjoy building small Houses (in fact even before Tiny Living my Houses were rarely over 100 Tiles in total, i checked that, now i'm trying to stick to 32 or 64 Tiles. Mansions are mostly empty and boring buildings) and i enjoy playing Rags to Riches with no Home at the start. And painting is really easy if i choose that as my money making skill. I'm normally in all fully functional house by Day 2 or max. Day 3. So i spice things up to challenge myself. Only woodworking or playing instruments and getting tips or gardening or part time jobs. There are many ways to earn your money slowly (at least at the start), so i don't mind a quick way to earn money too. Sometimes i want just that. An easy way to earn money, to build. 😀

  81. Sandro Ribeiro says:

    One thing i would love in the Sims was the possibility of having banks, they could loan you some amount of money, Always depending on your wages or profits and then you would pay them.

  82. KS TV says:

    Guys just split house and move in with people in a mansion and put them in ur old house and just give yourself the money that’s what I did

  83. Shyho Gaming says:


  84. nate hammar says:

    Ctrl shift c then type motherlode

  85. Chris Henson says:

    Selling Violins was crazy. No cheats (like you) I was able to make it to violins in no time. Then as you unlock store traits, yeah. And it boosts social so that mood never goes down. IDK if painting was more profitable but in one week of game time I stopped opening my store everyday so I could enjoy the game sans worrying about money without cheating or needing a "real job". To think I used to make and sell outfits when I first bought the pack, lol.

  86. Violet Foronjy says:

    The title of this video: Exists
    Me: Hitting motherlode at the speed of light

  87. Freki last name says:

    Been using this for a couple days now, and im up to 365k without having a lot of play time. Would be more, but i cant seem to get electronic parts to upgrade the sketchpad.

  88. 502king says:

    With the gardening skill selling good quality dragon fruit. I had a field of them before I installed the seasons expansion and I was making 600k each day, quickly reached money cap bought businesses and had to use them as extra banks. Doesn't take very long to get it started either.

  89. Johhny Bazooka says:

    How to make money fast:

    -COLLECT 5.000 Aspiration Poits

    -Plant a Money Tree ( still it's one tree which you can only sell not harvest )

    -then you put a regular plant next to the Money Tree, click the collect all option

    and you have Money Tree fruits

    -Replant Money Tree Fruits as much as possible


  90. John Rodriguez says:

    Short answer: Left Control + Left shift + C and then type motherlode over and over again

  91. Max red Pain says:

    This video would of been better if you told us (the new players) what packs your using/how you got all these traits that I don’t have yet or will never have unless I buy the packs (if that’s the case). I tried following some things you did step by step but had to stop because there’s things popping up on your screen that doesn’t pop for other players (and you never explain why or how to get them if you have to lol which is very important if your doing a tutorial)

  92. Elvira Florence says:

    I make floors of garden house, I write thousand books, I am fishing for cheaper food bills, I picked some goods and sell higher price through retail, I create group to draw paintings and I only sold their finishing painting

  93. Yoga says:

    I found ghost (accidently die) of 5 star celebrity, and ask for autograph. Then i upraise the autograph. It sold at 64k, but if you wait the next say it become 124k. Easy money

    Sorry bad english

  94. CHILL PILL says:

    Money tree+copy spell

  95. MarloesTN says:

    I just get the dragonfruit from one of the festivals, plant a lot of them and get rich real fast 🙂

  96. heyblindmouse says:

    I just have a mod that makes bills ridiculously expensive haha.

  97. Jenna MacDonald says:

    gardening can be truly fuckin BONKERS I have pomegranates, dragonfruit, deathflower, etc and get truly a stupid amount of $ every morning

  98. MoArmyみろリい says:

    I buy the money tree, Being a wizard you can create new money tree over and over again
    I found it as a mistake trying to get ride of the bugs in my tree and I copied it😆😂

  99. Jenna Hinckley says:

    the richest sim in my file i named the Fraud Wizard because she sets her expensive belongings on fire with Inferniate, receives the insurance payout, then restores the destroyed items for free with Repairio. Spellcasting is fun but very, very broken.

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